Oct 302008

Hey there, Pal and Gals,

Meltdown U instructor Jim Higgins here. The University is in full swing with the Monday and the Wednesday classes both filled. The Monday class started in September and so the studes are well into the project for the semester, which is to write and draw an eight-page minicomic or, for the ones who are writers and not artists, to do scripts for two eight-page stories. The tales run the gamut from pulp adventure to slice-of-life to one about a superheroic cockroach avenger(!)

The Wednesday class had its first session last night. There’s a lot of just-writers in this one so the dynamic will be different from the other class. For the writers, they’ll get the experience of seeing comics stories being put together right in front of them. And for the others, they’ll get the benefit of getting input and feedback from people who have spent more time developing and acquiring skills as writers. Most of the writers in the Wednesday group are graduates from the University of Michigan’s writing program who all decided to join up together. After the term, they will be forming their own super-team and looking for financing so they can get a fancy place like The Baxter Building.  Next week the class begins learning story structure.  They’ll get concrete ways to put together a story that is filled with interesting, engaging events and has an emotional impact.

For anyone interested in signing up for a class, we’ll be starting a new term in mid-January and start to take names probably around mid-December.

Till next time, take care.