Sep 292015

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Meltdown Presents: History of The Batman with Londyn! #020 – The Coziness of the Creepiness – An Interview with Kelley Jones

If you know the show, you know that Londyn’s favorite Batman artist is the incomparable Kelley Jones.  In this episode, Londyn finally gets to interview her hero and ask him all the questions she has been waiting years to do.  Some people have said the Jones’ Batman is what the criminals of Gotham see in their nightmares.  Find out where his distinct style originates from, what it was like to work with Doug Moench, the story behind his drawing of the iconic Knightfall cover and much more.  Kelley Jones doesn’t give many interviews, so here is your chance to listen to one the Greats!
Produced by Mason Booker and Adam Silverstein.
Engineered by Mason Booker
Logo design by Hannah Nance Partlow,
Sep 232015


Meltdown University is expanding!  We’re doubling the amount of classes we have, offering brand new ones on making comics and on creating art.  We have detailed descriptions on the Meltdown University web page at this LINK.  See below for a list of what’s coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Watercolor Painting starts next Monday, September 28  at 7pm.  It’s an eight-week class that will give you all the basics skills to do your own paintings in this fast-finishing medium.  Taught by comics editor and illustrator Suzannah Rowntree.

Photoshop Basics for Comics starts a week from Thursday on October 1 at 7pm.  In this eight-week series, you’ll learn specific Photoshop techniques that will help you to make comics whether you’re looking to do original art digitally, tweak and correct your art, color it letter it, or any other thing to make the work better.  Taught by graphic designer and ComicsFix chief Felix Kiner.

Writing Longform Comics starts Tuesday, October 6 at 7pm.  In this eight-week class, you’ll get instruction and guidance on writing a comic book series or a graphic novel.  Students will finish the class with a detailed outline, some script pages, and a completed pitch.  Taught by former DC Comics editor, long-time comics professor, and Meltdown U Program Director Jim Higgins.

The No-Failure-Anything-Could-Happen Class On Marketing And Promotion is certainly the class with the best title.  It’s also a series where you’ll learn techniques, tips, and solid strategies for promoting whatever creative project you might have.  It’s a six-week series that starts on Friday, October 9 at 7pm.  It’s taught by bestselling cartoonist C.W. Moss.

AND DON’T FORGET these classes, which you can sign up for on the Melt U web page:

This Friday, The Kids Make Zines class starts again for ages 7-12.  The class begins at 4pm.

The next Creating Comics class, where writers learn to script a short comic and artists learn to write and draw a minicomic, starts on Saturday, October 24 at 2pm.

The Drawing Comics for Kids class is ongoing so you can join any time (if you’re between the ages of 7 and 12!).  It meets on Thursdays from 4-6pm.

Drawing Basics teaches you fundamentals like anatomy, perspective, composition, and more.  It starts on October 24 at 11:30am.

Start this back-to-school season by treating yourself to instruction in how to make art or comics here at ever-growing Meltdown U!

Sep 172015


Meltdown Comics and Heavy Metal Present:
also featuring works from:

The King of Comics made his Heavy Metal debut with full color versions of his legendary concept art for “Lord of Light.” This fabled collaboration with filmmaker and visionary Barry Ira Geller is best known for it’s use as a cover for to rescue six American diplomats held hostage in Iran.


Meltdown Comics and Heavy Metal Magazine invite you to an exclusive gallery event showcasing this work in bold psychedelic blacklight! Co-creator Barry Geller will be in attendance to answer questions, and sign copies of Heavy Metal #276.

Evening includes; Nerdist Writers Panel Live with special guest, Black Light Art, Music, Drinks and JUST ADDED SKINNER – KRK RYDEN – DIRTY DONNY

Sep 142015


Join us for the next Melt-thology Comix Jam at Meltdown Comics & Collectibles as we celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on TUESDAY, SEPT 15TH, 2015! We’ll be drawing Issue #13. Come Draw, Come Party, Come for Cake!

