May 012011


The Nerdist Writers Series for May
Sundays 5pm
$15 for each, $36 if you buy all three at once <- Click to purchase tickets

Join us almost every Sunday for the Nerdist Writing Series! Throughout each month, esteemed panelists will discuss topics like different types of writing, how they got started, what inspires them, the business side of writing, and more. Panelists will also answer your questions and give some helpful tips and tricks! For those wishing to write for television or the movies, novels, music, comic books, and MORE, this series is a must for any hopeful writer in LA, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit 826LA.

Ben Blacker (moderator), with his writing and producing partner–named Ben Acker–is the creator of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, a monthly staged production and podcast in the style of old-time radio, starring lots of actors you know from television. Acker and Blacker have developed pilots for Fox late night, Nickelodeon, USA, and Fox primetime. They wrote the feature film Drones, a sci-fi rom-com, available on DVD and Showtime in Sept 2011. Currently, they are developing a pilot for the Spike network and writing a film for a company they can’t talk about. For more information and pretty pictures, go to

5/15 — TV Writing <- Click to purchase tickets
Veena Sud (The Killing)
Sarah Watson (Parenthood)
Gary Lennon (Justified)
Bob Kushell (Samatha Who; 3rd Rock from the Sun)

5/22 — Song Writing <– Click to purchase tickets
Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek)
Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek)
Michael Penn
Dan Bern

5/29 — TV Writing
Michael Green (Heroes; Kings; the Green Lantern film)
Alexa Junge (Friends; United States of Tara)
Michael Green (Heroes, Kings, Green Lantern)
Josh Friedman (Sarah Connor Chronicles, Locke & Key)


Veena Sud
was a writer and Executive Producer on the hit CBS police procedural Cold Case. Before that, she was a staff writer on ABC’s Push, Nevada. Currently, Sud is the creator and Executive Producer of AMC’s new show The Killing. She worked as a print and broadcast journalist in New York City before moving into television writing and is an alumni of NYU’s Graduate Film and Television program. Her short films have been screened internationally, including at the Berlin Film Festival.

Sarah Watson has written for Parenthood, The Middleman, The Unusuals, Lipstick Jungle, and Standoff, among other series.
A Northern California native, Sarah first came to Los Angeles to study English at UCLA. She was on track to become a teacher when she signed up for a film class because it seemed like an easy way to fulfill her humanities elective requirement. The rest, as they say, is history. (If “history” means years of hard work and relentless determination.)
When not serving as supervising producer and writer on Parenthood, she can be found in various local coffee shops working on her first novel.

Gary Lennon is currently a writer on the hit FX series Justified. He is also presently writing a pilot for CBS called Chief. He has also worked on projects for HBO, A&E, and more. He has written for the series The Unusuals, The Black Donnellys, and The Shield. His play, .45, opened winter of 2010 at the Hampstead Theater in London.

Bob Kushell began his professional writing career immediately after graduating college, landing a job on HBO’s Dream On… and hasn’t stopped since. For more than 18 years, he has written and produced comedies including The Simpsons, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Grounded For Life, Malcolm in the Middle, American Dad, and Samantha Who? He has also been nominated for two Emmy awards and won a Golden Globe.
In addition to his writing career, Bob’s on-screen persona rose to prominence with a series of videos he made during the ’07-’08 writer’s strike, called “The Strike, Your Marriage and You.”  Following this, he signed a deal with SONY TV’s digital division to write, produce and star in his own very successful internet talk show, “Anytime with Bob Kushell,” whose guests included John Cryer, Christina Applegate, John Stamos, and Neil Patrick Harris. Bob will soon begin production on his first drama, an ABC Family show starring Idina Menzel.  He also has comedy projects at the BBC and Nick at Night.


Michael Green is currently Writer and Executive Producer of the ABC drama pilot The River. He most recently served as Creator and Executive Producer on the NBC drama Kings. Previous television writing credits include Heroes, Everwood, Jack & Bobby, Smallville, Cupid, and Sex & The City. His feature film work includes co-writing the Warner Bros./ DC Comics adaptation of The Green Lantern. A contributor to DC Comics, Green is the author of the graphic novel Batman: Lovers and Madmen and co-author of Superman/ Batman: The Search for Kryptonite and Superman/ Batman: Finest Worlds.

Douglas Petrie has written and produced (and in some cases directed) the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Pushing Daisies. He is also the writer of the feature films Harriet the Spy, Houdini, and Mother (which he also directed).

Alexa Junge is a television writer, producer and screenwriter. Four-time Emmy and WGA Award nominee, Junge grew up in Los Angeles and attended Barnard College and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.
A nationally recognized playwright and lyricist, Alexa returned to Los Angeles where she wrote for Friends from 1994-1999. Nominated for two Emmy Awards and two Writers Guild of America Awards, Alexa also won the National AOL Poll for writing the “All Time Favorite Friends Episode” for ‘”The One Where Everybody Finds Out.” Junge branched out into one-hour drama to write for Once and Again and The West Wing (where she was nominated for two Emmys and two WGA Awards) as well as Sex and the City, the HBO series Big Love and the BBC comedy Clone. With longtime collaborator, composer Jeanine Tesori, Alexa wrote lyrics for Disney’s Rapunzel Unbraided, Mulan 2 and wrote the screenplay and lyrics for Disney’s Lilo & Stitch 2 and currently has a commission from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for a new musical.
A frequent contributor to National Public Radio’s This American Life, Alexa performed live for their 2008 “What I Learned From Television” tour. She also served as Executive Producer and Showrunner for Showtime’s series The United States of Tara. Recently, Alexa completed the screenplay Au Pairs for Warner Brothers and director R.J. Cutler as well as pilots for Showtime and ABC. She worked with director/creator Bill Condon to develop a new HBO series Tilda starring Diane Keaton and Ellen Page and created a web series, The Procrastinator for actress Amy Brenneman.

Josh Friedman is the Creator/Executive producer of Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. He co-wrote Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds and occasionally writes his blog “I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing.”