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Oct 062011


Hi everyone! I was sitting at Meltdown comics earlier today with a couple of DMs prepping for my first Thursday DnD game day. I am really excited to meet everyone and to make the LA DnD community blossom. Right here. Right at Meltdown.

There are so many changes coming up! We will keep thursday night DnD and are also expanding into SUNDAYs! 6-11 on Thursdays and 11-6 on Sundays (two sets of games 11-4 & 2-6). AND for the month of October all game days hosted by me are FREE! Please email me at so I can get your info and get you into a table of players that will be best for you!

One of the perks to having me in charge is food! If you’ve ever seen the web series “I Hit it With My Axe” you’d know my favorite thing to do while gaming is eating so there will be food and drink. We will be offering a monthly membership starting November 1 which also enters you into the weekly raffle. The raffle prize on November 6th is the Dungeons and Dragons Board Game “the legend of Drizzt”! (over a $60 value).
Things you can look forward to in the near future are DnD Mixers, pancake Sundays and multiple table adventures. Tons of swag! Lots of new friends!

I’ll keep you all posted with details. This is going to be a fantastic new year indeed!



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