Nov 152012

Hey, ever hear of the Internet?  Well we’ve got the inside scoop on a part of it that not enough people know how to navigate — Web Comics.  About 12 years ago Understanding Comics author Scott McCloud wrote a sequel to that classic book called Rediscovering Comics where he predicted that the next big change in the comics medium would be the proliferation of comics on the web.  Not many people realized how accurate his prediction would be.  Today, there are literally tens of thousands of web comics.  Like many things on the Internets, this has democratized things for both better AND worse.  There are fantastic web comics like the smart, cheeky, and hilarious Hark! A Vagrant and the science, tech, and ridiculousness-oriented XKCD, but also many, many that stink!  Stink badly!

We know that you don’t want to do web comics like that, so we’ve corralled web comics writer, humorist, and Co-Editor of the amazingly funny anthology The Devastator, Geoffrey Golden to give you everything you need to know about doing your own web comic.  Actually, we got Geoffrey to do this almost two years ago, but NOW, instead of it being an eight-session class, Geoffrey has boiled all that knowledge down into a one-day workshop.  There, you’ll learn about the different types and genres of web comics, how to market yours, some technical skills, how to actually maybe make some money doing one (and the ways you won’t make money doing one), and more.

All this is happening on December 1 from 12:00 to 6:00pm.  To sign up, click the link below and scroll down to the web comics section.  Don’t wait till the class fills up.  As the say on the infommericals, act now!  That’s all.  And remember — don’t make stinky web comics!