Feb 122017

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We’re just SO hard to understand. Well, comedian, actress, social influencer Steph Barkley and host Natasha Chandel are about to make your life easier by breaking down what a woman is really looking for in a man and from a man! Is it unattainable perfection? What one quality trumps (no pun included) all? Is it the same for everyone? This funny, open episode of Kinda Dating is one for both guys and girls! Don’t miss it! Presented by the Meltdown Network.

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This Week’s Guest

Steph Barkley

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Feb 112017

Brando Calrissan rants include Kanye’s Trump card,  Vic Mensa, the Migos, and Chance the rapper.

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Vic Mensa is hope.  https://soundcloud.com/vicsavemoney

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Feb 092017

Guest Erin Mallory Long (Cracked) joins host Geoffrey Golden for Two Packs, the trading card comedy show! This week, they open packs of cool teen cards – Archie Comics Cards (1992) and Beverly Hills 90210 (1991). While opening the packs, they discuss how everyone in Riverdale is constantly ogling Veronica in her bikinis, how the male characters on 90210 are physically indistinguishable, and they try to solve the mystery of what’s up with Jughead. All this on the love triangle that is Two Packs presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Feb 082017

Everything is AWESOME this week because your host Londyn and co-host/engineer Mason Booker are joined by the one and only Chris McKay, director of Warner Bros. latest Batman cinematic film “The LEGO Batman Movie” out this Friday, February 10! Londyn chats with Chris about his first memories of Batman from the tv show Super Friends to Frank Miller’s ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Return’, how he became involved with projects such as Robot Chicken and Moral Orel and his time spent on directing both 2014’s ‘The LEGO Movie’ and 2017’s ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’! Listen in as Chris tells us what were his inspirations for creating the Batman mythology we see in the film, Londyn’s promising film debut in the future LEGO universe and why ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ is fun for both young and old Batman fans! All on this exciting episode presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This weeks guest:

Chris McKay!!!

TW: @buddboetticher

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Feb 072017

Oh my god it was the BIG GAME this last yestertwodaysago and since it was the BIG GAME between the TEAM1 FRANCHISE vs the good ol’ TEAM2 FRANCHISE, we decided to use the BIG GAME as our battleground. It’s Shrek vs the girl from The Ring. Duh.

THEN I battled HER cast. NOW I’M A BELIEVER.


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