Aug 282016

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Andy Liegl is the sales manager at Valient Entertainment, and he got that job by getting on their radar for selling more of their comics than almost any other shop in the world. If you’re a fan of comics and have ever wondered how you might get a job in the industry, listen to this real life story of a fan who did just that in this inspirational episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy presented by Meltdown Comics!


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Aug 282016

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Aug 262016
It's Pronounced Zine #11: Rachel Dukes

Dave Baker is joined by Rachel Dukes (Frankie Comics, Steven Universe: Too Cool for School) RSS (Subscribe) iTunes Hosted by Dave Baker Produced by Aristotle Acevedo Logo by Nicole Goux Theme by Eric Jackowitz

Aug 242016
#054: Bronze Age Batman in "Tales of the Demon" #podcast #historyofthebatman

After the cancellation of the Batman 1966 live action television series, DC Comics wanted to bring Batman comics back to the gothic roots Bob Kane and Bill Finger created in 1939, ushering in the Bronze Age of Comics of the 1970s. One of the essential tales of this era is Dennis O’Neil’s “Tales of the […]

Aug 242016
Vol.2-02 : Mr. Robot vs. Ms. Frizzle  #Podcast #Battlecastshow

There’s a glitch in the mainframe of the internet that is allowing us to stay on Meltdown’s network and also causes some of the gyms in Pokemon Go to turn yellow. We have our top scientists looking into it. In the meantime: frazzled Magic School Bus pilot and damn fine lecturer, Ms. Frizzle (Andy) goes […]