Jan 302017

This crossover episode is getting deep. Natasha and fellow Meltdown Network podcast host, Matt Kennedy of Pod Sequentialism, talk about the importance of interracial relationships in today’s post Trump, , #MuslimBan, fear mongering world. They discuss their experiences in such relationships – what they’ve learned to the challenges they have faced and, often times, the stupid questions they are asked. How did they get their families on their side? Has the mentality towards mixing and mingling changed? Natasha and Matt delve in too all these questions and  even drop the scientific reason to pursue interracial love! Don’t miss this thought-provoking, and revealing episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics. There is no better time to talk about this.

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MAtt Kennedy

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  One Response to “#19 Interracial Love in a Post Trump Era (w/ Pod Sequentialism’s Matt Kennedy) @Kindadating @PodSeq #podcast”

  1. Thank you! Resistance to hate must come from every part of society, its up to us all to stand up against hatred and bigotry and stand up for freedom and equality that truly makes this a great nation.