Mar 292017

Come spend an evening with the talented artist Valentin Secher at Meltdown Comics. He’ll be signing copies of The Metabaron. Don’t miss this.

The Metabaron once single-handedly brought the Techno-Techno Empire to its knees. But in the chaos that followed, a new regime within the Techno-Techno civilization has rebuilt by seizing control of the galaxy’s most precious fuel, the Epiphyte. When this tyrannical new force learns that the Metabaron is back and headed towards Marmola, the only known source of Epiphyte, the Empire dispatches its most trusted servant: the notoriously invulnerable and cruel Wilhelm-100, The Techno-Admiral. Can the Metabaron save the universe once more, or has he finally met his match?

VALENTIN SECHER: Born in 1988 in France, he graduated in 2009 from the Pivaut Art School where he discovered artists like Mœbius, Norman Rockwell, Drew Struzan, Travis Charvest and of course Jodorowsky. That same year, Valentin met prolific comics creator Jean-Luc Istin whom offered him the opportunity to create a space opera comics series with writer Stephane Louis: KHAAL, 2 books published in 2011 and 2016 in French by Soleil, and in 2017 in English by Titan Comics. Valentin followed that series by tackling the legendary character of the Metabaron for Humanoids, starting with THE METABARON BOOK 1, published in 2016. He is now working on Book 3 of the same series, expected in 2018.

Valentin Secher signs Humanoids'(@humanoidsinc) The Metabaron 4/5/6PM
Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Bl. LA, CALIF 90046


Jan 272017

Do you draw, sketch, doodle? We’re having a SKETCH PARTY with Kubie Artists Vanessa Solis and Josh Zingerman. Adults, Teens, Kids, Families, Artist, non-Artist, ALL WELCOMED.

Come spend Saturday, Feb, 4th from 11am – 5pm at Meltdown sketching your little hearts out!
*We’ll have some supplies but you’re encouraged to bring your own.

Jan 252017

This week Londyn and co-host / producer Mason Booker sit in the Meltdown Comics podcast studio on the rainiest of days with the co-host of DC All Access Jason Inman! We discuss Jason’s comic book upbringings, why Nightwing is his favorite character, how he became part of projects like YouTube’s Screen Junkies, theorize about actually happened to Scott Eastwood in ‘Suicide Squad’ and most importantly, his new all ages comic book series ‘Jupiter Jet’! Listen in to learn more about Jason’s first comic series, the inspirations for this unique world blended with Sci-fi and history and how you can support this creator own series by checking out their Kickstarter at! Tune in for this episode and more and always support the arts and the whole comic book community!

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This weeks guest:

Jason Inman


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