May 182007


Only one comic shop is cool enough to make an appearance in the upcoming Transformers movie. That’s right…Meltdown!

In the opening scenes of the new Transformers trailer released online yesterday, actor Shia LeBeouf can be seen sporting a gray t-shirt featuring our very own Meltdown mascot/logo: Mel the alien.

The trailer:

The screen captures:

The original Mel design by Daniel Clowes:

Michel Gagne‘s frighteningly adorable version of Mel, which is featured in the film:

  6 Responses to “Meltdown Mel’s Hollywood Retrospective 01 – Transformers”

  1. EPIC.

    Ya’ll better have those for sale!

  2. Arf arf. Do you have this is dog size? I adore Michele. She is the best illustrator from Canada !

  3. Dude that rocks

  4. Michel -> Lady looks like a Dude!

  5. Michel is a guy

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