Jan 292015

PhotoGrid_1416966259208For Immediate Release:
Los Angeles, Calif. USA,  January 29th, 2015

Meltdown Comics is excited to announce our newest in-store addition:
the Open Intellectual Property (IP) Wall!

Due to a mounting excitement and demand for comic book adaptations into all forms of media—film and television in particular—Producers and writers are constantly on the lookout for the next hot adaptation. Meltdown receives requests for Open IP almost every day, and we’ve decided to make it easier for everyone involved by keeping new, exciting, and adaptable content all in one place!
We would like to extend our offer for your open IP properties to be better displayed on our wall. If you’re a publisher, just send us and email to staff@meltcomics.com with:
1) A list of the open IP properties you want showcased;
2) A corresponding list with the creators’ names, listing their previous works (to better draw association for the clientele).
Anything already optioned or ordered from a network will not be displayed.
This will be a spot for the newest creators and publishers to have their stories perused by the best in Hollywood.

“Meltdown has become the established nexus between comics and Hollywood.  With this newly dedicated section for Open Intellectual Properties, they are shortening the gap between industry professionals and independent creators.  This is why I am a regular here, because Meltdown knows how to serve its community.”  -Mike Le, screenwriter & producer


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Jan 262015


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Jan 232015

About the project

As graffiti writers ourselves, we knew that only actual participants in the graffiti scene could articulate the phenomena in this way. We knew that no one could talk about the adventures and lifestyles associated with the graffiti life like the individuals who actually lived it first-hand. Their memories, images, and words allow readers to better understand this otherwise covert subculture. As they are collected in eras, these diverse reflections will finally give you a sense of who these prolific street artists were.

As eager curators of the L.A. Graffiti scene, we approached Volume One and Two, first and foremost, as fans of graffiti. But because of our respective roles in the graffiti scene, we were able to make contact with these writers, allowing them to open up and tell their stories in a comfortable environment to an audience that understood their every word and emotion. Along with our editor Stefano Bloch who is also a member of the graffiti community and Wendy Peng who has designed many publications for galleries and museums, we deliver these reflections to you in a condensed but never censored format. READ MORE AND SUPPORT HERE

Los Angeles Graffiti Art from 1989-1994 documented through never-before-published candid interviews, photography and artwork.

Check out pics from 2006 launch at Meltdown.


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Jan 182015


zineMELT is coming to celebrate the world of DIY and independent publishing. On January 31st, 2015 zineMELT will bring together artist, writers, crafters, zinesters from around Los Angeles to gather at Meltdown Comics to display and sell their goods. Please mark your calendars and come out to support your local artist.

Meltdown Comics (map)
7522 Sunset Bl.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90046

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