Jan 082010

Parisian Florist is our first in a series of “Shop Our Neighborhood” round up.

Read their press below. But just of the top of our heads.

Parisian Florist has always taken care of any Meltdown Customer that orders or walks-in. They are conveniently  2 doors down form us and its a total MOM & POP local business. From Grandpa to great granddaughter. When in need to justify to your significant other that $300.00 Dollars MJOLNIR “Authentic Replica” or That H.C. LMTD. ED. S.&# Walking Dead Complete TOME! Soften the argument/ sneak into the shelf with Flowers from this spot. Mention Meltdown for that extra sweet, extra flower thrown into the bouquet.

NERD CRED: Parisian Florist delivered Flowers to Marilyn Monroe grave from Joe DiMaggio 3 times a week for 20 yrs!

Imagine Ozzie Nelson writing a note to accompany flowers to Harriet. Jackie Gleason or Lucy calling to send flowers to their family and friends. And when Kojak told you to do something … you did it! Imagine a place that Hollywood turned to to adorn the casket of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio sent his tribute of love to her three times a week for twenty years! Those were the good, old days!

Todays flowers are bigger, brighter and last longer. Newer designs are loose and fun! Our families hands-on day-to-day management assures you the finest quality flowers and professional service. We are minutes from Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Imagine a family business that has its roots in yesterday, alive and well today!

* Third generation family owned & operated
* Hollywoods largest wire service since 1924
* Our flowers are fresh, last longer 100% guaranteed
* High quality roses, exotics and spring flowers
* Green and blooming plants & festive balloon bouquets
* Same day delivery to local areas, rush available

Let Parisian Florist be your first choice for flowers.

ADDRESS 7528 Sunset Blvd.
CA 90046
PHONE (323) 876-3220
(800) 659-1924

  3 Responses to “SHOP LOCAL, SUPPORT MOM AND POP. The Butcher, the Baker, the Parisian Florist?!”

  1. Can anyone suggest a very good Florist near Greenwell Springs Louisianna ? i prefer one who specializes in Tulips.””‘

  2. I really love sending flowers to my loved ones. I specially like sending Tulips and Roses.;;~

  3. Bringing back mainstreets locals traditions 1 restraunt at a time. Help sipport the locals