#07 – Satine Phoenix

 Posted by on November 29, 2015
Nov 292015

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Meltdown Presents: Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy #07 – Satine Phoenix

As the host of TSR’s Gameschool, and illustrator of New Pretorians, Satine Phoenix is helping change the face of fandom. Satine and Matt talk about kickstarter, long-distance collaboration, and the transition from fangirl to working pro in the male-dominated worlds of comics and gaming.

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Nov 252015


Greetings, Soon-To-Be-Turkeyfied Meltdown Maniacs,

It’s time for a bunch of Meltdown University classes to start, so check out the descriptions below and see if there’s one that’s right for you.  I suspect that some of you have heard about the classes, thought about taking one, but haven’t taken the leap.  Well now’s the time to get down to making some comics!  Why wait?

The next Creating Comics class starts on Saturday, December 5 and goes from 2pm to 5pm. This is a 14-week series that is set up like a college class and is a kind of crash course in doing comics. Writers take the class and learn script format, script writing skills, and more. They finish the series with a 15-page script for a complete comics short story. Artists in the class learn about sequential art, composition, and more. They finish with an eight to ten page minicomic. Both learn the elements of visual storytelling that are specific to the comics medium and about marketing and selling their comics. It’s a fun environment but a place where a lot of work gets done.

The next Art of Inking class starts on Saturday, December 5 and goes from 11:30am to 2:00pm.  Here, students learn the various techniques involved in taking penciled art to the next step — fully finished, inked work.  The focus is on real-world (non-digital) techniques of inking on paper.  Students learn how to use various tools like the crowquill, other types of dip pens, various brushes, and all kinds of disposable marker-type pens.  The class runs for six weeks.

The next Writing Longform Comics starts on Tuesday, December 8 and goes from 7:00 to 10:00pm. In this seven-week comics writing class, students will learn to map out a long-form story – either for a planned series (print or web) or graphic novel.  They’ll learn how to work within the structure of the two formats and how to plan either a long story arc or episodic chapters that make up one long tale.  There will also be discussions about how to get and work with an artist and how to approach potential publishers with a pitch or proposal.  Students will finish the class with a detailed story outline and written proposal that’s ready to show a publisher.

Pre-requisite: To sign up, you must have taken the Creating Comics class.

All three classes are $30 for each session payable at the beginning of each one.  The ones above are taught by me, Meltdown University Program Director Jim Higgins.  I’m a former DC Comics editor and have been teaching writing and drawing comics for over 15 years at art schools like The School of Visual Arts in NYC, Otis College of Art and Design, CalArts, The Society of Illustrators, and UCLA Extension.

Look for announcements for start dates for our next Photoshop For Comics, Kids Make Zines, Watercolor Painting, and Marketing and Promoting Your Project classes soon.

For more info and to sign up for classes, go here!


Nov 232015
CHAINMAIL BIKINI//The Anthology of Women Gamers Book Tour! Meltdown Comics 12/09/7PM

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Nov 232015
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“TROLLS” & FRIENDS SIGNING MICHAEL AUSHENKER is the cartoonist behind “Trolls,” a workplace comedy set at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix (“Trolls” is lingo for “air traffic controllers”). He also edited/contributed to “The New Adventures of the Human Fly,” a recent revival of the ’70s Marvel Comics series, and has written “Bart Simpson” (Bongo), […]

Nov 232015
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Nov 232015
Indie Comic Creators Mega Signing w/FREE snacks & booze. 12/02/7PM

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#17: The Good Pixar Episode

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Nov 232015
#17: The Good Pixar Episode

Meltdown Presents: The Disney Click: #17: The Good Pixar Episode In celebration of Pixar’s 16th feature film The Good Dinosaur, Rick and Briers rank and discuss films that came before. Tune in and find out where they rank such Pixar classics as A Bug’s Life, Wall-E and Toy Story. One host’s classic may be the […]

Nov 222015
#06 -  Newsprint to Wheatpaste: How Comics Influenced Graffiti

Meltdown Presents: Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy #o6 –  Newsprint to Wheatpaste: How Comics Influenced Graffiti The rise of street art parallels the rise of the superhero. Is this a coincidence or are the two somehow related? Mason Booker joins Matt again to look at the history of graffiti, the influence of comics on spray […]

MeltCast 3.0 #39: CRAIG THOMPSON

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Nov 212015
MeltCast 3.0 #39: CRAIG THOMPSON

This week we have the incredible Craig Thompson! The author of “Blankets” and “Habibi” talks about his new book “Space Dumplins” and his time in the middle east! The gang also sits down to talk this weeks books! Follow us @MeltCast and Like us on Facebook! You can also follow us @aristacos, @iam_DVDM, @janettequevedo and […]

Nov 172015
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