Jan 262009

Jim Higgins, instructor for Meltdown University here.  Well, we now have our first group of Meltdown U graduates (insert applause here)!  The students did a really good job and the minicomics they did turned out great.  Some are already up in the minicomics section on the back side of the counter and the rest will be going up soon.  Check’em out — you’ll get a sense of what you can do in just a few months with the class.  The big issue that the students discussed after the class was that they actually got to finish something.  It’s hard to work on a creative project in a vacuum, especially one that’s so time-consuming. You wonder: How am I going to find the time to keep this going?  Will I ever get to the end of this?  The class gives you concrete deadlines, instruction on how to do things you don’t know how to do, and the support of other people who are going through the same process.  This time around we’ll be having some comics pros come in and talk to the class, too.  We’ll make announcements of who when we settle on the dates.

The new miniseries class started on Monday, January 19.  The students seem eager and are now working on their story ideas for what they will write as a script or do as a minicomic.  We’ll be reading some cool comics and graphic novels to look for examples of things being taught.  AND — we are still open for enrollment! There are a few spots left so if you’re interested in taking the class go here and fill out the form.  There’s less than a week left before we close the class so let know now if you want in!