Feb 152018

Chris Estrada is a comedian who’s on Time Out LA’s list of Comics to Watch in 2018. We talk doing comedy on the road, being raised by women, being an ex-Cap’n Save-A-Hoe, doing meth with escorts in hotel rooms and growing up in South Central. Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Chris Estrada

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Feb 132018


Alex Wolinetz (Ravel) is a playwright, a comic book author, and a Jew!

In this episode, Alex joins Eric to discuss a rare two page comic by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (Superman’s creators) that appeared exclusively in LOOK Magazine, and features The Man Of Tomorrow taking on both Hitler and Stalin.

Other topics include: Jerry and Joe’s Judaism affecting their worldview, the entire Comic Book medium as an extension of Jewish culture, and the boys’ punk rock attempt to reappropriate the terms “Übermensch” (used by Hitler) and “Man Of Steel” (used by Stalin), and apply them towards an American immigrant superhero.


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This Week’s Guest:

Alex Wolinetz



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Feb 122018

Congrats to the team whose fans often punch police horses in the face for winning the Super Bowl. We gon’ fight there. It’s the orc from Bright vs the orc from Ballers.

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Warning: Lil bit of grosscast.

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