Oct 242017

Danielle Perez is a comedian, actress and host of the Thighgap Comedy Show. We talk the female gaze, body image, Cardi B’s success for strippers and Latinas, the pressure on Latinas to find a man despite being self-supporting hustlers, predatory men in comedy, our “Me Too” experiences and the harassment she’s gotten for being in a wheelchair. Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This Week’s Guest:

Danielle Perez

IG: @divadelux

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Oct 232017

Warning Explicit!!!

This week in a fit of technological brilliance I am joined by Deranta’ Avaloy! The owner of Avaloy Studios and creator of the Yasuke comic book and animated series! Listen in as we plumb the depths of male fighting fantasy while discussing Street Fighter II the Animated Movie and then marvel as we get side tracked into talking about G.I. Joe and Transformers because the film is just so out there.  Bot then re-group and talk about Deranta’s amazing personal project! All on this long awaited return episode of Anime Attic Presented by Meltdown comics!

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Special Guest:

Deranta’ Avaloy

TW: @avaloystudios

IG: @avaloystudios



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Oct 222017
V0L. 2-55: Pinhead vs. Jack Skellington @battlecastshow #podcast #Battlecastshow

It’s Halloween. Let’s raise some hell and get down on the proverbial “spoopy skeletons”. By that we mean let’s see how Pinhead from Hellraiser fares against Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. Andy’s favorite. Warning: The upside-do. Apple Podcasts Download <3 <3 <3 Thanks for listening, thanks for telling a friend, thanks for rating us […]