May 032017

Stop by and say hello to these fine authors from The Devastator crew:
Alex Firer, Geoffrey Golden, Kenny Keil, Danny Lacy, Mike Levine, Jamie Loftus and Amanda Meadows.
Saturday – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY – May 6th, 11AM

Authors: Danny Lacy & Mike Levine
Twitter: @garbageville & @bizmichael
Book: At Least You’re Not These Monsters


Author: Jamie Loftus
Twitter @hamburgerphone
Zine: Poisonous People Paper Dolls


Author: Kenny Keil
Twitter: @kennykeil
Book: Stay at Home Scarface


Authors: Alex Firer & Kenny Keil
Twitter: @AlexFirer & @kennykeil
Zine: The Official Handbook of the Bowieverse