Mar 082018

As prices lower so the sales of VR headsets increase, especially last Christmas when Sony had a great deal going with its VR package for the PS4.

But, if you are like me you are ready to throw the headset back into the box and store it on the highest shelf of your wardrobe because each time you settle down to enjoy a virtual world you end up with symptoms very much like motion sickness.

To compound these feelings of sickness you can get feelings or disorientation, dizziness, and a banging head ache too that can last several hours if not the whole day. This has led to many people deciding that it simply is not worth the hassle.

But before you actually do consign your VR headset to the furthest regions of your darkest cupboard there are actually a few things you can do to either lessen or indeed, stop those nasty symptoms from happening.

Remember that your brain is telling you that you are moving when your body is letting you know that you are either sitting or standing still, just like in a car, and so breaking yourself into the VR environment instead of trying to stay in the game is one of the wisest moves you can make.

Sure, this can be hard when you are in a fantastical world, but it’s better to end on a high than go through any of the afore mentioned symptoms.

Also, remember to take regular breaks away from the headset as you begin to build up your tolerance. In this way you will not be taking three steps forward and two steps back.

Breathing correctly whilst immersed in your VR world is also important although it sounds silly. For instance, say you were in a VR casino and you had hit a bonus round. To claim a slots bonus can be pretty exciting and when we get excited our breath shortens. This means that our brains are not getting the same amount of oxygen and so any feelings of motion sickness we could experience are more likely to begin.

Remember too, that most games give you the option to either use teleportation or locomotion to move. Choosing the teleportation method can greatly reduce the effects of motion sickness offering you more time to stay in your Virtual World.

So, with a little planning and some common sense you could soon be enjoying your virtual reality worlds instead of wondering what could have been.

Feb 222018


Now more than ever, gaming is an immensely popular pastime. For decades, playing games was seen as a somewhat immature activity, perhaps reserved only for a select few who had “obscure” interests including sci-fi, fantasy, tech and the like. Of course, we now know this is nothing but an inaccurate stereotype, and nothing could have made this clearer than the introduction of the internet.

Modern Gaming vs The Age of Arcades

Immediately after online gaming became a mainstream household amenity it began to take over and transform the entire gaming industry. Before long, Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games and online Role-Playing Games (RPGs) such as League of Legends, Dota and World of Warcraft, within which players from around the world could interact and play together, became immensely popular. Games like these are so popular these days, that professional gaming has become a recognised spectator sport, known as eSports. Tournaments based entirely around playing these games are now hosted in world-class stadiums, attended by sponsored professional gamers and formed teams.

This is undeniably an amazing feat and a great improvement for gamers, yet gaming – or more specifically, gaming in groups – existed long before the introduction of the internet or eSports. Anyone who was around in the 1970s and ’80s will no doubt remember arcades, where games like Pac-Man and Street Fighter appeared in the form of coin-operated cabinet machines. Alas, with the introduction of home console systems in the late 1980s, gaming arcades began to lose many of their clientele.

For many decades, physical arcade cabinets were at best antiques collected by nostalgic fans, and at worst dusty, worn machines in bar corners. Fortunately, arcade games were not forgotten by the internet and so many classic games were still available on a number of websites. In addition to this, the industry continued to create new games – often in Flash or HTML5 -which had many resemblances to older games, paying tribute to these arcade classics.

Still, it seemed as though the days of the 1980s arcades were gone forever. That is until a few years ago, when arcades mysteriously began to appear again. Back in 2015, Polygon interviewed a few arcade operators who were attempted to bring back that 1980s gaming experience in places such as Tennessee, San Francisco and Dallas. They also interviewed Dave & Buster, an arcade chain that has over seventy locations across North America. Later, in April 2017, The Guardian covered several “gaming arcades” that utilised virtual reality (VR) to bring in customers.

It seems that arcades and arcade-style games are slowly but surely making a comeback, but why? One possible answer is the similar revival of other important 1980s staples: comic books and superheroes.

The Success of Superheroes

If there is one industry that can compete with gaming right now, it is most certainly comic books. We are almost all living in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, which began with the release of Iron Man back in 2008 and grew wildly from there. Now, there are almost twenty movies in the MCU, with even more on the horizon, twelve television shows and several video games.

