Jun 182007

News from WizardWorld Philly: Steve Wacker (original editor on 52) will be taking over Amazing Spider-Man, which will now ship three times a month. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Sensational Spider-Man will be cancelled.


More details from Comic Book Resources:

“In a response to a question about structure, Quesada assured the audience that ‘One More Day’ would indeed be self-contained, and Brevoort used that subject to segue into perhaps the biggest announcement of the panel: ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ and ‘Sensational Spider-Man’ will be ending, and in their place, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ will now come out three times a month. This new era for Spider-Man publishing will be fittingly entitled ‘Brand New Day’.

Jokes were made about how this arrangement allowed Marvel to technically avoid doing a weekly series, as new Spider-Man editor Steve Wacker had just come off the weekly ’52’ series for DC Comics. Quesada indicated that details about the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ creative team and the precise format of the book would be forthcoming at the San Diego Comic Con. As to the reasoning behind this shift, Quesada explained they felt it was better to have one title and one continuous story coming out 3 times a month, rather than be faced with a situation where readers felt like they didn’t need to pick up books such as ‘Sensational’ and ‘Friendly’ as long as they were getting ‘Amazing’.”

And from Newsarama’s interview with Steve Wacker:

“The new creators have laid out about a year’s worth of story arcs for Peter Parker and the cast. Over that, they’re coming up with stories that will move the uber-plot along, so that each story has the same writing and art team and no one is left writing Part 3 of some else’s story.

In other words, if I gather where you’re headed…it’s not the same way 52 was set up with everyone essentially working on every issue.

…I was skeptical, but the numbers bear it out that Amazing is the ‘main’ book to most readers and the feeling is that the important Spider-Man stuff happens between its covers. Certainly history backs that up too, from Peter Parker to Team-Up to Web of…… No matter how good the creators and stories might be on the supporting books, when forced to choose, most readers lean towards Amazing.”

Thanks to The Beat.