Sep 042012

This week’s Comics for Kids Class here at Meltdown was a ton of fun!  We reviewed some character design principles, while learning a new thing that’s important when drawing comics, and characters that are going to look as if they are moving:  The Line of Action.

Read on, to see the lesson we went through.  And scroll beyond that to see everyone’s stellar work this week!    

                                                                                     CHARACTER DESIGN:

                                                                How to DRAW Characters  in Motion, and THE LINE OF ACTION! 

A character is who a story is about– and designing your character is very important when you want to make a comic.

Returning students, and those who have started their own stories outside of class—you have characters you have already created.  A little of this lesson will be “Character Design” review, but it mostly is full of new stuff!

This lesson can help you CONTINUE to work on the drawing and design of those characters—or, it can help you decide how to create NEW characters.

For those of you who have not yet created a character—or created characters, but not sure which ones you want to tell stories about— this will help! 

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Apr 162012

A Villain can’t exist without his or her Superhero, and vice-versa.  So, the companion to last class’s lesson is here! 

Below, you can find the lesson plan we learned from when learning about creating our own Superhero.  And once you scroll down past that, you can see all the awesome work the Meltdown Uni Comics for Kids Students did last class.  

Thanks for reading  –!!


Creating a HERO, or, SUPERHERO, in Your Comics, Drawings, and Stories

The main character in any story is called the HERO.  In writing terms, a bigger word for that is “Protagonist.” 

1.                                       LET’S QUICKLY REVIEW THE DIFFERENCE

                                             BETWEEN GOOD GUYS AND BAD GUYS

Remember how our last class was about creating “Bad Guys,” or, “Villains?”  Remember:  a bigger word for the bad guys is the “Antagonist.”

Today, we will focus on the “PROTAGONIST.”  Again, that means the main character of the story.

Usually, the “Protagonist” is also the “hero,” or, “The Good Guy.”

That word, Protagonist, means who the story is about, and who we want to win.  The difference between the HERO and the VILLAIN, is that the HERO is nice, does good things for people, and often saves lives.  The VILLAIN is mean, likes to hurt people, and may even put other people’s lives in danger.  Even if the VILLAIN has reasons to be mean and angry, what he does is not right. Continue reading »

Dec 162011

DRAWMELT! 2 life drawing days a week

Monday: EXTREME cosplay   Tuesday: Traditional clothed figure

Every event is $20/person*. There’s limited space so first come first serve and/or contact to prepay and hold your spot. Bring as little as a sketch book and pencil or as much as canvas & Paints. Hosted by Satine Phoenix. (available for art instruction)

Location: Meet us in the new side gallery  Time: 7pm – 10pm

*water & light snack included