May 072014

Programming note:

Hi Everyone!

I am putting this announcement up on the blog.

Usually the Comics for Kids parents are all in an email loop, and if we need to cancel or reschedule class we let one another know.

However, I met lots of great parents and potential kids/students at Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday, when vending at the “Whatever You Wanna Sell” Sale at Meltdown.

So, in case anyone who I met was planning on dropping in/bringing their child to this week’s class, this email is just an FYI that I had to cancel tomorrow’s class to go to the Doctor (boo, migraines).  I wanted to make it as public-ly see-able as possible, in hopes nobody drops in on the one time class is not in session on a Thursday.

If anyone is interested in coming to our next class, email me at between now and Thursday the 15th, so I can let you know information about attending Comics for Kids.

Otherwise, carry on, and I hope everyone has a great Thursday/all the regular students have a great Thursday off!

Thanks for reading, and take care.

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Donna A.K.A. Meltdown University’s “Comics For Kids” Instructor.