Jul 282009


Exclusive Mayhem #1 cover by Dave Johnson!

This is the Meltdown Comic Exclusive! See it here first!
We at Meltdown Comics are lucky to have our Exclusive cover for Mayhem #1 designed by WORLD FAMOUS, EISNER AWARD WINNING COMICS & COVER ARTIST Dave Johnson (BEN 10, G.I. JOE, 100 BULLETS, BATMAN, PUNISHER, SUPERMAN: RED SON)
Mayhem premiere signing event at Meltdown. August 5th! read about it here!


LMTD to MLTD 80% of this Exclusive print run has already been preordered!
Reserve yours now! WWW.BUYMAYHEM.COM

View this short clip from our 100 Bullets event earlier this month. Dave Johnson, over the last 10 yrs. completed 100 plus different covers monthly for this series. An unprecedented achievement! Check out some of the covers here! Read about 100 Bullets here! Buy 100 Bullets paperbacks at Meltdown Comics or at any Comics Store in the world! find your Local Comic Store here 1 888 Comic Book

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