How it works:

Show up at the Melt at 7:00 and draw a page of whatever you want.* At the end of the night we’ll collect all the art (and $3 for printing costs). When you come to the next month’s comix jam you’ll get a complete zine with everyone’s contributions inside!

Got a great idea for the cover? Whoever calls it first gets it. (DM me on Instagram at @melt_thology or shoot me a message on FB.)

There is NO set theme and ALL skill levels are welcome!

All of your original art will be returned to you along with your copy of the zine at next month’s meeting.

Everyone who turns in art and $3 will have a copy waiting for them the next time they can make it out.

If you want extra copies of Melt-thology, you can toss in another $3 per zine and we’ll print ’em up for you.

Tips for a successful comix jam:

We draw from 7:00pm till close (9:30-10:00pm), so if that’s not going to be enough time to finish your page, you can start your pencils/sketches/thumbnails/whatever at home, then finish the page at the store. But if you walk in with a finished piece, hand in two bucks, then walk out, it kind of defeats the purpose of a social artist jam.

Art is scanned in with a basic 8.5×11 scanner, and is only adjusted for contrast. Erase your pencil lines if you don’t want them to show up. Alternately, pages drawn with very light pencil won’t scan as well as darker pencil/ink.

Art will be printed at 4.25 x 5.5, so consider keeping your layout to roughly that proportion if you don’t want a lot of white space at the top and bottom of your art.

*Want to do a one-page self-contained strip? Awesome! One page of a longer, serialized story? Fantastic! A stand-alone illustration? Excelsior!

Follow us on Instagram: @melt_thology

Aug 312015


EYE ON SPRINGFIELD: An Artistic Tribute to The Simpsons

For one night only, artists and fans of The Simpsons will party like kings! Damn hell ass kings!

This Fall, curators Julia Prescott and Nico Colaleo invite you to bask in an entire art gallery themed around America’s favorite family, THE SIMPSONS. In celebration of the show’s impossibly long-running legacy, artwork from over 80 Los Angeles artists will be featured – including work from past and present Simpsons crew members!

Don’t be a dorkus malorkus – Run down to the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics (7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles) for the gallery’s opening reception on Friday, September 25th 2015! With plenty of Springfield-themed entertainment, decor, surprises, and photo opportunities, it’ll be a shin-diddily-dig that even your surliest neighborinos will enjoy. So grab a Flaming Moe and prove you CAN win friends with salad, because this is one evening that’ll make you say, “Everything’s coming up Milhouse!” (BRING MONEY.)

Kelsy Abbott, Annisa Adjani, Aaron Alexovich, Benjamin Anders, Ashlyn Anstee, Atomikitty, Eric Bauza, Jessica Borutski, Matt Brailey, Tony Christopherson, Daisy Church, Nico Colaleo, Victor Courtright, Cheyenne Curtis, Mike Dougherty, Julianne Eckert, Kelly Eden, Jenny Fine, Phylicia Fuentes, Jennifer Gheduzzi, Dean Heezen, Mike Hollingsworth, Robert Iza, Molly Bates Johnson, Josh Karp, Matt Kiel, Sam King, Natasha Kline, Dave Kloc, L.M. Knight, Danielle N. Kramer, Kate Laird, Jess Lane, Kevin Sukho Lee, Frank Macchia, Kathryn Marusik, Mike Mayfield, Erin McGathy, Zoë Moss, Adam Murray, Megan Nairn, Damon O’Keefe, Kent Osborne, Erika Paget, Hannah Nance Partlow, Sara Pocock, Jeremy Polgar, Julia Prescott, Kati Prescott, Ryan Quincy, David Reilly, Sandra Rivas, Willy Roberts, Deanna Rooney, Austin Salmi, Stephen Sandoval, Kevyn Schmidt, Matt Taylor, Steven Theis, Ashley Thorburn, Arica Tuesday, Maria Vitan, Jessica Wills

