May 242016


Pack Attack! Pack Attack! PACK ATTACK! It’s an all-new episode of Two Packs a Week, the trading card comedy show: special Pack Attack edition! (Pack Attack!) Host Geoffrey Golden and special guest Asterios Kokkinos (Something Awful) open packs of Marvel Overpower and X-Files trading card game, then make up and play a game combining both cards. It’s all the match-ups you’ve been waiting for: Spider-Man vs. Smoking Man. Deadpool vs. the Eurisko Corporation’s murderous super-computer. Colossus throwing an old man injected with alien DNA into a building. Who will win this conspiratorial episode of Two Packs a Week presented by Meltdown Comics?

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Two Packs a Week

Asterios Kokkinos

Geoffrey Golden

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The Enemies of Twenty-Something Mega Man


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#16: Mompreneur #podcast #meltdownmoms

 Posted by on May 24, 2016
May 242016

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“It’s amazing what a mom can get done when her kids are in school. In fact, some moms use the time to go from being the CEO’s of their homes to the CEOs of huge corporations. So Meredith and Jess sat down with their favorite mompreneur, Margo’s Bark Rootbeer founder Jessica Youd, who talks about how she took her son’s kindergarten science experiment and turned into a hugely successful beverage company. Jessica spills the beans on how big her village is, how a mom can make her company a family affair, and why our own Jess definitely needs a dog. So will Jess get a dog? Will Meredith overdose on root beer? Tune in and pass the soda! All on this amazing episode of Meltdown Moms presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Produced by Mason Booker and Adam Silverstein.

Engineered by Mason Booker

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May 232016

Heres the first of our weekly music suggestions! Hopefully this will make your week more fun. Share this on WhatsApp

May 222016
#030: The Museum of Drawing #podcast #podsequentialism

Apama Mackey is the director of Houston’s Museum of Drawing. Born in Iran and residing in Texas, she’s been an important proponent of the contemporary art scene for the past twenty years. The Panik Collective is a team of credentialed multi-media artists, whose public art actions are inaugurating the Museum this summer. Matt and Apama […]

May 212016
MeltCast 3.0 #59: Guess Who's Back!

Derrick is finally back from the UK! Eddie joins us once again! And we have Kris Saldaña back to talk about Civil War II and Future Quest! Follow us @MeltCast and Like us on Facebook! You can also follow us @aristacos, @iam_DVDM and @phatcollectOC! Share this on WhatsApp