Jul 042017

On this episode I bring in sexual deviant and co-stripper of mine, Emilia Uzunova. A Bulgarian boss bitch, Emilia dances, bartends AND waitresses at the club. We talk receiving more respect stripping than waitressing, “slap dances,” strip club personas, stripper group sex with guys picked off the street, Cap’n Save-A-Hoe, being a hustler and working as a dominatrix. Come see her at Cheetahs Hollywood! Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This Week’s Guest: Emilia Uzunova

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  One Response to “#05: Emilia Uzunova (Interview) @kaseykoop #podcast”

  1. I listened to episode 5 of your podcast today and learned a lot from it. I am a long-time regular at a bikini club in Boise, Idaho (a Spearmint Rhino) and have gotten to know a lot of dancers over my time there. Your conversation with Emilia answered a lot of questions and squashed some delusions that I had about my relationships there. I hope that doesn’t make me sound too much like an asshole, instead of the lonely old man I am. 😉 Thanks again for posting this episode. I really enjoyed listening to your and Emilia’s stories.