Brad Ableson, Summer Allen, Shaun Cashman, Benny Crouse, Jennie Hoffer, Tammy Manis, John Mathot, Shannon O’Connor, Tom Richner, Alex Ruiz, David Silverman, Shane Sowell, Joshua Taback


Aug 282015

planetary courtroom

Meltdown Comics and Heavy Metal Present: Jack Kirby and Barry Geller’s Lord of Light in Full Color – Art Show

The King of Comics made his Heavy Metal debut with full color versions of his legendary concept art for “Lord of Light.” This fabled collaboration with filmmaker and visionary Barry Ira Geller is best known for it’s use as a cover for to rescue six American diplomats held hostage in Iran.

Meltdown Comics and Heavy Metal Magazine invite you to an exclusive gallery event showcasing this work in bold psychedelic blacklight! Co-creator Barry Geller will be in attendance to answer questions, and sign copies of Heavy Metal #276.

Evening includes; Nerdist Writers Panel Live with special guest, Black Light Art, Music, Drinks and more to be announced.

Aug 172015


No, you aren’t going mad – It’s the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s world-beloved literary classic, Alice in Wonderland! This August, Meltdown Comics and curator Nico Colaleo invite you down the rabbit hole to this special exhibition featuring over 50 talented artists from around the industry, and their artwork paying tribute to the land where nothing is impossible and everything is nonsense.

Join us for this gallery’s opening reception! If you’re feeling curiouser and curiouser, you’ll be able to enjoy free beer and wine along withWonderland-themed entertainment, decor, surprises, and photo opportunities. So don’t lose your head, and keep an eye on your pocket watch… You won’t wish to be late for this very important date!

This event is FREE!

FEATURED ARTISTS INCLUDE: Annisa Adjani, Aaron Alexovich, Benjamin Anders, Ashlyn Anstee, Atomikitty, Jessica Borutski, Matt Brailey, Elsa Chang, Emily Choi, Daisy Church, Nico Colaleo, Victor Courtright, Alexandra Coward, Kendra Creatura, Cheyenne Curtis, Shawn Dickinson, Mike Dougherty, Brianne Drouhard, Julianne Eckert, Kelly Eden, Jenny Fine, Tiffany Ford, Jennifer Gheduzzi, Henrieke Goorhuis, Monica Grue, Kassandra Heller, Starline Hodge, Henrique Jardim, Molly Bates Johnson, Sam King, Natasha Kline, L.M. Knight, Kate Laird, Joanna Leitch, Frank Macchia, Kathryn Marusik, Amy Mebberson, Zoë Moss, Daron Nefcy, Damon O’Keefe, Ekaterina Oloy, Hannah Nance Partlow, Zoe Persico, Sara Pocock, Whitney Pollett, Julia Prescott, Sandra Rivas, Michael Ruocco, Austin Salmi, Kevyn Schmidt, Jacob Strick, Rikki Simons, Michelle Thies, Arica Tuesday, Jeff Victor, Maria Vitan, Lynn Wang, Jason Whetzell, Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons, Jennifer Wood.
Aug 132015


A major Jack Kirby exhibition in Los Angeles, curated by Charles Hatfield, the author of Hand of Fire!

California State University, Northridge Art Galleries

August 24 to October 10, 2015

Public reception:
Saturday, Aug. 29, 4-7pm

Curator talk:
Monday, Aug. 31, 10am

Panel discussion:
Saturday, Sept. 26, 1pm


I’m proud to announce that the CSU Northridge Art Galleries will be presenting, this Fall semester, the exhibition Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby. This show will consist of roughly a hundred original artworks by the King, with a focus on his comics in the late 1960s and in the 70s (but also including works from the 1940s-50s and the 80s). Curating this show has been a dream come true.

Comic Book Apocalypse will highlight Jack’s penchant for superheroes, myth fantasy, and science fiction, along with his visions of the cosmic, the primitive, and the futuristic—and of course dazzling examples of “Kirbytech.” From The Fantastic Four and Thor to The Fourth World, Kamandi, 2001, and Silver Star, this show will capture some of Jack’s grandest themes and images. The exhibition will include two complete comic book stories, a great many more comic book pages and spreads, a handful of Jack’s signature collages, and a couple of images never published in his lifetime.

