Nov 132016


Firstly, thanks to everyone that tuned in and/or donated to us for Extra Life (you still can by the way if you feel like helpin’ out a heck of a worthy cause). We had an amazing time doing a double header of episodes as well as like 8 hours of DnD

Here’s the first ep. we recorded that day- it’s Doctor v Disease for this special edition of Battlecast. Rude crude viral dude, Thrax (the bad guy from Osmosis Jones) as played by Dirk goes tendril to tassel with kung-fu magic super-surgeon, Dr. Strange as played by Dan. Oh yeah and it’s in some random Ukrainian city called Pripyat.

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Battlecast it for the kids, maaaaan.
Warning: Andy’s obsession with butt toys continues.

<3 <3 <3 Thanks for listening, thanks for telling a friend, thanks for rating us on iTunes, and thanks for doing your part against childhood illness <3 <3 <3


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Audio Engineer: Dan Brozo

Producer: Dan Brozo

Participants: Dan Brozo, Andy Boyd, James Pugh, and Dirk Stenger.


Oct 182016



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Host: Londyn Jackson

Produced by: Mason Booker