Sep 152014

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Sep 112014
This Week In Comics: Bye-Bye Gail, Spider-men, New Sheriff In Town, and A Glimpse into the Comic Biz

Welcome back you frequenters of the @MeltdownComics blog! While there were many amazing titles from each publisher, it’s a challenge for me not to spend all my time talking about the lenticular 3-D covers DC COMICS has been churning out for their New 52 Future’s End One-Shots! There hasn’t been one bad cover in the [...]

Sep 112014
Melt-thology Comix Jam at Meltdown Comics on September 16th, 7pm

Join us for the first-ever Melt-thology Comix Jam at Meltdown Comics & Collectibles on September 16! How it works: • Show up at the Melt at 7:00 and draw a page of whatever you want.* At the end of the night we’ll collect all the art (and $2 for printing costs). When you come to [...]

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Sep 112014
@Epic_Pictures' Killer Mermaid (@MermaidMovie) DVD release signing 9/17/2014 7pm

Come Celebrate the release of Killer Mermaid on DVD, the actresses Kristina Klebe and Natalie Burn will be signing your copy down at Meltdown Comics on Wednesday, September 17th from 7pm-8pm. We will also be giving away limited edition posters, signed by the director, so make sure to come by early! About Killer Mermaids: Two [...]

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Sep 052014
Tomorrow!!! @SuicideGirls #Geekology Book Signing, Sept. 6th @ 5pm

@SuicideGirls Geekology Book Signing Saturday, September 6th at 5PM. Come say hello, buy a book and get it signed by your favorite Suicide Girl. “Geekology” is our hardcover tribute to the gorgeous geeks, naughty nerds, and captivating cosplayers that makeup Suicidegirls. This beautiful coffee table book comes stocked with hi-res nude images and detailed blurbs [...]

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Aug 312014
CONCRETE PARK: R-E-S-P-E-C-T  #1 Debut Signing at @MeltdownComics 9/03/2014 at 7pm

This Wednesday, September 3rd at 7pm, Concrete Park signing with Tony Puryear, co-creators Erika Alexander and Robert Alexander. A troubled young outcast from Earth awakens on a distant desert planet that’s gripped by gang war. Will the exiles of Scare City destroy each other or create something surprising, beautiful, and new? Concrete Park returns with [...]

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Aug 302014
WIN TICKETS!!! Fireworks Finale: The Simpsons Take the Bowl September 12th & 13th 8pm, & 14th 7:30pm Hollywood Bowl

Fireworks Finale: The Simpsons Take the Bowl September 12th & 13th 8pm, & 14th 7:30pm Hollywood Bowl        TICKETS ON SALE NOW! The Simpsons is widely considered to be one of the greatest TV shows of all time – 28 Primetime Emmys®! The longest running American sitcom ever continues to thrive with its dead-on satire and razor-sharp wit. Journey from [...]

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Aug 292014
#Sharknado 1 & 2 Screenwriter Thunder Levin (@ThunderLevin)  signing 9/06/2014 at 7pm

SHARKNADO 1 AND 2 SCREENWRITER THUNDER LEVIN TO APPEAR AT MELTDOWN COMICS ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH TO SIGN AUTOGRAPHS PRIOR TO THE STORES SCREENING OF SHARKNADO 2 Posters, Scripts and More for Signing Will Be Made Available For Purchase Saturday, September 6, 2014 7:00pm. Meltdown Comics WHAT: On September 6, 2014, Sharknado 1 and 2 [...]

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Aug 282014
This Week in Comics: Dark Horse Brings the A-Game, Superman: Past, Present, & Future, and Wolverine Dies?

Hello all and thank you again for visiting the @MeltdownComics blog! Who here likes Justin Bieber? Rhetorical? Well if you’ve ever wished to see someone step full-bodied onto his twig and berries, you might like one of DARK HORSE COMICS’ newest titles, simply named, POP #1. It’s a pretty easy concept to understand: We’re welcomed [...]