Feb 102009

Hello Meltdown masses.  Jim Higgins here from Meltdown University, Meltdown’s budding school for writing and drawing comics.  We’ve got three classes running now, a great group of enthusiastic students, and lots of good work being produced.  This is the last chance to join the most recent class.  We’ve met a few times but there’s a make-up class being scheduled this week so if you want to get in, contact me through the Meltdown U contact page — I’ll get back to you and we’ll work out when we can meet.  Right now it looks like Friday and/or Saturday evening.  Students get a 20% discount while they’re in the class so there’s even more of an incentive to be a Meltdown U student.  We’re going to move the start date for the next “miniseries” (that’s what we call our 13-week terms) to the beginning of April (that class meets on Wednesdays), so now’s the time to get on board, instead of having to wait and be sad. :(((