Nov 262017

The comic culture is one of the most popular urban trends. Like many other things in the world the leaders in the fascinating world of comics continue to expand their reach. In an effort to bring the joy of  comics to people all over the world the comic industry has been one of the most innovative.

Comic Business Initiatives that Revolutionized the World

Entertainment is one of the biggest income generators in the world. There are literary trillions of dollars that are being earned annually in the business. And this does not even include the money being made on casino online games. Another form of entertainment that has made the digital transformation.

  1. Migration to the digital platform. Unlike online casino games that have made the leap to the digital platform recent comics have been digital for a while. The first comics to make it to the digital platforms came in the way of movies. The year 2017 has seen so many superhero movies take a new twist. Some thought the era of superhero movies was over but clearly wrong. Instead of dying there are new breed of superheroes. And there are so many trends that have been created.
  2. The comic book industry is one of the very few industries that has benefited from technological progression. Unlike other industries including real money online gambling sites there is a conflict between the latest online business and brick mortar casinos. Comics quickly migrated and maximized profits with the coming of the internet and mobile connectivity.
  3. There are several other business that have come from the backrooms to become mainstream industries. These include activities like egaming. But the Godfather are Once considered an obsession for little children it has grown in less than a century into big industry.