Feb 052018

Sometimes you fall in love with someone who lives somewhere else, and sometimes you just gotta take a leap and move to be closer to them! That’s exactly what Kinda Dating producer Mason Booker did for his gf, Jenna Cava. Yup, that means Mason is no longer on the show but we couldn’t send him off without a proper goodbye and the lowdown on this big move, so he and Jenna joined Natasha Chandel and discussed their thought process and fears around taking the leap. When is the right time? What should you consider before you take such a big decision? Is it really worth it? True to form, this new episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics, is all kinds of real so take a listen.



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Feb 052018

In addition to being a massive Superman fan, James A. Fino is a 20 year veteran of The Entertainment Industry who has worked on bangers like Anomalisa, Community, Home Improvement, King Of The Hill, and more! He is also an Executive Producer/Partner at Starburns Industries, and a New Media Instructor for The University Of Texas’ satellite campus, in Burbank.

He rules.

In this episode, James and Eric discuss the Richard Donner Cut of SUPERMAN 2— Eric’s favorite film in the franchise!

What is “The Richard Donner Cut”, you ask? Listen to this episode and find out!

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This Week’s Guest:

James Fino

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Feb 052018

Making it in Hollywood isn’t just the American Dream, it’s the Global Dream! Actress Melissa Campbell and model Diana Georgie discuss their different immigrant experiences and how hard work is almost less important than learning how to spot opportunity on this engaging episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy, brought to you by Gallery 30 South and Meltdown Comics and Collectibles!

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