Jun 122017

Come meet Stef “Sharky” Schultz, June 30th at 7pm. She’ll be signing for her new book ” Misterguy”. Stop by and say hello.

What can be said of Sorry Little Sharky?

Well, for starters, she freely admits that she is not *really* a shark, and in fact, finds human flesh thoroughly unpleasant in terms of consumption. However, Sharky IS a professional fine artist/musician who loves and creates art in multiple forms—whether it be writing and singing her own music, drawing comics like Misterguy, painting horror-inspired abstract landscapes, or designing random posters and t-shirts, rest assured if it CAN be done, that I will suddenly STOP WRITING ABOUT MYSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON…and surely try my hands at it.

“Misterguy” has been with me ever since I could hold writing utensils and not stab my young self in the head with them…HE SIMPLY REMAINED IN SAID HEAD AND JUST NEVER…SHUT…UP. I kindly hope you’ll read and love my new comic, which is full of unnecessary spaceships, harmless  murder attempts, and visits to the sun to explain why the character’s world suddenly turns from black and white to COLOR in the middle of the story—rest assured, it is not without a darn good explanation or two.

Jun 122017

Putting yourself out there is hard. Rejection is even harder. But are you really protecting yourself? UCB comedian Carl Tart joins Natasha Chandel in a super real conversation about what holds them back, gender norms, and what’s to gain from being vulnerable. They get into double standards, entitlement and racial issues in a pretty damn touching yet controversial episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics.

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This week’s guest:

Carl Tart

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Jun 112017

In Matt’s last conversation with Dr. DNA, he discussed how everything you think you know about dieting is wrong. In this episode Matt reveals the diet & digestion medical trial he’s taken part in since that episode, utilizing many of the suggestions within it. The results are staggering! Find out how you can get into superhero shape in this episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy! presented by Meltdown Comics.

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