Sep 172015

Jam-Packed with gizuests today! First we’ve got Josh from Meltdown Comics to show us a few of his indy comic picks:

Ruth and Annabel Ruin Everything
Death Saves
Some Space
Only available at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles

Dan and Gabe’s ComicsFix choices were Spaced Out (the story of what happens to test-monkeys after their mission to outer-space) and Off Life (an off-beat British indie collection of comics collected and put into one lovely collection). Get the ComicsFix app on yer phone or tablet today.

Our guest today is the MAGNANIMOUS (or however you spell that) Jace Hall. You may know him from making games like F.E.A.R. or Shadow of Mordor. Maybe you know him from IGN or his youtube show The Jace Hall Show. Maybe you even know him from producing rad tv shows like V or from his role at Twin Galaxies- historians of gaming achievement. Or mayyyyybe you even know him from the time he rear-ended you on a New Jersey turnpike. Either way he’s rad and insightful, and a joy to rap out with.

As always, thank you guys so much for checking out our little show!!

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