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Jun 272008

Thank you for your interest. The tournament will consist of two shows.
The first will be at comic store Meltdown on Thursday July 3 @ 9pm.
The second show will be on Friday July 11 @ 8pm at UCB. YOU MUST BE

The first show will have a March Madness style bracket containing 32
“nerds” engaging in debate over which hero would win in combat. YOU
MUST WIN TO MOVE ON TO THE SECOND SHOW. The second show will feature
the final 8 and we will whittle it down to a winner.

So, if you are available 7/3 @ 9pm, please respond with your top 5 of
the following characters that you would be interested in arguing for.
The following is just a list, not the bracket.

Lara Croft / Batman / Gandolf / Enid (Ghostworld) / Aquaman / Captain
America / Pikachu / Wolverine / Iron Man / Alan Quartermine / Superman
/ Alien Queen (Aliens) / Terminator / Voltron / Wonder Woman / Darth
Vader / Hulk / Spiderman / Thing / Star Buck (Battle Star G) /
The Father from the Movie Happiness / The Borg / Thor / Jason Vorhees
/ Bionic Woman / Cloverfield Monster / Predator / Chewbaca / Snake
Eyes (GI Joe) / Mr. Myagi / Freddy Krueger / Forrest Whitaker as Idi

* The first 20 people wil be considered to appear on the show.
Sign up sheets at Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, 90046.


If interested, please email by Monday June 30th. 

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