Jan 232015

About the project

As graffiti writers ourselves, we knew that only actual participants in the graffiti scene could articulate the phenomena in this way. We knew that no one could talk about the adventures and lifestyles associated with the graffiti life like the individuals who actually lived it first-hand. Their memories, images, and words allow readers to better understand this otherwise covert subculture. As they are collected in eras, these diverse reflections will finally give you a sense of who these prolific street artists were.

As eager curators of the L.A. Graffiti scene, we approached Volume One and Two, first and foremost, as fans of graffiti. But because of our respective roles in the graffiti scene, we were able to make contact with these writers, allowing them to open up and tell their stories in a comfortable environment to an audience that understood their every word and emotion. Along with our editor Stefano Bloch who is also a member of the graffiti community and Wendy Peng who has designed many publications for galleries and museums, we deliver these reflections to you in a condensed but never censored format. READ MORE AND SUPPORT HERE

Los Angeles Graffiti Art from 1989-1994 documented through never-before-published candid interviews, photography and artwork.

Check out pics from 2006 launch at Meltdown.


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Jan 172015


The 4th Annual L.A. Zine Fest is happening at:

Homenetmen (gymnasium and banquet hall)
3347 N San Fernando Rd Los Angeles, CA 90065
in the neighborhood of Glassell Park.

FREE TO ATTEND, L.A. Zine Fest celebrates self- publishing and
D.I.Y culture in the community. This year’s Fest will feature OVER 180 ZINESTERS writers, illustrators, comix creators, photographers and artists/makers selling, trading and sharing their work, all in one place, for one amazing day!


An interview with Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain
(co-authors of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk) facilitated by Dan Collins and Daiana Feuer of L.A. Record.

**Music brought to you by KXLU 88.9FM**


“POC Reclaimed Fame”
How does our history affect our identity & what can we do to reclaim it? What role do zines play in reclaiming our cultural identities? This open discussion will be led by Todd Honma of Pitzer College with panelists Yumi Sakugawa (I Think I Am In Friend Love With You), Adam Bernales (Seite Books), Mari Naomi (Dragon’s Breath and Other Stories), Angie Wang (Co-organizer of CALA), and Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot).

“When To Say When?”
As zinesters with all the feels, how do we decide which boundaries to cross? Leap over? Swaddle and never let go? How does leading a tell-all zine life affect our relationships in our everyday lives? This open discussion will be led by Joshua James (Antiquated Future) with panelists Aurora Lady (Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt), Alex Wrekk (Brainscan), Kelli Callis (That Girl Zine), Jonas Cannon (The Greatest Most Traveling Circus!).

“Old School, New School”
A friendly, lively discussion between longtime and newer zinesters. They’ll share stories of veteran experience and newer zinester enthusiasm, look at the changing landscape of zine culture, and talk about the current challenges and celebrations of making paper zines. Todd Taylor (Razorcake) will be moderating the open discussion along with panelists Larry Harmon (Genetic Disorder), Sabrina Dropkick (Sleaze Steak), Amanda (editor of Sandy the Zine), and Johnnie Jungleguts.

“Straightforward Stitches: Bookbinding for all!”
Have you ever wanted to learn how to bind books? Maybe your zines need a little home-stitched touch? In this brief workshop you will receive information on how to make two different book structures. That means you will be able to leave zine fest with two books made from scratch! Huzzah! Hosted by Alyssa Ilves (interrobang books)



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Jan 092015


zineMELT is coming to celebrate the world of DIY and independent publishing. On January 31st, 2015 zineMELT will bring together artist, writers, crafters, zinesters from around Los Angeles to gather at Meltdown Comics to display and sell their goods. Please mark your calendars and come out to support your local artist.

Meltdown Comics (map)
7522 Sunset Bl.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90046

Interested on having a table? email us zines@meltcomics.com for information, limited space still available.

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Jan 032015


Rachel Surnow’s solo show titled “Attachments” opens January 24, 2015 from 7pm to 10pm at Meltdown Comics and Collectibles. There will be a series of new illustrations, drawings, and prints.

It’s about the pains, the pleasures, the sins and the sinners. It’s about what you told me 2 years ago… 2 hours ago… Or maybe it’s about what you never said. The memories I’ll keep, and the ones that I’ll let go of. It’s about you. About me. Our secrets.

Rachel Surnow is an LA based illustrator and designer. She received her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2013. For the past several years she has been exploring her style and pushing the concepts of distortion, femininity, and the unconventional audience. 

Tumblr: www.rachelsurnow.tumblr.com

Website: www.rachelsurnow.com

Meltdown Gallery inside The Nerdist Showroom
Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90046 (map)

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