Nov 062017

As a result of technology, have we lost our ability to really connect? ‘Masters of the Sun’ graphic novel writer and Comicbook Sunday’s Benjamin Jackendoff sits down with Natasha to discuss all things intimacy. What does it even mean and why does it seem so hard to open up nowadays? The pair discuss their own intimacy issues, how to invite more of that good stuff into your life and discuss the role of artificial intelligence chat bots. All this and more in this super interesting new episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics.

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This Week’s Guest:

Benjamin Jackendoff

IG: @jackthejoker
TW: @sk8ent_

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Creator and Host: Natasha Chandel.

Producer and Audio Engineer: Mason Booker.

Associate Producer: Aisha Holden.

Theme Music: Joe Lorenzetti.

Logo Character Illustration: Jenna Yenik.