Mar 262015

Today we filmed at the legendary VILLAINOUS LAIR in San Diego.
We kick the show off talking about some rad indy nerd googies: Super Like Like and Gamer’s Edition.

We highlight a few choice nugs in our indy comic section: Silverstreak and Poorly Drawn Lines.

Our guest for today is Alanzo Nuñez- owner at Little Fish Comics, an awesome San Diego Comic Book Studio and school.

As always, thank you guys so much for checking out our little show!!

T/ @dlodcore

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Mar 232015


Did you miss out on your opportunity to be at one of the eight tapings of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail for Comedy Central?


We are taping episodes on Wednesday, March 25th, Friday, March 27th, Wednesday, April 1st, and Saturday, April 4th at 7:30 and 9:30pm.

There will be room for many extra people at each taping. We will have standby lines inside Meltdown Comics, near the bathroom. Standby audiences are not guaranteed to get a seat but are welcome to stand. 

In order to be considered as a standby audience member, you must

-for the 7:30pm tapings, you must be IN THE STANDBY LINE by 7:00PM

-for the 9:30pm tapings, you must be IN THE STANDBY LINE by 9:00PM

-show up ready to sign a waiver to possibly appear on camera, laughing and looking as gorgeous as ever!

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Mar 192015

The Digital Lizards Of Doom Show Live At Meltdown!
Ever wondered how a record label works? Us too until Matt Alcobia came in and gave us the skinny.
We start the show with Dan complaining about having a broken knee-cap.
In honor of the new Avengers movie being right around the corner, today we picked all “team-ups” themed comics for our Dizzy Doom’s Comic Boom segment.
We close the show out with Matt Alcobia, one of the owners/directors of an independent record label – Noize Cartel Records. He talks about his unique approach to running a label and tells us all the stuff you want to know about one but were afraid to ask..

For more info on Noize Cartel Records, hit up this url:

For more info on what Gabe and Dan do when they’re not making this show, check out:

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Mar 172015


Join us for the next Melt-thology Comix Jam at Meltdown Comics & Collectibles on March 17, 2015! We’ll be drawing Issue #7, and Issue #6 contributors will be able to pick up their copies and artwork!

How it works:

Show up at the Melt at 7:00 and draw a page of whatever you want.* At the end of the night we’ll collect all the art (and $2 for printing costs). When you come to the next month’s comix jam you’ll get a complete zine with everyone’s contributions inside!

Got a great idea for the cover? Whoever calls it first gets it. (DM me on Instagram at @melt_thology or shoot me a message on FB.)

There is NO set theme and ALL skill levels are welcome!

All of your original art will be returned to you along with your copy of the zine at next month’s meeting.

Everyone who turns in art and $2 will have a copy waiting for them the next time they can make it out.

If you want extra copies of Melt-thology, you can toss in another $2 per zine and we’ll print ‘em up for you.

Tips for a successful comix jam:

We draw from 7:00pm till close (9:30-10:00pm), so if that’s not going to be enough time to finish your page, you can start your pencils/sketches/thumbnails/whatever at home, then finish the page at the store. But if you walk in with a finished piece, hand in two bucks, then walk out, it kind of defeats the purpose of a social artist jam.

Art is scanned in with a basic 8.5×11 scanner, and is only adjusted for contrast. Erase your pencil lines if you don’t want them to show up. Alternately, pages drawn with very light pencil won’t scan as well as darker pencil/ink.

Art will be printed at 4.25 x 5.5, so consider keeping your layout to roughly that proportion if you don’t want a lot of white space at the top and bottom of your art.

*Want to do a one-page self-contained strip? Awesome! One page of a longer, serialized story? Fantastic! A stand-alone illustration? Excelsior!

Follow us on Instagram: @melt_thology

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