Of course, Marvel isn’t the only comic book behemoth that is creating modern media. There’s also a number of DC Comics movies, which now have to be separated into at least two different groups. Firstly, there are the numerous Superman movies, the Dark Knight trilogy and other somewhat less successful adaptations such as Green Lanternand Catwoman. These movies have been followed by a far more structured, commercially-friendly collection of movies which fall under the DC Extended Universe title and include Man of Steel, Suicide Squad and Justice League, just to name a few. We haven’t even mentioned the Lego DC Comics movies, but they are just some of the other media out there right now.

The only type of media that DC seems to make more of than movies is games, of which there are over 80 at this moment in time. This isn’t particularly surprising though, as comic book characters have been appearing in games for decades, beginning with – you guessed it – arcade games.

During the 1990s, there was a slew of popular comic book-based arcade games including X-Men, Capcom’s Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter, and Spider-Man: The Arcade Game. Superheroes even continued to appear in online casinos once the brick-and-mortar buildings began to lose popularity. There are Spider-Man-based slots, the Dark Knight trilogy has its own licensed casino game and even Dark Horse’s Hellboy has a slot available at Betway. Meanwhile, console titles remained popular with many comic-book based releases such as 2009’s Batman: Arkham series by Rocksteady Studios receiving a lot of positive praise. In fact, Batman: Arkham VR is currently in development, according to an announcement at E3 2016. Each and every one of these games is popular, so it is pretty clear that gamers were searching for a superhero game similar to those they found back in the ’80s.

Comics & Arcade Cabinets Today

Well, the wait for new comics-inspired arcade games may be finally over as US entertainment and restaurant chain Dave & Buster recently announced an arcade game based on one of Marvel’s most recent movies Spider-Man: Homecoming. This makes complete sense as much of the movie itself features other ’80s references, particularly movies, such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), The Breakfast Club (1985) and Back to the Future (1985). We’re generally surprised Peter Parker didn’t show up in an arcade in the movie himself.

It’s quite possible that Dave & Buster’s new arcade game will (hopefully) be the first of many fresh arcade games to hit the market. After all, every other media source seems to be dabbling in the 80s – especially streaming site Netflix with series like Stranger Things – so why not gaming? Perhaps this will lead to the return of titles such as Space Invaders and Mortal Kombat, which could then enter into the eSports fray, thereby ensuring that social gaming has gone full circle. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Feb 222018

Top Five Super Hero Slots to play on your smartphone

We love super-heroes, but they come and they go. For a while they will shine and rise to the dizzy heights of fame, but just as easily they can be booted off their pedestals, and die a not too pretty un-hero like death.

Marvel has over the last few years has happily dominated the online slot world, but we cannot disclaim DC who is home to some of the greatest super-heroes of all time including Superman.

Take as an example. Superman by the NYX Gaming Group. It’s got pretty clean and crisps graphics for a DC game, and although Marvel games have been the favourite among a great number of slots fans, they can begin to look a little dated. This game has excellent sound effects and is a pretty good contender for Marvel.

Playtech’s Iron Man worked really well when it made the transition to the smaller screen, and although it is still popular it is showing its age, with graphics sometimes being a little sluggish. There is some speculation that Playtech will continue to deliver some more Marvel offerings, perhaps Guardian of the Galaxy, but as yet there have been no firm developments in that area so we have to wait and see what will transpire.

You can play the new Iron Man 2 slot game with Fruity King mobile casino from today. This casino is a fans favourite offering all the latest superhero themed slots to visitors.

Justice League (by NYX Gaming Group) has superb graphics as well as a ton of special events. It also has a complete super hero roster which has not been seen since we were introduced to the X-Men slot game. With all of that mentioned it missed not having a story or a villain to fight, or even friends that require rescuing. There are however stacked. Wild spins and a bonus game called the Attack on Metropolis that help you feel more in the super-hero mode.

We can’t talk about super heroes and not mention the Caped Crusader, and Batman by the NYX Gaming Group might be one of the older slots but it still retains a lot of pull for numerous players. DC stuck to its guns with this one keeping their focus on comics, and it works with the decent into madness feature being as authentic as possible. The 100x reward for capturing the Joker together with the staked sticky wilds can give some massive wins.

One of the most impressive super hero games is aptly titled Super Heroes (by Yggdrasil) and its sets a high standard for any other superhero slots to match. With no licensed characters which is a first the game has sleek and classy graphics, excellent audio and plays like a dream.