Nov 252012

Meltdown University Presents: The Network

Melt U Program Director Jim Higgins here.  Meltdown University is moving into its fifth year of instruction in comic art. We started out with one series, the flagship Creating Comics class, and have since expanded to five (for information on the regular classes, go here).  We’re thankful to all the students who’ve participated and proud of the many comics, scripts, and great work that’s been produced.

“But what—“ you say, “is The Network, Jim?  And what does it have to do with me?”  Glad you asked!  We’re planning an event where aspiring and beginning comics artists and writers can meet-and-greet, network, and share ideas.  There will be talks, an interview with a comics writer who went from self-publishing indie creator to Marvel Comics scribe, activities to help attendees make connections, all ending with free time to socialize, chat, network some more, or just talk comics with like-minded humans.  Here’s the schedule:

I’ll start the day with a brief overview of the things you can do and should do if you want to self-publish your comics.   I’ll cover costs and money issues, ways to work successfully with a collaborator, how to promote yourself and your project, and more.

We’ll have a couple of fun activities that will allow everyone to interact and get to know each other.

A One-On-One Discussion With A Comic Book Professional (TBA)
Check back for an update for who we are bringing in.

Writers Meet Artists – Artists Meet Writers
We’ll spend an hour or so having artists show their portfolios and comics while writers look at the work and give copies of their proposals or scripts to those interested.

Party On
The rest of the time will be spent informally, with all of us chatting and having fun.  Melt U will provide some refreshments and music.  And a good time will be had!

When: Saturday, December 15th, from 1-5pm
Where: Meltdown Comics!
Cost: $10.00

That’s it!  If you’re interested, click the link to sign up. THE NETWORK