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pring is here, or almost! That’s means it’s time to dump those heavy sweaters and put on some shorts. Ahh! Meredith and April want the skinny on getting fit and losing the fat. So they sat down with the fitness guru to the stars, Lacey Stone who is currently changing lives on theSteve Harvey Show. She’ll tell the girls: an easy trick to figure out how much food you can eat in a day without packing on the pounds, why people really don’t lose the weight they say they want to lose, and she’ll tell us the truth behind how those celeb moms look so good so fast. (Hint: it ain’t just diet and exercise.) So put down the Doritos and pick up your earbuds. You’re going to want to listen to why you only need 8 weeks to change your body. In fact, you’ll probably want to take notes on the podcast that will make you feel and look better with one listen. Enjoy this episode of Meltdown Moms presented by Meltdown Comics!

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