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Everybody knows Charlie Brown. Peanuts have been a part of comic & animation history for over 50 years, influencing many generations of cartoonists and artists.

NOW come check out over 100 artists from all different backgrounds draw these classic characters in a way you’ve never seen before

Grand Opening: Friday, February 5th 2016
Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics
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Feb 052016

A happy Friday to all my fellow Melters out there.  We are officially in the first weekend of February and not only that, its Superbowl weekend!  While it may seem the entire planet has relocated to San Francisco for the weekend, I will attempt to give my fellow LA natives something to do if you decided to stay local this Superbowl weekend.


Now this is something Im addressing for all of you “alternative medicine” people out there or folks who just really like feeling that extra sense of encapsulation when you are watching another Marvel movie.  Yes Im talking to you Cannabis customers out there.  Put on by the world renowned publication “High Times”, the Cannabis Cup is a trade show for Weed which is as blunt as I can possibly be.  This event celebrates everything marijuana with competitions, prizes, instructional seminars, games and musical performances.  If you ever wanted to go to a comic con for stoners this is it.  Also a top notch place to stock up (legally) for Super Bowl Sunday munchies.  Check out details for the event at the website here: http://www.cannabiscup.com

I am a huge Coen Brothers fan.  I truly have a hard time finding one of their films that I don’t thoroughly enjoy, truly geniuses of their craft.  This weekend what seems to be an another amazing addition to the Coen Brothers anthology is, “Hail Caesar” which came out today.  The cast is jam packed with A listers such as George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johanson, and Jonah Hill.  The movie follows the kidnapping of a 1950’s Hollywood actor (played by Clooney) who will be murdered if the studio does not come up with 100,000 dollars for his ransom.  Leave it to the Coen Brothers to be able to take such a grim plot and turn it into a dry comedy.  Im stoked to see this movie as should the rest of you.


For all you hip hop fans out there, theres a show that you might want to consider checking out if you have the time and the funds this weekend.  Now while I personally may not be too familiar with this particular artist, he has already been making big movies in the Hip Hop world and his new album “Islah” just dropped already on the top ten charts.  He has a show this weekend at the El Rey Theater on Saturday.  If you could swing tickets it should be an interesting show.  I might show up there myself.


Now as you are probably well aware, this Sunday is indeed Superbowl Sunday.  Superbowl 50 to be exact.  While I know the majority of you guys have as little invested in this game as I do but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your Sunday as much as everyone else.  It’s not what you are doing, it’s who you do it with, as someone once said.  While I personally prefer such venues as ESPN Zone downtown or Dave N Busters (any will do) if you want a more upscale location you can try places such as: The Parlor on Melrose Ave, Goal bar on W. 3rd Street, or my personal favorite, the Super Bowl party at Lucky Strike Bowling alleys.  Anywhere you can get drunk with friends you can’t really go wrong.

Feb 052016
#historyofthebatman #podcast : 33 - Batman's Many Deaths in DC Comics

Meltdown Comics presents History of the Batman with Londyn! – Episode 33: Batman’s Many Deaths in DC Comics RSS (Subscribe) iTunes Download It’s a common practice in comic book tales that a character dies and then, by some miracle, is resurrected. Looking at Batman’s incredible 76 year history, many of the Batman Family members have […]

Feb 042016
The Making of Daniel Clowes and a golden age for comics By Robert Ito. via: California Sunday Magazine (@calsunday)

Daniel Clowes has been working on his latest book, Patience, for five years. At 180 pages, it’s his longest work to date, more than twice as long as Wilson, his graphic novel about an abrasive loner in Oak­land who claims to be a people person but actually can’t stand most of them (nor they him), and Ghost World, […]

#05 – The Album Club ‘3 for all’ episode

 Posted by on February 4, 2016
Feb 042016
#05 - The Album Club '3 for all' episode

RSS (Subscribe) iTunes Download Meltdown Presents: On Some Hip Hop Sh!t: #05 – The Album Club ‘3 for all’ episode Hosts @Bschultz808 and @wedsfinest are joined by the @Madtwiinz we get our full Rap sommelier on. We go deep on 3 works by Kendrick Lamar, Public Enemy and Ice Cube. Inspired by VH1’s The Breaks […]

Heads Up By Jamie Iovine (@jamie_iovine)

 Posted by on February 3, 2016
Feb 032016
Heads Up By Jamie Iovine (@jamie_iovine)

Good evening Melters!  It was another beautiful day at Meltdown comics.  There are a few things this week that I want to share with you, the unwashed masses.  So without further ado, here are a few things that should be on your radar this week in the world as we know it. Growing up I […]

Watching Bowie’s Comic Evolution

 Posted by on February 3, 2016
Feb 032016
Watching Bowie's Comic Evolution

Last month the legendary David Bowie lost his battle against cancer, but the reverberations of his life’s work will continue to be felt for decades into the future. Though most famous for his music – which included collaborations with artists as diverse as Klaus Nomi, Queen, and NIN –  he was a larger-than-life figure across many […]