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Apr 162014

How’s it going, friends? Good to see you back here at the @MeltdownComics blog for the breakdown of this week’s reads. I have to admit, I often try to give as much spotlight as I can to all the publishers, but the old dogs over at DC and MARVEL cleaned up shop this week! Not to worry though, we have contenders representing the margins.

First up, our DC #1′s! **Full Bias Disclosure: These selections may be the result of giving a GL fanboy his own blog post, but I think they have the chutzpah to entertain all readers!

Out of the shadows of fear, SINESTRO shines his yellow light in his own #1. Fans of the character will love where the story continues for our fear-mongering tyrant, with mutiny, displays of fatherhood, and hints at a possible love interest, one that deserves to stand in Lantern 1417′s shadow. As well, new readers will be able to freely jump into the material. SINESTRO‘s complexities as a character are undoubtedly one of the many reasons why he’s one of the first villains to step out of FOREVER EVIL and into his own title! Beware his power, SINESTRO‘s might!

DC COMICS continues the ring-slinging with an unlikely hero sporting an emerald suit of his own in SMALLVILLE: LANTERN #1. Again, fans of the Smallville source material will love the book, but really when it comes down to it, it has the one thing so many DC fanboys have wanted to see: Superman with a green lantern ring. For those who know their Smallville and DC history, you’ll notice that they cover most of the bases for making the GL mythos work in the Smallville universe. Give SMALLVILLE: LANTERN a try!

Here comes MARVEL‘s #1 to the plate in…HULK! It’s no secret to anyone that follows the green behemoth that he’s a difficult character to write for, more often the use of Bruce being the challenge. But, it was no surprise to me that the man to make both monster and man live in tandem was none other than Mark Waid. At the close of this issue, we are immediately reminded why we care for the man, the scientist, Banner, and not just his green side. Nothing but excitement for what’s to come in HULK.

Closing out the #1′s, comes another scientist, a man who has been around before Walter White even picked up his junior chemistry set for Christmas. I’m of course talking about DYNAMITE COMICS’ SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM. Make no mistake, this guy knows his science, and might truly be one of the cockiest crimefighters in recent history. A great introduction to an older character in comics. SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM. Science!

Our #2 issue belongs to a book that’s already received a fair amount of praise on the blog, but damn it, there’s no denying how good this book is. Simply put, ONI PRESS’ THE AUTEUR #2. The hilarity ensues as Nathan T. Rex challenges the legal system to free his mother-fracking murder consultant. **Mild Spoiler** Godzilla does not make a cameo in the issue, but that doesn’t make the cover any less awesome. Kudos again to THE AUTEUR.

Lastly, our numero tres issue comes hot off the heels of you satiated Cap’n fans that saw THE WINTER SOLDIER. Well issue #3 offers a glimpse into that haunting, forgotten past that so sharply defines our former Bucky. But deserved props to our new S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that take on the soldier, you readers keep an eye on them. Enjoy THE WITNER SOLDIER #3!

Which titles did you like the best? Let us know in the comments section!

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Apr 132014
@Inkstuds LIVE! with Robin McConnell, Brandon Graham, Pendleton Ward, Jaime Hernandez, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and Thomas Herpich. 4/24/2014 at Meltdown Comics

JUST A FEW TICKETS FREE LEFT SIGNING TO FOLLOW Q&A A live panel of EPIC PROPORTIONS with Robin McConnell, Brandon Graham plus Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, Love and Rockets cartoonist Jaime Hernandez, Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, and White Clay author (and Adventure Time contributor) Thomas Herpich. Inkstuds LIVE Thursday, April 24th, 7pm. [...]

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Apr 132014
Pull Customers: This Week’s New Books & Re-stocks Posted. HOME & OFFICE DELIVERY AVAILABLE

Click here to view new books. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————- HOME/OFFICE/ANYWHERE DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE – CLICK HERE ———————————————————————————————————————————————————-

Apr 102014
This Saturday! Saturday! #SATURDAY! #SCHNEPPCON2 at Meltdown Comics

This Saturday! SCHNEPPCON2 Director Jon Schnepp is selling his ENTIRE COMIC BOOK COLLECTION! SINGLE ISSUES $1! PLUS TOYS, TRADE PAPERBACKS AND ORIGINAL ART! All to support his upcoming documentary, “THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES: WHAT HAPPENED?” COME BUY HIS STUFF AND SUPPORT THE FILM! Interested in vending? email us This Saturday from 11am -4pm

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Apr 092014
Ladies, Dudes, and Doop! Reads of the Week: IRON FIST #1, BATMAN ETERNAL #1, LUMBERJANES #1........DOOP TOO.

And here we are again for another big week @MeltdownComics! I have to admit this was probably one of the easiest, fun set of books that I’ve had to read in awhile. An abundance of #1 titles for some of the most likable personalities in all of comics, and even some debuts added to the [...]

Apr 072014
via: @Spelunkin: Shibes Help Real Shibes at DogeParty West (Event Wrapup)

Written by: Pinguino on April 6, 2014. via: Last Friday, Meltdown and hosted DOGEPARTY WEST, an epic celebration of the dogecoin culture in Southern California.  250+ dogecoin enthusiasts came by through the night, with some bringing their own dogs to enter in the doge contest. The doge contest happened both online and offline, [...]

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Apr 032014
Tonight, Doge Contest at #DogePartyWest. Vote for your favorite doge.

Vote for your favorite doge by sending dogecoin to their wallet! The dog that wins best of show gets a spacesuit. All money actually goes to our charities, Two Dog Farms and Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue. Both are rescue organizations that save shibes from kill shelters in Los Angeles, and fosters them, and finds [...]

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Apr 022014
Via: @Spelunkin: @Meltdown x x @Reddit Collab Tshirts Release on Fri!

via: Meltdown Comics is releasing a new shirt design at DogeParty West this Friday. Meltdown x x Reddit collab was designed using the original logo by Dan Clowes, but’s Pinguino Kolb gave the alien a doge companion. The first 50 shirts will be the exclusive reddit version. It’ll be sold for $20, but if you buy $20 of [...]

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Apr 022014
Tonight: @Roddenberry presents WORTH! + Garry Brown Signs @Marvel's Iron Patriot at 7pm

April 2nd, 2014 from 7-9pm: Roddenberry Entertainment (Creators of Star Trek) launch WORTH at Meltdown Comics with writer, Aubrey Sitterson (WWE) and artist Chris Moreno (Dracula vs Capone, Toy Story). WORTH is the heartfelt yet dynamic story of Grant Worth, Motor City’s most iconic hero. During the 1960’s, Worth’s ability to control machines made him [...]

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