Mar 082018

As prices lower so the sales of VR headsets increase, especially last Christmas when Sony had a great deal going with its VR package for the PS4.

But, if you are like me you are ready to throw the headset back into the box and store it on the highest shelf of your wardrobe because each time you settle down to enjoy a virtual world you end up with symptoms very much like motion sickness.

To compound these feelings of sickness you can get feelings or disorientation, dizziness, and a banging head ache too that can last several hours if not the whole day. This has led to many people deciding that it simply is not worth the hassle.

But before you actually do consign your VR headset to the furthest regions of your darkest cupboard there are actually a few things you can do to either lessen or indeed, stop those nasty symptoms from happening.

Remember that your brain is telling you that you are moving when your body is letting you know that you are either sitting or standing still, just like in a car, and so breaking yourself into the VR environment instead of trying to stay in the game is one of the wisest moves you can make.

Sure, this can be hard when you are in a fantastical world, but it’s better to end on a high than go through any of the afore mentioned symptoms.

Also, remember to take regular breaks away from the headset as you begin to build up your tolerance. In this way you will not be taking three steps forward and two steps back.

Breathing correctly whilst immersed in your VR world is also important although it sounds silly. For instance, say you were in a VR casino and you had hit a bonus round. To claim a slots bonus can be pretty exciting and when we get excited our breath shortens. This means that our brains are not getting the same amount of oxygen and so any feelings of motion sickness we could experience are more likely to begin.

Remember too, that most games give you the option to either use teleportation or locomotion to move. Choosing the teleportation method can greatly reduce the effects of motion sickness offering you more time to stay in your Virtual World.

So, with a little planning and some common sense you could soon be enjoying your virtual reality worlds instead of wondering what could have been.