Aug 292016


More rage per page, more slaughter for your dollar!

Join Lawrence Rawdog Hubbard at Meltdown Comics for a launch party to celebrate the release of the complete Real Deal Comix from Fantagraphics Books. Meltdown Comics, Friday – September 16th, 7PM

About Real Deal:
Real Deal Comix trades in what it calls the genre of Urban Chaos — a satiric depiction of the madness that occurs in the urban centers of America. Each story details the everyday struggles of the urban dwellers who go off on each other out of the rage and futility that their lives bring them. These people live on the edge of a precipice, where everyday tasks like going to the store or buying gas requires a stand-or-back-down attitude to survive. Every story ends in mayhem. Join G.C, Ace Brogan and Slick Willie in their adventures in da’ hood, and remember, they live a real man’s life: no matter what, they never back down. Real Deal Magazine (“More Rage per Page, More Slaughter for your Dollar”) was a self-published independent comic book created in the 1990s by Lawrence Hubbard (a.k.a “Raw Dog”) and H.P. McElwee (a.k.a. “R.D. Bone”) and inspired by magazines like Madand traditional superhero comics but satirizing Blaxploitation movies with a cast of convicts, hustlers, drug addicts, crack whores, car thieves, and murderers. Real Deal has achieved cult status over the years, especially amongst underground artists and counterculture circles, and has even been featured in a line of t-shirts from Stüssy, but has never been collected… until now. This full-color hardcover features gold foil debossing on the cover, while the interiors feature a variety of paper stocks that showcases the Real Deal aesthetic.

Meltdown Comics, Friday – September 16th, 7PM

Aug 292016


Meltdown Comics Saturday September 17 from 4 to 8 PM
7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Get yourself a copy of BORLO COMIX VOL 1 “The Cruelest Comix in The World”
And have it signed by the insane C.A. Etcheverry!

“He’s made an anthology of crazy short comics about sex, homelessness, drugs, transformations, the Virgin Mary, punk rock, and BORLO!” – Carmine St Comics, NYC

“R. Crumb-inspired, wildly original, psychedelic — and oftentimes genius — is nothing but pure pleasure.” – Chan Plett,

BORLO COMIX VOL 1: The Cruelest Comix In The World

Borlo himself will be there too, he’s really awkward so, heads up!!

Live music:



Meltdown Comics, Saturday – September 17th, 4-8PM

Aug 282016
#043: Breaking into Comics on the Corporate Level  #podcast #podsequentialism

Andy Liegl is the sales manager at Valient Entertainment, and he got that job by getting on their radar for selling more of their comics than almost any other shop in the world. If you’re a fan of comics and have ever wondered how you might get a job in the industry, listen to this […]

Aug 282016

Watch live video from ShopXSN on Donate & Comment HERE: Cheer on your favorite Player and help them get closer to their $$$ Milestone to get Character PERKS! CCD20 is an Annual Charity event where Celebrities raise money for theCHARITY: Reach Out and READ by Playing Table top Role Playing Games at Meltdown Comics – LIVE STREAMED on […]

Aug 262016
It's Pronounced Zine #11: Rachel Dukes

Dave Baker is joined by Rachel Dukes (Frankie Comics, Steven Universe: Too Cool for School) RSS (Subscribe) iTunes Hosted by Dave Baker Produced by Aristotle Acevedo Logo by Nicole Goux Theme by Eric Jackowitz