Oct 232013

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the latest student work update from the “Comics for Kids” blog!

This past lesson was on how to create Newspaper Comics.  In other words, your own take on “The Far Side,” “Get Fuzzy,” “Peanuts,” or any style of story that’s funny, not too complicatedly designed, and told in short form.  Newspaper comics are sometimes Gag comics in one panel, and generally only range from three to six when longer.

So, without further ado, here is the work done by the students!  They were each required to do at least one single panel comic, and then a three panel comic, and a six panel comic.  Everyone did a great job, so please scroll down to the fun drawings below.

Thanks for reading, and tune in next time!  The comics are below.

First off, we have Maddie’s Gag comic!  In a very “Adventuretime” kind of world, Mr. Cloud was hogging all of the popularity, and getting a ton of attention from the other little fruits and weather-y characters.  Unfortunately, Mr. Sun was jealous.

If you scroll down, the pictures are connected, but it is a separate story.  In Maddie’s Mer-Girls story, it’s a classic tale of big girls not wanting to include their very very young sister, and her being too young to understand she needs to wait a bit.  Maddie’s character designs were very cute and clean, and she did a great job of keeping the comic mostly focused on the dialogue and the drawings, which is very important in newspaper comics!

Lastly, her final longer newspaper comic featured a little Kawaii style Fruit character walking, falling off a cliff, and experiencing a classic gag/animation style dilemma.   We talked about physical comedy and gags a lot in this lesson, and this cute little story employed those themes perfectly!







































Next up is Zoe’s work!  Zoe’s first comic combined Christmas and Halloween, featuring little characters who were showing up on the wrong holiday.  There was a great deadpan moment where  the main character unimpressed, asked “Seriously??” to her Winter Trick or Treaters.

Zoe then had her three panel, and six panel, Newspaper comics, respectively.  The first employed a classic gag comic, of one character pushing another and the other falling (a bit like Lucy and Charlie of “Peanuts,” anyone?).  Next, her “Merlywood” characters (her original comic she usually works on) did an appearance in a shorter than usual story.  The little Mer-Cat decided she wanted to get out of the Ocean, and made a Shell Rocket to blast herself upwards!  Luckily she stayed pretty safe, and it was a very cute gag comic.

Finally, Zoe made her own newspaper style panels, featuring new Kawaii style fruit characters.  The character design on these characters was very classically Anime and cute, and she even made sure to use what we learned about language/punning in Newspaper comics!  Note that the Carrot character cannot see, which is a visual joke/pun on the fact that carrots are meant to be eaten to improve vision.


















Zoe2 Zoe3 Zoe4 Zoe5
































































And finally, we have Woody’s Work!  Woody is going to be doing work outside of class editing/creating newspaper comics, and he was very inspired by the fact that Halloween is almost upon us.

First, Woody did a cover drawing of his edible, sweet, and semi-scary character, the Paranormal Marshmellow!  Below that was his gag comic, where the poor Marshmellow could simply not convince his friend at Halloween time that that was how he was, and not in a costume.

Next, Woody did some very well designed character sketches: Slaw, the Evil Halloween Monster, and his Robot character.  Below that, you can see two more of his very funny and cute gag comics: one with very apt physical humor of a costumed boy being tripped at a school parade, and another of a very unimpressed kitty (as he’s being given the wrong type of food).  Woody did a great job with the character’s body language and facial expressions, driving home the lesson’s point that you can communicate a great deal in a newspaper style comic, even without a lot of cross hatching or complicated background design.

And finally, were his longer newspaper style comics!  His six panel long comic did interesting splits across the panels, playing well with the format, and his three panel long comic focused on “Bunny of Horrors,” a character he came up with some time back.  The humor was greatly displayed with the little bunny, as his rage was zoomed in upon (being evil but fluffy, he is often frustrated that people do not see his true power and scariness– a bit like the fluffy white cat named “Mister Tinkles” from the 2000 CGI/Live action film, “Cats and Dogs,” if anyone remembers that).


Woody2 Woody3 Woody8 Woody7 Woody6 Woody5 Woody4