Aug 282015

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Meltdown Comics and Heavy Metal Present: Jack Kirby and Barry Geller’s Lord of Light in Full Color – Art Show

The King of Comics made his Heavy Metal debut with full color versions of his legendary concept art for “Lord of Light.” This fabled collaboration with filmmaker and visionary Barry Ira Geller is best known for it’s use as a cover for to rescue six American diplomats held hostage in Iran.

Meltdown Comics and Heavy Metal Magazine invite you to an exclusive gallery event showcasing this work in bold psychedelic blacklight! Co-creator Barry Geller will be in attendance to answer questions, and sign copies of Heavy Metal #276.

Evening includes; Nerdist Writers Panel Live with special guest, Black Light Art, Music, Drinks and more to be announced.

Aug 312015

Yay for original ideas from creative and talented people! That will make more sense when you hear about our guestses!

Today in the digital age of ComicsFix App comix (that’s how you spell comics in the future) we picked out some REAL ZINGERS. Dan picked the unique and visually stunning Hell, Nebraska. It’s about a teacher who decides that Hell should actually exists to he creates it in Nebraska. Cool, huh? Gabey-poo picked Eye of the Gods – A Graphic Novel, a thriller about a comic artist that gets down on some gnarly future technology with mixed results. Go read it/them. DL ComicsFix and party hardy.

Our guests today are Rina Hoshino and Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal, actor/producer and creator/writer/director of Angelic Magica, a short film in the works that takes the best things about anime and puts it on film. We could go on and on describing why it’s so cool, or you could just watch the show, and find out for yourself.

Also donate to their indiegogo campaign to help make this thing come to life in short film form which will then lead to it becoming a feature film! Search for Angelic Magica on Indiegogo and check out all their stuff here on their website:

As always, thank you guys so much for checking out our little show!!

Find more about what the dudes are up to when they aren’t nerding themselves silly:

Aug 312015
MELTDOWN COMICS & NERDIST SHOWROOM PRESENT//  An Artistic Tribute to The Simpsons 9/25/2015

For one night only, artists and fans of The Simpsons will party like kings! Damn hell ass kings! This Fall, curators Julia Prescott and Nico Colaleo invite you to bask in an entire art gallery themed around America’s favorite family, THE SIMPSONS. In celebration of the show’s impossibly long-running legacy, artwork from over 80 Los […]

Aug 312015
#05: Grim Singing Ghosts: The Best Music from the Disney Parks Featuring DLOD

Meltdown Presents: The Disney Click Episode 5: Grim Singing Ghosts: The Best Music from the Disney Parks Featuring DLOD Music plays a large part of the immersive themed environment experience.  Join Rick and Briers and their guests Gabriel Valentin and Dan Brozo from the Digital Lizards of Doom Live at Meltdown podcast as they reminisce […]

Aug 292015
MeltCast 3.0 #27: MeltCast 3.5!

We’ve taken the next evolutionary step and have given the show some structure! Thats right, the show is now broken up into segments and we will be trying out some fun, new thing in the coming episodes! But in this episode we talk about our picks and some good jumping on points for new readers. […]