Aug 222017

Quincy Jones is a comedian with his own HBO special, “Burning the Light,” who is fighting cancer. We talk haters and the backlash to success, happiness as revenge, people’s false claims about his cancer, him watching me pull dudes, white privilege, the entitlement of white men afraid of having to work harder, faith and manifestation. All on this episode of Kasey’s Freek Show Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This Week’s Guest:

Quincy Jones

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Aug 212017

Ever been asked to “Netflix and chill”? What about “hang out” and “link up”? Where did “would you like to go out on a date with me” go?? Youtube star, rapper and spoken word artist Humble the Poet helps host Natasha Chandel understand why we talk in the most non-committal ways possible now. It seems asking someone out on a proper date is a rarity. What are we scared of? Should you go out with someone who is always asking to “hang”? The duo reveal their own indiscretions in the past and shed light on this modern day phenomena, only on Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics.

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This Week’s Guest:

Humble the Poet


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Aug 202017
#07: The Adventures of Lois & Clark with Celeste Klaus @celestemarie14 @ericmesquivel #podcast

Celeste Klaus works in TV (it’s like comic books, but the pictures move and everybody gets paid a lot more), and is here to talk to us about the greatest thing to happen to the 90’s, THE ADVENTURES OF LOIS AND CLARK! Credits: Celeste has worked as Writer’s Assistant on Mr. Robot, Narcos, New Girl, […]