Jan 172013

The hit East Coast show, Super Art Fight, is coming West and to NerdMelt on Saturday, Jan. 19! Seriously, if you’re not excited already, you might be dead…like that guy in Weekend at Bernie’s, whatever that character’s name was.*

Super Art Fight NerdMelt Showroom

Equal parts live art and pro-wrestling style storytelling matched with smart-ass commentary, Friday’s Super Art Fight features guest artists Lea Hernandez (Rumble Girls) and Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop)!

Here’s a little video giving a little taste of what SAF has to offer:

Saturday, come see why SAF is unlike any other live event going today! The signing is from 5-7 in Meltdown Comics and the battle to end all battles kicks off at 8pm. Do it!

Tickets available HERE.

*Please note, we know the character’s name.