To celebrate this show, we at CSUN will hold three special events within the Gallery. First will be an opening reception on Saturday evening, August 29—a chance to see and chat about the show in the company of other fans! Then I’ll give a gallery talk two days later, on Monday morning, Aug. 31. Finally, we’ll hold a panel discussion with artists and scholars on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 26. All these events are free and open to the public!

Comic Book Apocalypse will be the first solo Kirby exhibition at a university, and one of the largest Kirby shows yet assembled (comparable in scale to the Words & Pictures Museum show in 1994, and exceeded only by the Fumetto show in Switzerland in 2010). In fact it may be the biggest Kirby exhibition yet mounted in the US—and I hope it will inspire other shows and tributes to Jack over these next couple of years, leading up to his centennial (2017).

Curating this show has been, again, a waking dream for me, both a sequel toHand of Fire and a plunge into a new way of working. It couldn’t have happened without the support of CSU Northridge’s Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication, the CSUN College of Humanities, and the CSUN Art Galleries program, the help of Mark Evanier and the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center, and the generosity of many Kirby collectors.

Comic Book Apocalypse opens in time for the launch of the Fall 2015 semester at CSUN, and will be up for seven weeks. It will include a Kirby collage by Geoff (Jetpack Jr.) Grogan , and will be accompanied by a lavishly illustrated catalog featuring some twenty essays about Jack’s work, co-edited by me and Prof. Ben Saunders of the University of Oregon. This companion book will feature a once-in-a-lifetime mix of comics creators, media professionals, and scholars! (Check back here in the weeks ahead for more details about the catalog.)

This exhibition will kick off a year of comics studies events at CSU Northridge, including a conference in Spring 2016. For a decade now, CSUN has run a very popular course on comics that I founded, and I believe now is the time to trumpet (and expand) our commitment to this vibrant, fast-growing field of study!

I can’t think of a better way of doing that than exhibiting the work of the great Jack Kirby. Readers, I hope you can come out and see the show!

Aug 102015

Meet our buddy, our pal, our good friend, our poster man, Dave Kloc.

This Week’s Poster – A Klocumentary from Alex Jacobs on Vimeo.

A short documentary about Dave Kloc’s weekly poster-making process for The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail. Filmed entirely in the week of June 24th, 2015.

directed & edited by Alex Jacobs
shot by Alex Jacobs & D’arby Rose
colored by D’arby Rose
titles by Garrett Ross
music by Kyle Okaly
sound mix by Jake Robinson

Jul 212015

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.43.17 PMStep and Repeat is MOCA’s annual celebration of live performance. Now in its second year, it returned to The Geffen for a three-day program of music, performance art, comedy, poetry and dance, along with sets from DJs, food trucks, and special installations in the MOCA Store. Step and Repeat presented work from some of today’s most genre-defying and exuberantly experimental artists, with a special focus on the burgeoning performance communities in Los Angeles.

tumblr_npoyehmiAn1tjyv7fo1_500 (1)

James Fauntleroy is a Grammy Award-winning musician based in Los Angeles. Originally from Inglewood, he has been a fixture of global pop and urban charts since the release of “No Air”—an R&B duet co-written by Fauntleroy and performed by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown—in 2007. For Step and Repeat James Fauntleroy will premiere a new, live musical score to the 1991 animated film Felix the Cat: The Movie, performed with an all-star backing band. Critically panned at the time of its release, the film signaled a huge departure from the original world of Felix, taking viewers to an alternate dimension as Felix relied on his iconic Magic Bag of Tricks to save a beautiful princess. Fauntleroy recently revisited the film and was inspired to reimagine and retell Felix the Cat’s story through a unique musical experience across multiple genres including R&B, hip hop, alt rock and adult contemporary.