Feb 262015

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Feb 262015


Two back-to-back, informative demonstrations and panel discussions ​with representatives from the biggest pioneers in digital comics today. The creators and staff of Madefire, Thrillbent, ComicsFix, Tapastic and Scrollon talk with utter transparency about how they do what they do–and how young creators can join the digital comics movement.

Special Guests: Mark Waid (Thrillbent), Doug Lefler (Scrollon), ​Josh Wilkie (Madefire)

This event is FREE. RSVP to reserve a seat!

The Digital Comics Coalition is the brainchild of Min Kim (Tapastic). Members include Mark Waid (Thrillbent), Josh Wilkie (Madefire), Felix Kiner (ComicsFix) and Doug Lefler (Scrollon). This diverse group of comics creators, programmers, businessmen and filmmakers joins together regularly to share ideas on the innovations happening today in digital publishing.

Can’t make it? Watch it live here


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Feb 212015
MeltCast 3.0 #6: Faceful of Sword with Jacob Semahn

http://traffic.libsyn.com/meltdowntalksandstuff/meltcast6_jacob_semahn.mp3 Today the wonderful Jacob Semahn joins Aristotle to talk about writing for TV and his book GONERS! And then Eddie jumps in and tells us about waiting in digital waiting rooms and Mondo posters! We later get into this weeks books with Josh!

Feb 172015
Comic Book Insurance

As a comic book enthusiast (like Michael Jackson was), you probably have comics that you want to protect. Maybe they’re even comic books you created yourself. But what happens if your comic book collection is stolen or catches on fire? Believe it or not, there are insurance companies that specialize in collectibles. Let’s take a […]