Oct 162017

To celebrate our 50th episode, we’re doing a check-in. Dating can be a never-ending cycle and sometimes you gotta stop, pause, reflect, and ask yourself: where are you in your life and what do you really want? Host Natasha Chandel and Kinda Dating producers Aisha Holden and Mason Booker reveal the stage of life they are in and how that might be attracting a certain type of person, or not! How can you figure out what you really want? How picky should you be? All this and more in this fun, celebratory yet deep episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics.

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This Week’s Guests:

Aisha Holden

TW: @aishasaysdance

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Mason Booker

IG: @thekigam
TW: @animeatticlove

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Creator and Host: Natasha Chandel.

Producer and Audio Engineer: Mason Booker.

Associate Producer: Aisha Holden.

Theme Music: Joe Lorenzetti.

Logo Character Illustration: Jenna Yenik.