Oct 252014


Come see the first episode of Bee and PuppyCat, presented by Cartoon Hangover! 

Meltdown is throwing a premier party with special guest Sam “Catbug” Lavagnino, plus tons of free swag. Come on down Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 8pm
Bee, a reluctant hero, becomes entangled in the adventures of a puppy (…or is he a cat?) as they travel between reality and the void of Fishbowl Space. 
Created by Natasha Allegri, character designer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time. She also wrote and drew the Bee and PuppyCat comic by BOOM! Studios, as well as the Fionna and Cake comic series.

Bee and PuppyCat: The Series is premiering here on CartoonHangover, Nov. 6th 2014. The hype is real, so we’re going to be counting down to the premiere for 24 hours! We’ll have special guests, giveaways every 2 hours and all sorts of surprises! So join us on Nov. 5th as we countdown to the premiere.
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Oct 252014

ShowrunnersBefore the documentary hits Itunes, stop by Meltdown Comics  pick up the Official Showrunners companion book, meet and  greet Tara Bennet (The Lost Encyclopedia, Sons Of Anarchy Official Companion), Mike Royce (Enlisted, Big, Everybody Loves Raymond) and Des Doyle (Director of Showrunners: The Art Of Running A TV Show).

About Showrunners:
SHOWRUNNERS explores the fascinating world of the US television showrunner and the creative forces around them, as they battle daily between art and commerce to deliver television comedies and dramas to audiences worldwide.

Every television show has a creative voice who guides it to screen. The industry calls them the showrunners. Impresarios of the small screen, their function to write, manage, facilitate, and execute the idea has long been taken for granted by audiences…but not anymore. 

In this official companion book to the documentary Showrunners, you’ll get an insider’s guide to creating, writing, and running a scripted television series in today’s Golden Age of Television, in the words of some of the biggest talents of the industry. 

Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show expands on the interviews featured in the acclaimed documentary, and includes exclusive conversations covering every facet of the business, from getting your first break to running multiple series.

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Oct 232014

themeltdownThis week, to celebrate FOUR YEARS of being a comedy show, we have transformed the room into the scariest campground you’ll ever see at a comedy show.
We welcome
Jen Kirkman
from NYC, Robert Dean
Janine Brito
Al Jackson
Dave Anthony
…and a special guest or two

And immediately after the show, please come to our official after party at the brand new Oinkster Hollywood at 776 Vine St! They’ll be open late to host us, and they’ll have food, craft beer, draft wine, horror movies, music, and more, plus you’ll witness the debut of a One Night Only Meltdown Burger + Intelligentsia Coffee Pumpkin “Get Pumped-kin” Milkshake!


If tickets for The Meltdown sell out online, we will have a limited number of tickets available at the door on a first come, first served basis. We suggest that you arrive by 7pm the day of the show in order to get any “at the door” tickets, but there is no guarantee they will still be available. Come on down!

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Oct 232014

vfxguardiansJoin us for our VFX panel featuring top visual effects from Marvel, Method Studios, and more, that worked on Guardians of the Galaxy. Guaridans of the Galaxy is the #1 film of 2014 with more than $327M domestic and $700M international, and growing.  Audiences instantly relate to and love Rocket and Groot, two of the five main characters who are VFX.  In addition, VFX transported viewers halfway across the galaxy to other worlds including Xandar, Morag, Sanctuary, introduced the imposing Thanos, and showed the mighty power of the Infinity Stone.

Join our panel with VFX experts who worked on the film to learn about the VFX process on the film, and celebrate the many visual effects contributions by studios in LA that worked on the film to make it such a national and worldwide phenomenon.

– 7-7:30p Check-in and Networking
– 7:30-9p.  Panel.
- Stefane Ceretti, Marvel, Production VFX Supervisor on the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Stefane also worked as second unit supervisor on Captain America: The First Avenger, and Thor: The Dark World.

- Koen Vroeijenstijn, Method Studios, CG Supervisor on Guardians of the Galaxy. Also worked on: Maze Runner, Elysium, Fast & Furious 6 and many more films.

Additional speakers will be announced.  Previously scheduled Susan Pickett is unable to attend.

Background: There’s an excellent write up of VFX of Guardians in the VFX Guide, which we can ellaborate on.

Thanks to our promotional partners:
Method Studios is an award-winning, international visual effects group with facilities in Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, London, Sydney and Melbourne. As an artist-driven company known for its creativity, Method Studios services high-end feature film, commercial, television, games and motion graphics clients in the global marketplace. Recently completed feature projects at Method Studios include The Maze Runner, Guardians of the Galaxy, Divergent, and RoboCop. Upcoming feature work includes Exodus: Gods and Kings and Jupiter Ascending.

Meltdown Comics is a comic book shop and pop culture retailer, which has become a community center for comics culture, and hosts Nerdist events, comedy, and more, located on Sunset. Meltdown Comics customers can attend the Digital LA – VFX of Guardians of the Galaxy panel 10/28 at WeWork Hollywood for FREE by entering code WEFREE when you register at http://dlagotg.eventbrite.com

Gnomon School for Visual Effects specializes in computer graphics education for careers in the entertainment industry.and is located in Hollywood.

