Oct 242016


ECLIPSE is a sci-fi thriller about a world where the sunlight will burn you alive. When a killer starts murdering his victims using the rays of the sun, it’s up to a disillusioned solar engineer to stop him.

Come meet Creator/Writer Zack Kaplan and Colorist Chris Northrop, November 2nd, 2016 from 6pm til 9pm at
Meltdown Comics.

Oct 242016
#07: 'The One': Do They Really Exist? With James Kyson @jameskyson @kindadating #podcast

Actor James Kyson, best known for his role as Ando in “Heroes”, recently got hitched and he tries to convince Natasha that “The One” really does exist! He talks about how “you know” and what it takes to sustain the right relationship. Can he save Natasha’s jaded ass? Find out in this heartfelt, deep yet […]

Oct 222016
#051: Kinda Dating Natasha Chandel (Crossover) @PodSeq @kindadating #podcast

Kinda Dating is a sexy and informative podcast on the Meltdown Network, and gorgeous host Natasha Chandel stops by to give Pod Sequentialism listeners the D.L. on herself, her podcast, and how to get laid…we mean, find love… and try to answer the question: Why do we all seem to have commitment issues? Find out […]

Oct 212016
#07- Doraemon! with Pei Pei Lin!  @peipeilin214 @animeatticlove #podcast

We’re back after a hiatus and this time with Taiwanese Hollywood actress Pei Pei Lin talking about the biggest anime in the world that Mason has never heard of…Doraemon!!! Charmed to death by this hilariously EPIC children’s anime that is also the highest selling manga EVER and Japan’s Official Anime Ambassador, and an INTERCONTINENTAL cultural […]