Aug 282014

Hello, Current and potentially new Comics for Kids students!

This email is just a quick announcement that class has been cancelled for this week.  I (the instructor) have been sick, and I am hoping to be back in commission next week!


(Please enjoy the cheery, happy cartoon work by one of our students shown above, as this is a less fun announcement)

As I’ve mentioned before, we generally love it when people who are interested to pop in and take a class.  That won’t be possible tomorrow, but if you are interested, check out the Meltdown U page for information.  Our class time is actually going to be CHANGING, from 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM in the future.

If you are still interested in having your child take a class at Meltdown, please email me (the instructor), directly with questions, at  Again, this email is just to let people know of our mini-hiatus.

Please check the blog, and the “At A Glance” Section of the Meltdown site for updates as to next week, when we should be back, on September 4th.

Hope everyone is well, and remember to A, B, C: Always Be Creating!

Thanks so much,


Jul 242014



Hello, Current and potentially new Comics for Kids students!

This email is just a quick announcement that class has been cancelled for the next two weeks, on account of summer break/everybody who is a current student being out of town!  (Poll: How many of you are out of town and down at SDCC?  Read as many great all-ages and kids comics down there as you can!  Top Shelf has some great stuff out.)

Normally, we love people who are interested to pop in and take a class.  Unfortunately, that won’t be possible tomorrow or next week, on account of our break.

If you are interested in having your child take a class at Meltdown, please email me (the instructor), directly with questions, at  You can also peruse the Melt U section of our site for information.  Again, this email is just to let people know of our mini-hiatus.

Class will RESUME August 7th.  So, here’s the recap of everything you need to know schedule wise:

Thursday, July 24th: NO 3:30 TO 5:30 COMICS FOR KIDS CLASS

Thursday, July 31st: NO 3:30 TO 5:30 COMICS FOR KIDS CLASS


Best wishes to all our readers, and will let everyone know when there’s more to read for you back here!  Have fun and stay safe, to everyone who has gone down to Comic Con!

May 072014

Programming note:

Hi Everyone!

I am putting this announcement up on the blog.

Usually the Comics for Kids parents are all in an email loop, and if we need to cancel or reschedule class we let one another know.

However, I met lots of great parents and potential kids/students at Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday, when vending at the “Whatever You Wanna Sell” Sale at Meltdown.

So, in case anyone who I met was planning on dropping in/bringing their child to this week’s class, this email is just an FYI that I had to cancel tomorrow’s class to go to the Doctor (boo, migraines).  I wanted to make it as public-ly see-able as possible, in hopes nobody drops in on the one time class is not in session on a Thursday.

If anyone is interested in coming to our next class, email me at between now and Thursday the 15th, so I can let you know information about attending Comics for Kids.

Otherwise, carry on, and I hope everyone has a great Thursday/all the regular students have a great Thursday off!

Thanks for reading, and take care.

(-: ,

Donna A.K.A. Meltdown University’s “Comics For Kids” Instructor.

Feb 102014

Hi Everyone!

Here’s the update from our latest Comics for Kids Class.  To get a quick partial recap, check out this blog entry from last year, which was half of our lesson!  (Scroll only to the first part, which shows the lesson before the student work).

This year’s updated version of that lesson also discussed how to draw “flat” and non three dimensional characters/clothing, such as the very cute and graphic characters from “Adventuretime,” and also featured a section on how to do cartoon fashion illustration, for girls AND for guys!

So, without further ado, here’s the different drawings, line-work, and costuming the Meltdown Comics for Kids students did in 2014!  Thanks for reading, and keep scrolling down.   Everyone did a great job, worked really hard, and had very creative ideas.

By the way, Zoe’s work is the last student’s work listed, and the final drawing is of a girl with a dress and beret on. You might see lots of spacing, but all of the drawings are here!  You’ll know you’ve seen everything once you’ve scrolled to that final drawing of hers.

Without further ado, here are the drawings done by our student Jasper!  A fan of “Adventuretime,” Jasper prefers costume styles with a clean, graphic look to them, without too much wrinkling or shading of the garments.  His first character wore a snazzy vest and clean slacks, which you can still see even though a Pencil Tornado scribbled over him!   In his “Adventuretime” drawings, you can see how the human characters are well dressed, and there’s a really nice aesthetic balance between the black and white.  Black shoes and white pants make black shirts pop!  You can also notice the really nice line-work on the T-shirt pattern, hidden behind the black cardigans on top.

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Jan 232014

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!

We’re playing catch-up with the blog entries from later 2013 through early 2014, so, please check out the great work the Meltdown Uni kids did either on the lesson about creating alien and robot characters, or, on how to create suspense in their comics and drawings.  The suspense lesson for returning students is still being uploaded, but below is the Alien and Robots lesson (read the instructional part only, as the work by these students will be in this recap):

The descriptions specific to each student will explain what lesson they worked from.  Without further ado, check out the awesome drawings and comics everyone made (-: Scroll down, and thanks for reading.

P.S.– the blog has been spacing a bit far apart of late, so make sure you scroll ALL the way to the end to see everyone’s work!  Our student Sam’s description, and subsequent drawings, are the last on the blog, so that’s the final thing you should see when reading through.

Below are the great works done by Maddie!  She focused on character designs, and a comic based on twins– one a regular human being, and the other an evil Robot!  Her character designs were very strongly formed, and done with nice clean pencil lines.  They were especially strong drawings since the twins look almost exactly alike– yet, you can tell that the bad twin is a robot, through subtle angles and details.

a maddie

















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Nov 132013

Hi Everybody!

The blog is currently full of student work to still be uploaded, which is great, although it makes it a bit like the Tortoise from the Tortoise and the Hare.  Plugging along, but slowly!  In any case, since All Hallow’s eve was not long ago, this blog post is going to focus on the monster characters our students creatively came up with.

If you go to this link, you can check out the monster creation and cool combinations the students learned how to create!

Students who missed our pre-Halloween lesson got to create their monster characters for the first time in our last class.  The students who had made their monster characters previously continued those characters stories, while actually learning how to ink with a brush pen!  That ink work will be covered next.  But without further ado, here’s this Monster-ous (ha ha) blog!

And without further delay, meet the great characters, comics, and drawings, created by Zoe, Maddie, Sam, and Mason!  Scroll down to see their hard work, and thanks for tuning in to Comics for Kids 😀

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