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Come enjoy a full day of ADVENTURE TIME!

Events, panels, and more.

With…an awe-inspiring panel with Adventure Time talent followed by an audience Q & A

With… beautiful father daughter musical performances from Martin & Olivia Olson featuring the limited-edition Adventure Time Guitar from Artist Series Guitar!

With…a thrilling screening of an episode from the new Adventure Time: The Enchiridion DVD!

Have your book signed by MARTIN OLSON (aka The Lord of Evil), OLIVIA OLSON (aka Marceline the Vampire Queen), TONY MILLIONNAIRE & CELESTE MORENO (illustrators), and Super Secret Guests!

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#11: Land vs. World

 Posted by on October 11, 2015
Oct 112015

DC Custom Thumb 11


Meltdown Presents: The Disney Click #11: Land vs. World

Disneyland or Disney World, which is more worthy of your love? Rick and Briers take different sides debating the California versus the Florida parks.  Which offers better attractions? Better food? Better hotels? We try to sort it all out to discover which comes out on top. Also, your hosts give their top 5 favorite Pixar characters on the Disney List.  Listen as Briers and Rick really struggle to pick from a great gallery of unique individuals that populate the Pixar universe.

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Oct 112015

On today’s episode I showed how to make Super Mario Brothers inspired cupcakes! I love cooking, baking and, of course, all things geeky so I really enjoy combining those passions into one! If you enjoy my videos check out the links below and leave a comment if you want to see me attempt something YOU […]

Elizabeth Gilbert signs “MER”. 10/21/7PM

 Posted by on October 11, 2015
Oct 112015
Elizabeth Gilbert signs "MER". 10/21/7PM

“Mer” is a horror comedy about killer mermaids on Martha’s Vineyard.  Basically, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in graphic novel form.  Come join Elizabeth Gilbert along with drop ins by characters Julie Lake,Trilby Glover, Adam Storm Jared Sparkle among other surprise guests at this killer book signing. It promises to be quite the splashy affair. Launch Party to follow. Meltdown Comics […]

Oct 102015
MeltCast 3.0 #33: Emet Comics' Maytal Gilboa

http://traffic.libsyn.com/meltdowntalksandstuff/meltcast33_maytal_gilboa.mp3 This week we are once again joined by Kelly Hodgson, filling for a missing Janette! We then have an interview with Maytal Gilboa, founder of Emet Comics! She tells us all about how she got started and the women behind the comics! Her interview starts at 1:10:10! Kelly’s Picks: Paper Girls #1 & Starve […]

Best Political Graphic Novels

 Posted by on October 9, 2015
Oct 092015
Best Political Graphic Novels

Comic books, from their inception, have been in a unique position to address political and social issues of the day. From the unbridled feminism of Wonder Woman to the more subtle commentary of Archie comics, the medium is perfectly situated to discuss complex issues in an accessible way despite being a “low” art. Here are […]

Oct 072015
#021 - An Interview with Jason Shawn Alexander

Meltdown Presents: History of The Batman with Londyn! #021 – An Interview with Jason Shawn Alexander Jason Shawn Alexander is comic book artist that also happens to a fine artist as well.  He is disciplined yet expressive.  His unique style has not only garnered critical acclaim, but has provided him with the opportunity to draw […]

Oct 042015
#10: Marvel: With Great Acting Comes Great Responsibility

Meltdown Presents: The Disney Click #10: Marvel: With Great Acting Comes Great Responsibility Rick and Briers discuss the superhero actors of the Marvel universe.  Who has done the best job of embodying the powerful roles that we’ve mostly known from comic book pages up until now. Also, Briers takes us back to when Pixar’s A […]

Oct 032015
MeltCast 3.0 #32: Humans for Life! with Keenan Marshall Keller & Tom Neely

http://traffic.libsyn.com/meltdowntalksandstuff/meltcast32_humans_tom_keenan.mp3 This week we are joined by the team behind The Humans, Tom Neely and Keenan Marshall Keller! We talk about the origin and future of The Humans, Henry & Glenn, zines and burn some bridges along the way! Janette’s Picks: Hail Hydra #3 & Godzilla In Hell #3 Eddie’s Picks: Zodiac Star Force #2 […]

Oct 032015
@Vertigo_Comics' SURVIVORS' CLUB Store Signing with Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen. 10/21/7PM

Come one, come all, Wednesday, October 21st at 7PM – Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen will be at Meltdown signing, greeting and chatting up about SURVIVORS CLUB. One was possessed by a poltergeist. Another was trapped in a haunted house. A third had a killer doll. Ever wonder what happened to these children of the […]