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EXHIBITION: COMING SOON: an art exhibition of imaginary film posters and design
LOCATION: Meltdown Comics [in the Meltdown Gallery/NerdMelt Showroom 7522 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046
ON VIEW: October 11, 2013 – October 20, 2013
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday October 11, 2013 from 6pm to 10pm
COMING SOON: an art exhibition of imaginary film posters and design
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Meltdown Comics!

[Los Angeles, CA – September 10, 2013] Meltdown Comics and NerdMelt Showroom in association with Rhyme Warp Productions Present a chamanvision production – COMING SOON: an art exhibition of imaginary film posters and design. COMING SOON is an art exhibition of all-new original artworks based on unfinished or unmade science-fiction, thriller and horror film concepts by renown film directors Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa, Andrei Tarkovsky and Orson Welles. The exhibition also features artworks based on original concepts for Twin Peaks films, Walt Disney cartoons, Krazy Kat shorts and kaiju monster movies. The name of the exhibition, COMING SOON, is a play on the common term used to incite interest for upcoming film releases. The exhibition features artworks by a wide range of artists from graphic design, comics, illustration, toy design, fine art, animation, graffiti and music videos.

About the curator/director:
COMING SOON is curated and directed by Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, a visual artist and writer. Gustavo works in various mediums including digital art, live painting and writing. Gustavo was inspired to create the COMING SOON art exhibition because of his interest and work in multimedia storytelling. In 2013, Gustavo was invited by LACMA to create an art project based on the Stanley Kubrick film art exhibition. For Jeff Mills’ X-102 Re-Discovers the Rings of Saturn film, Gustavo created the Epilogue sequence: X-102 was screened across museums in Europe, including the Institute of Contemporary Arts [ICA] in London. Gustavo’s writings appear in short story science fiction anthologies including The Hidden Infinities; and in comic books/manga magazines including Aoharu Young Jump published by Shueisha in Japan.
At Comic-Con San Diego, Gustavo and co-creator Kenny Keil launched their Rhyme Travelers comic book series, which has been well-received by fans and comics journalists. Gustavo also collaborates with award winning art director/designer Hideki Nakajima [their Infinite Libraries print series was awarded Best Poster Design by the New York Type Directors Club and published in Typography 30 by Abrams]. Gustavo’s artwork styles have been applied to a broad range of collaborations – with fashion brands [BEAMS T, SOPHNET., ABAHOUSE/Gasasif]; toy companies [Be@rbrick toy for Medicom Toy Corporation]; and music releases [album covers for Detroit Techno music producers Jeff Mills, Underground Resistance, Juan Atkins; drum and bass UK labels Ram Records and Creative Source; Francois K’s dub label Deep Space Media]. Gustavo has also directed art/music events for film releases by Warner Bros. and Universal. Gustavo’s artwork has appeared in venues including LACMA, MOCA, Crewest Gallery, Meltdown Gallery, the Mori Museum/Mado Lounge in Tokyo and Parco Museum, the art/pop culture museum in Shibuya, Tokyo. Gustavo, a long-time exhibiting artist at Meltdown, is honored to be celebrating Meltdown’s 20th anniversary and its ongoing commitment to comics, creativity and funk in Los Angeles. Gustavo is also honored to be working with a talented group of artists from across the creative spectrum – the process of creating original artworks for this exhibition has involved in-depth research and conceptualization with each artist. Meltdown and NerdMelt are proud to present these imaginative artworks and to pique interest and create dialogue about works by renown film directors.

Special Events:
Opening Reception:
Friday October 11, 2013 – Opening Reception with artist panel and live music: 6pm to 10pm, free and open to the public
Rhyme Travelers comic book release event: Saturday October 19, 2013: Rhyme Travelers comic book release event with live painting and DJ: 2pm to 4pm, free and open to the public

Exhibition dates:
October 11 through October 20, 2013

Location: Meltdown Comics [in the Meltdown Gallery/NerdMelt Showroom]
7522 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046 @meltdowncomics
Hours: Meltdown Gallery/NerdMelt Showroom is open during Meltdown Comics store hours – Everyday 11am-9pm, Wednesday 10am-10pm
Admission: Free and open to the public

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Exhibition Artists:
Unification Theory (
Overton Loyd (
CHANMEN (Gargamel,
Joshua Herbolsheimer (Super7)
Ave Rose (
Hilda Garcia (Hilda Garcia Fine Art)
Kiyoshi Takami (view from above)
Katy Unger (
Carlos Anthony Olivas (,
Holly Stephens (Miss Holly Lu)
Diwang Valdez (Cashew Co. / Motion Family)
Adolfo Garcia
Sean McNairy
Dave Kawano
Debbie Huey (Bumperboy Comics,
Kevin Reagan (
Josh Ellingson (
Syndrome (
Naheed Choudhry/Naheedence Photographic (
Hideki Nakajima (
Fernando Reza (Fro Design Co)
Tadaomi Shibuya (
Dave Smith
Alan Oldham (
Dez Einswell (
Lalo Alcaraz (
Danielle N. Kramer
Josh Karp
Stephen Chang
Kenny Keil (
Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca (chamanvision, Rhyme Travelers)

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