Mar 032009

The latest in the Meltdown University world is that the Monday class has locked down their stories.  After getting the mechanics of structure down, the students have crafted tales that have interesting plots, emotional resonance, and original ideas.  Either due to coincidence or some inexplicable groupthink, everyone in the class has come up with a story that has drama and the lives of the characters in the forefront and genre elements as almost a secondary feature  (not that genre stories are required — some of the Wednesday students are writing stories that aren’t).  It’s like what Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are doing with the excellent-so-far Incognito. Incognito is about a former supervillain who is in the Witness Protection Program with his powers chemically inhibited.  But what we’ve experienced so far as a reader of the comic is the day to day life of a man whose lack of empathy and connection to other people is both chilling and fascinating.  The students have also discovered that their interest is in writing about the lives of people in extreme situations and that the issue of powers, near futures, or the supernatural, while still compelling, comes afterward.