Aug 262016


Dave Baker is joined by Rachel Dukes (Frankie Comics, Steven Universe: Too Cool for School)

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Aug 242016

NEW HOTB Custom 054
After the cancellation of the Batman 1966 live action television series, DC Comics wanted to bring Batman comics back to the gothic roots Bob Kane and Bill Finger created in 1939, ushering in the Bronze Age of Comics of the 1970s. One of the essential tales of this era is Dennis O’Neil’s “Tales of the Demon”, introducing Ra’s al Ghul and Talia al Ghul. On this week’s episode, Londyn and co-host / engineer Mason Booker dive into this story arc in ‘Batman’ and ‘Detective Comics’ from 1971 to 1972 introducing the Demon’s Head and the Daughter of the Demon, the relationship established between Bruce and Talia (Mason’s #TeamTalia!) and how these stories, returning the Dark Detective, define the Batman of this decade. Join us on this fun journey with our hero in the groundbreaking 1970s right here on this amazing episode of History of the Batman with Londyn! Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Produced by Mason Booker and Adam Silverstein.

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Aug 242016
Vol.2-02 : Mr. Robot vs. Ms. Frizzle  #Podcast #Battlecastshow

There’s a glitch in the mainframe of the internet that is allowing us to stay on Meltdown’s network and also causes some of the gyms in Pokemon Go to turn yellow. We have our top scientists looking into it. In the meantime: frazzled Magic School Bus pilot and damn fine lecturer, Ms. Frizzle (Andy) goes […]

Aug 232016

What’s happening this week at Meltdown?! Listen up to our NEW mini-pod containing tons of BIG information in a bitesize format! Our host Londyn Jackson, your Voice of Meltdown, tells you about ALL the latest and greatest events, giveaways, contests, and cool happenings in, around, and associated with Meltdown in a bitesize format! It’s super […]

Aug 232016
#004 - Coach or "No I in Team"  #podcast #theremarkables

This week on The Remarkables, our guest is a football coach who explains the significance of coaching styles, even though members of his team could roll out of bed and tackle a literal freight train, let alone a high school sophomore nicknamed “Freight Train.” Listen to it all right here on this amazing episode of […]