Oct 202012

Here are the TOP THREE reasons why you need to be at Meltdown on Saturday, October 20th, for the CHEMORELLA book signing:

FIRST, to see for yourself why this book has been reviewed as “inspiring, hysterically clever and uplifting.” Here’s a clue: it’s a modern retelling of the Cinderella story, with a new heroine who beats cancer and sees all her dreams come true. And it’s a fully illustrated, bilingual book, in English and Spanish, side-by-side.

SECOND, to meet the people who made it, one of whom is coauthor Katy Franco, the screamingly funny Puerto Rican stand-up comic who Women’s Health magazine calls “the Cause Comedienne.” A breast cancer survivor, she’s going to speak about how she went from comic to Chemorella to breast cancer awareness activist. Expect to laugh and cry; if you have kids, bring them for the laughs. Also present will be illustrator Scott Sackett and co-author Ken Phillips, who are going to be giving away some free stuff that you’ll really love and your kids will really love.

THIRD, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and when you buy this great book we are going to give 20% to Save the Ta-Tas Foundation, which supports cancer research. So you’re going to have a great time and do a good deed too!

CHEMORELLA is a wonderful gift for somebody who is fighting breast cancer, or who has a family member who has been afflicted by it. It’s for adults because of the edgy wit, and kids because of the cool, bald heroine and the every-other-page illustrations. Remember, kids suffer the most when a parent is going through cancer treatment, because the young ones wonder whether mom or dad is going to die. This book is a message of hope, honest and uplifting. So it’s the perfect present during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Chemorella Book Signing
Saturday, October 20th, 20012 at 2pm
Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Bl. LA, CA 90046 (map)