Apr 082010

Last night at Meltdown was a night of ass kicking, thank you contestants and thank you judges for entertaining us, special thank you to the Comics on Comics crew for helping put this together and Lionsgate for that wonderful swag and awesome prizes, let’s not forget The Frysmith truck for coming our and kicking our appetites ass.

Watch the videos below and vote for your favorite ass kicker.

Winners will receive the following prizes:

• The first place winner will get a pair of tickets to opening night of Kick-Ass.

• Second place gets a $200 gift certificate to Meltdown Comics.

• Third place gets a pair of tickets to a Kick-Ass-themed burlesque show.

• Ten runners-up will get an awesome bag of Kick-Ass movie swag, courtesy of the fine folks at Lionsgate Films.

Kick-Ass Contestant #1

Matt Hollin came all the way from Whittier to tell some dirty grandma jokes. The judges mostly liked his asskicking, though they docked him some points for working blue.

Kick-Ass Contestant #2

Manchester native Terry Kvasnik showed off his martial arts skills by executing some spectacular flips in the cramped space. The judges both feared and admired him. He won a wristband that’ll get him into a meet-and-greet with the cast.

Kick- Ass Contestant #3

Another martial-artist, Narayanan Cabral executed his own series of flips and kicks, even going so far as to bound off the walls. The judges praised his skills.

Kick-Ass Contestant #4

Musician Rune Kincaid braved the brawny scene by playing a funny song about breasts and brakes. The judges gave him props for his humor and guitar-playing prowess.

Kick-Ass Contestant #5

Hottie Annie Cruz came to the event in tight black leather, and she pulled off a mean cartwheel before a wardrobe malfunction derailed her act.

Kick-Ass Contestant #6

Youngster Blake Luna-Ortiz took the stage to tell a series of jokes that impressed even the likes of judge Jonah Ray.

Kick-Ass Contestant #7

Comedian Dustin David eschewed jokes in favor of roundhouse kicks. He successfully kicked a bottle out of the hand of judge Jonah Ray.

Kick-Ass Contestant #8

The final contestant, Lilly Ball, came decked out in Halloween attire and demonstrated her skills with the fan – all while dressed as a dog. Judge Jonathan London gave her high marks for her furry-friendliness.

Voting Ended

1st. Place: Matt Hollin Contestant 1 (1,018 votes)

2nd. Place: Narayanan Cabral Contestant 3 (1,101 votes)

3rd. Place: Rune Kincaid Contestant 4 (651 votes)

Contestant 8 (349 votes)
Contestant 5 (313 votes)
Contestant 2 (92 votes)
Contestant 7 (55 votes)
Contestant 6 (37 votes)

  20 Responses to “Shut Up And Kick Ass: Watch the Videos and Vote Now!”

  1. I had a great time singing for the show, but I think Blake brought the house down!

  2. Annie Cruz was the most kickass of the bunch. Some dude singin a song about boobs isnt heroic, as a matter of fact he plays 2 power chords, and a C chord… that’s hardly a guitar hero.

    Annie was the only one with a heroic costume and exemplified the spirit of the contest. She got my vote, but the martial artists are also worthy of votes. Voting for Rune or Dog Costume girl is like voting for John MCcain and Sarah Palin. Nonsense and medioce.

  3. dam that naryan guy was amazing!

  4. Your life at the Spells-Like-Crap Institute must be nothing but near-death experiences and mace-filled water gun fights if you feel confident calling a martial artist in a dog costume performing a fan kata “medioce”. I had a fun time, stop killing my buzz with your meaningless inter-webz judgment.

    I don’t think the contest was about being “heroic” either. It was about kicking ass in any format, and that’s what everyone there did. Insulting people with enough balls to get in front of a camera and do something fun and ridiculous will not make Annie Cruz sleep with you. I don’t need to know what you look like to feel confident telling you that she’s too hot for you. Stop voting with your penis and be cool, you caustic uggo.

    And we all noticed that you’re only talking smack about the two people ahead of her in votes. That’s low.

  5. I had no problem spelling every other word correctly in my post, its called a typo, and the point is, nothing kicks ass about lackluster musicianship and a dog costume. It’s not low, it’s freedom of speech and opinion.

  6. Heroes don’t quit… even after wardrobe malfunctions.

    I think Captain America would agree with me.

  7. narayan fuckin rocked fuck your popularity votes thats bullshit! your jokes fuckin suck u cant play guitar the girls arent even hott give that shit to naryan then terry.

  8. narayana is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest:)

  9. I agree. Narayana WAS great. All the martial artists were impressive!

  10. IMO, #1 is awesome 🙂

  11. The guy with the guitar sounds like he looks…doo doo.

  12. How do these people have more votes than views on youtube? Guitar dude is a stool sample

  13. Lily – you just kicked some DeathofDumb ass!

  14. Actually, I should say, you kicked some DeathofDumbass.

  15. Oh my. Looks like talking smack is everybodys secret superpower. And this is why the JLA breaks up every few months.

    I think we have a pretty hot race going here. Lets see how it plays out. But time is running out. So get more votes in quick or suffer the indignity or only kicking ass in the top 10 !


  16. Uhm… ive seen Annie Cruz tackle ACTUAL “monsters” 😉 SHE WINS. HANDS DOWN <3

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