Jul 112016


Featuring an international [and interstellar] crew of artists, THE MOTHERSHIP RETURNS is a tribute art show to legendary Funk band Parliament-Funkadelic – the band responsible for creating classic jams including “The Mothership Connection,” “One Nation Under A Groove,” “Flashlight,” “Atomic Dog,” and countless more songs that have been sampled in now-classic Hip Hop songs by N.W.A., De La Soul, Digital Underground, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy and others.  Parliament-Funkadelic has been highly influential in modern music AND visual art, as will be witnessed in this tribute art show.  Visual artist/writer Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca created/directed this art show to include – Parliament-Funkadelic artists themselves [George Clinton aka Dr. Funkenstein, Overton Loyd who created record covers for Parliament and R. Stozo who also created record covers for P-Funk; Chris Prynoski [Titmouse animation director]; Shepard Fairey [street artist and graphic designer extraordinaire]; James Reitano [director of animated music videos by Madvillain, Biz Markie, Quasimoto and Danger Doom], graffiti artists supreme MAN ONE, KING CRE8, SKEME and EYE ONE; Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger; Syndrome Studio [directors of music videos by Eminem, Fall Out Boy and Imagine Dragons]; well-known artists from Japan KAMI, SASU, Tadaomi Shibuya, Akiko and Hashim Bharoocha; comics cerator Jim Mahfood aka Food One; and more artists from the realms of fine art, sculpture, animation and comics.

EXHIBITION DATES:  Friday July 29 through Sunday August 7, 2016

OPENING NIGHT PARTY:  Friday July 29 from 7pm-10pm
Featuring: Artists Talk! DJ Dex! Live Painting! Vintage P-Funk memorabilia for sale by Nubian Video Archives & Collectibles, LLC! Generously sponsored by Gigantic Brewing Company, featuring SCRILLA beer with label designed by Overton Loyd!

CLOSING NIGHT PARTY:  Sunday August 7 from 4pm-7pm
Featuring: Music by LoNNie “MeGA*NuT” MARSHALL! DJ Joy Fanatic! Special guests! Live Painting! Surprises!

LOCATION: Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 851-7223 [Store]
(323) 435-4411 [SMS CUSTOMER SERVICE]

Jul 242016


Please welcome and then IMMEDIATELY check out the most REMARKABLE NEW PODCAST to hit the Meltdown Network!!!

A podcast set In an alternate dimension, Hosts Ezra and Tita interview people who live and work alongside The Remarkables, the growing number of super-powered people who live among us… So much has been written about them. From studio films of their adventures, to fan fiction devoted to uncovering their secret identities and the secret lives of Remarkables such as The Patriot and Maverick. But no one has talked to the people who work with them. The henchman, the sidekicks, the lawyers that represent them, the cops who have to work alongside them. All doing the unremarkable work that stays off the radar. That’s what The Remarkables podcast presented by Meltdown Comics is here to fix.

This episode of the newest season starts with a huge get for Tita and Ezra. A face to face interview with an actual Henchman! Learn what they liked to be called (hint: it’s not Henchman) and find out more of the unfolding mystery surrounding the strange phenomenon of shedding, the controversial theory that in some circumstances, a Remarkables’ powers can rub off on someone who is in their physical proximity for an extended period of time. Listen to it all right here on The Remarkables presented by Meltdown Comics!

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T-shirts: https://www.teepublic.com/user/meltdownnetwork

Facebook Page

Twitter @_TheRemarkables

Instagram @the_remarkables

Hosts – Ezra & Tita

Executive Producers – Peter Murrieta, Chad Krueger

Associate Producers – Jay Kasten, Jonas Sansone

Jul 242016
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David Gregory is a veteran of independent film licensing and home video sales The founder of Severin Films (now celebrating its 10th anniversary), David was also a principal at Blue Undergound, where he directed numerous special feature documentaries and helped establish the gold standard of DVD extras. His most recent theatrical film, Lost Souls, has […]

Jul 222016
#17 – The Superhero Enterprises Episode  #podcast #onsomehiphopshit

RSS (Subscribe) iTunes Download I’m joined by Davien Watkins and we talk about his journey breaking into music. Hailing from Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw area of L.A. , Davien talks going from an internship to his Priority records, The ‘Good Life’ Hip Hop scene in 90’s LA. We talk how he got the nickname “Supa Dave” and […]

Jul 202016
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Gothamites! History of the Batman with Londyn has reached 50 bat-tastic episodes! To celebrate, Londyn and co-host / producer and engineer Mason Booker name 50 Batman stories that every bat-fan should know! The Dark Knight has been in countless tales throughout the character’s 77 years in DC Comics. If you want a list of Caped […]

Jul 202016
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Writer, director, and visionary Flint Dille is this week’s guest in a show that covers everything from Gi Joe to Transformers; Dungeons and Dragons to Rock n’ Roll; and the future of immersive real world gaming. And oh yeah, he talks about American Tale, pulp novels, and treasure hunting too! RSS (Subscribe) iTunes Download Produced […]