Stan Winston School for the Character Arts teaches all facets of special effects & character creation via in-depth video tutorials, live webinars & hands-on workshops led by Academy Award winners, Makeup FX Legends, Monster Making Masters, and the world’s finest artists and technicians.

After the panel:
– 9-10:30p.  Our pre-Halloween Guardians-themed cocktails includes pina coladas, cherry bombs, and pouring blue liquid into our bodies. We’ll play the Guardians soundtrack, and create a dance floor for a dance-off bro, and so you can show off your best Grooting dance. Strongly encouraged to dress up in a Guardians T-shirt (available at Aahs or Disneyland), Guardians costume, or some Guardians accessories for fun Guardians pics! If you want to paint yourself blue, green, pink, or yellow, massive bonus points!

Afterwards, we will rally a crew to go see a 10p-ish Guardians of the Galaxy at the Chinese Theater next door

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Oct 202014

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Oct 132014

10688401_506009379533244_7734521537032589563_o (1)Monthly Comix Jam at Meltdown Comics
Melt-thology is a monthly comix jam at Meltdown!

How it works:

• Show up at the Meltdown at 7:00 and draw a page of whatever you want.* At the end of the night we’ll collect all the art (and $2 for printing costs). When you come to the next month’s comix jam you’ll get a complete zine with everyone’s contributions inside!

• There is NO set theme and ALL skill levels are welcome!

• All of your original art will be returned to you along with your copy of the zine at next month’s meeting.

• Everyone who turns in art and $2 will have a copy waiting for them the next time they can make it out.

*Want to do a one-page self-contained strip? Awesome! One page of a longer, serialized story? Fantastic! A stand-alone illustration? Excelsior!

(Melt-thology is inspired by the monthly Dune Comix Jam at Cafe Racer in Seattle WA, organized by Max Clotfelter. Check out his work at maxclotfelter.blogspot.com)



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Oct 092014

themeltdownThis week, Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani welcome
Brent Weinbach
John Ungaro
Melissa Villasenor
Justin Willman
Caitlin Gill
Nick Youssef
Sean Patton

Tickets Here

If tickets for The Meltdown sell out online, we will have a limited number of tickets available at the door on a first come, first served basis. We suggest that you arrive by 7pm the day of the show in order to get any “at the door” tickets, but there is no guarantee they will still be available. Come on down!

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Oct 082014


Pull Box Service

1. Never miss an issue.

2. Up to the minute information on upcoming weeks Comic releases via Email or in-store newsletter.

3. You get 20% off Monthly Comics.

4. 5 minimum titles per month.

5. 10% off all purchases at Meltdown Comics

6. Member Benefits. (Swag, Discounts, First Dibs, and more)


Sign up at www.comixology.com/signup
then, log-in and visit https://pulllist.comixology.com/retailers/1739/meltdown-comics click connect and start subscribing to books!
Call: 1.323.851.7223
E-mail: Comic Book Concierge
Visit us at Meltdown and hand us your list.



Q. When do new comics come out?
A. New comics come in every Wednesday; holidays delay them by a day.

Q. Can I order more than 1 copy of a title?
A. Yes you can.

Q. What about Variants?
A. Variants will be priced accordingly. If you’re interested in a variant, call us or email us and we’ll set one aside for you *while supplies last.

Q. What if I can’t pick them up one week or two weeks even?
A. Comics must be picked up within 2 weeks. Call or email us ahead of time if it’s going to be longer and we’ll hold them for you. If we don’t hear from you within 2 weeks, your comics will be put out for sale and we’ll stop pulling till we hear from you. After 1 month, your subscription will be cancelled.

A. We can mail them to you, just $5 within the USA. Email us at concierge@meltcomics.com for deliveries outside of the USA, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


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Oct 052014

themeltdownThis week, Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani welcome
Kurt Braunohler
Pat Susmilch
From NYC, Phoebe Robinson
Laura Crawford
From NYC, JF Harris
…and a special guest

Tickets Here

If tickets for The Meltdown sell out online, we will have a limited number of tickets available at the door on a first come, first served basis. We suggest that you arrive by 7pm the day of the show in order to get any “at the door” tickets, but there is no guarantee they will still be available. Come on down!

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Oct 012014

GreenArrow_Meltdown_signingMeet An Iconic Super Hero’s All-New Creative Team…

What: Straight from their work on the hit “Arrow” TV series, join new
GREEN ARROW comic book writers Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski along with colorist Gabe Eltaeb for a signing of their debut issue.

Kreisberg, Sokolowski and Eltaeb will be on-hand to sign copies of
GREEN ARROW #35, while supplies last.

Where: Meltdown Comics (7522 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.)

When: TONIGHT! Wednesday, October 1 starting at 7PM

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