Jan 162017

It’s a pop culture and dating phenomenon – there’s been songs, movies, plenty of stories about friends with benefits, but what the fuck does it even really mean? Host Natasha Chandel and comedian Dave Weasel of the satirical news site The Valley Report, also former commitment phobes, explain the real definition, share their stories, the problems that can arise and ground rules if you do want to make this work. They share honest, real tips on how to be a good friend with benefits … and even discuss the types of people that shouldn’t, all in this riveting but blunt episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics.

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This Week’s Guest:

Dave Weasel

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Jan 112017

What’s the doofiest most helpless thing you can think of besides Minions? Yes, Kerbals. Ok, now what’s the most badass, hardcore, kick you in the booboo thing you can think of besides Pantera? Yes, the Doomslayer. How about we throw ’em together and see what happens? Right here on Battlecast presented by Meltdown Comics!

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