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Feb 292012

MUCHOS KSTEW – a group show at Meltdown Comics paying tribute to the actress Kristen Stewart (star of such films as Panic Room, Adventureland, and Zathura: A Space Adventure, among others).

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a mysterious young woman and stare at her face until it all makes sense. 

Witness a bounty of images that are sure to haunt and delight and confuse you forever, courtesy of:

Phil Noto, Natasha Allegri, Erin Pearce, Brandon Bird, Kirsten Lepore, Kali Fontecchio, Kevin Wada, Deanna Rooney, Kelsy Abbott, Abbey Aichinger, Kevin Sukho Lee, Tony Christopherson, Stephanie Max,  Joel Fox,  Kate Ward,  Sophie Kipner, J.R. Goldberg,  Kate Freund, Steve Agee, Kent Osborne, Paul Clay III, Jessica Ciocci,  Parker Jacobs, Jeffrey Max, Greg Franklin,  Julia Prescott,  Mac Whiting, Mitch Loidolt, Cat Solen, Nick Bachman, Dave Kloc, Erin McGathy, Austin Salmi, Myke Chilian, Eric Appel, Carlos Ramos, Scott Schultz, Will Kindrick, Lauren Benson, Nico Colaleo, Jeremy Sengly, Peter Atencio, Sara Pocock, Lindsay Ames, Jason Whetzell, Tracy Palmer, and Danny Jelinek

Opening reception to be held on April 7th from 7-10pm, featuring Kristen-themed cocktails and other delights.

The show will run through April 20th.

Get ready for an uncontrollable throng of KStew pushed into your head space by curator Julia Vickerman and Meltdown Comics.

Meltdown Gallery inside Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd. LA, CA 90046 (map)

  19 Responses to “#HAPPENING: MUCHOS KSTEW an artistic tribute to the actress Kristen Stewart. 4/07/2012 #ARTSHOW”

  1. To whomever is running this show and the “artists” perhaps you should all go see the movie Bully. She is a human being and you “artists” are a bunch of bullies.

  2. Jenny, you are an idiot.