Feb 192017

Meeting the best friends can make your relationship, or break it. Without their approval, all your hard work could be meaningless. So, what exactly can you do to make a good first impression on the best friend? Natasha decided to ask her own best friends, actress Kara Duncan and hair stylist Nina Foot, to break down the importance of getting on their good side, what they are looking for and how to keep their girl happy, in this ridiculous, silly, but informative episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics.

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This Week’s Guests:

Nina Foot and Kara Duncan

IG: @ninafoot
IG: @karaanneduncan

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Creator and Host: Natasha Chandel.

Producer and Audio Engineer: Mason Booker.

Associate Producer: Aisha Holden.

Theme Music: Joe Lorenzetti.

Logo Character Illustration: Jenna Yenik.

Feb 182017

Guest Julia Prescott (Cartoon Network) joins host Geoffrey Golden for Two Packs, the trading card comedy show! This week, they open packs of Fox TV cards – Sliders (1997) and Fox Kids Network (1995). While opening the packs, they discuss their high school moneymaking schemes, the worst part of Sliders (Kromaggs) and the best part of Sliders (episodes without Kromaggs), and how early 90s CG was a bad look for a beloved X-Man. All this on this dimension-hopping episode of Two Packs presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Producer – Mason Booker

Engineer – Mason Booker

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Feb 182017
#140: This Boyce Life Podcast @thesamanthamack @thisboycelife @cupcakedujour @murmur604 #podcast

TBL Episode 140.  Part two of our interview with Miss Samantha Mack. @thesamanthamack Samantha is an adult actress and singer based out of Vancouver BC. Don’t forget to check out part one of this interview, this Saturday at 8 pm pst only on Faction Talk. Channels 206/ 103.  Enjoy this episode presented by Meltdown Comics! […]

Feb 162017
It's Pronounced Zine #28: Shitty Watchmen Round Table

Dave Baker is joined by Chuck Kerr, Colby Bluth and Emilie Vo to talk about Shitty Watchmen! RSS (Subscribe) iTunes Hosted by Dave Baker Produced by Aristotle Acevedo Logo by Nicole Goux Theme by Eric Jackowitz

Feb 152017
#BREAKINGNEWS: Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con Launches Monthly Streaming  Monthly Interview Events Live From Meltdown Comics Hollywood

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con Launches Monthly Streaming Monthly Interview Events Live From Meltdown Comics Hollywood Los Angeles Comic Con’s “A Conversation With…” Streams Live via www.Meltcomics.com the First Wednesday of Every Month Beginning March 8 with Guest Duncan Rouleau, Co-Founder of Man of Action Studios  Co-Hosted by L.A. Comic Con CEO Keith Tralins […]