Jul 292015

Meltdown Presents: History of The Batman with Londyn! #011 Batman’s Love Interests

Bruce Wayne/Batman is a very busy man as the criminals don’t seem to ever stop plotting against him.  It is a wonder that he has time for anything else.  In this episode, Londyn and Adam discuss how Bruce Wayne/Batman has managed to carve out some time for a few very special ladies in his life, including Vicki Vale and Catwoman.  Hear about all the other prominent love interests and the roles they have played in his history.  Mason, the producer/engineer, also joins the discussion with particular passion for one lucky lady….find out who.  Special guest appearance by Shadow Adam!

Produced by Mason Booker and Adam Silverstein.
Engineered by Mason Booker

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Jul 242015

COMIX: Beyond The Comic Book Pages is an exciting documentary about the world of comic books and the comic phenomenon, told through the thoughts and images of creators, writers, artists, publishers, comic book store owners, collectors, and most especially, the fans, who have made this phenomenon what it is today.

COMIX has some engaging one-on-one interviews with icons of the comic book industry, like Stan Lee (Spiderman, X-Men), Frank Miller (Sin City, 300), Neal Adams (Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow), Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Superman), Mike Richardson (Founder of Dark Horse Productions – Hellboy, Sin City, Goon, and Concrete), and Marc Silvestri (Artist, CEO/Founder of Top Cow Productions and C0-Founder of Image Comics).

COMIX also delves into the world of independent publishers, like Top Cow Productions (Tomb Raider, Hunter Killer, The Darkness, and Witchblade), comic book store owners, as well as comic book conventions like Comic-Con, Wonder Con, Anime Expo, and Wizard World to document the fans of this phenomenon, with many fans in full costumes and some talking about how they made them (that’s for you cos play fans!).  We are so proud of the film and the caliber of people in it!

“My vision for COMIX started as an idea about how to make a comic book and blossomed into a full-length feature documentary about the comic book phenomenon. COMIX is my way of sharing the artistry that I love through a movie that was made by a fan, for fans,” says creator Michael Valentine.  “It has been amazing working on this film and the great people I have met along the way. I think comic book fans as well as anyone else who watches it will find it fun, informative, and inspirational.”
Superman Interview

COMIX is the brainchild of Film Maker/Musician Michael Valentine, a long time comic book fan. Michael’s creativity started at age 6 when all he wanted to do was draw John Romita Sr’s Spiderman and Neal Adams’ Batman which were some of his favorite comic books. Later, he got into other Marvel and DC titles like Captain America and Superman. At age 10, his life changed when he saw KISS for the first time. They were larger than life, the ultimate rock star superheroes. They even had a comic book. Michael never stopped loving comics. About 10 years ago, he came up with the idea of documenting the process of creating a comic book that blossomed into what COMIX: Beyond The Comic Pages has become.

Want to go? Free pair of tickets to the first 3 emails to staff@meltcomics.com with SUBJECT: I READ TO THE BOTTOM. Good luck!

Thursday, July 30 at 6 PM
The location is:  Regent Theatre in Westwood.
http://comixthemovie.com/  @comixthemovie

Jul 222015

Meltdown Presents: History of The Batman with Londyn! #010 Comic Con 2015!


History of the Batman relives the defining moments of one of the most iconic figures in comic art and literature. Londyn had never been to Comic-Con San Diego before now. Here she reflects on her experience along with the numerous announcements involving Batman. Find out about the newest projects involving our favorite caped crusader including Batman v. Superman!

Produced by Mason Booker and Adam Silverstein.
Engineered by Mason Booker

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Jul 222015

Dan opens the show by leveling his rogue in EQ.

Today’s book were brought to you by the brand spankin’ new iPhone and Android App, ComicsFix. Dan picked the re-imagining of the Dino-slaying badass, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter . Gabe picked Lady Gaga’s bio-book, Fame: Lady Gaga.

Find these book and an insane amount more on the ComicsFix app. Search for it in iTunes or Google Play store.

We have a whole buttload of guests today as we roam around comic-con starting with Mark Waid, Doug Lefler, Michael Son, Terri Lubaroff, and Adam Silverstein talking about the Digital Comics Coalition which is basically the future of comics.

We get an update from The History of the Batman peeps, Londyn and Adam.

Then we chat with Judy Funny (the older sister and often antagonist from 90s Nicktoon, Doug) about her friend Cap’s nerdy show network, Nerdy Show.

Last but so incredibly not least, we catch up with New Praetorians author Satine Phoenix to talk about her book and the amazing experiences she’s been having at Comic Con 2015.


As always, thank you guys so much for checking out our little show!!

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