Aug 242015

Yay for original ideas from creative and talented people! That will make more sense when you hear about our guestses!

Today in the digital age of ComicsFix App comix (that’s how you spell comics in the future) we picked out some REAL ZINGERS. Dan picked the unique and visually stunning Hell, Nebraska. It’s about a teacher who decides that Hell should actually exists to he creates it in Nebraska. Cool, huh? Gabey-poo picked Eye of the Gods – A Graphic Novel, a thriller about a comic artist that gets down on some gnarly future technology with mixed results. Go read it/them. DL ComicsFix and party hardy.

Our guests today are Rina Hoshino and Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal, actor/producer and creator/writer/director of Angelic Magica, a short film in the works that takes the best things about anime and puts it on film. We could go on and on describing why it’s so cool, or you could just watch the show, and find out for yourself.

Also donate to their indiegogo campaign to help make this thing come to life in short film form which will then lead to it becoming a feature film! Search for Angelic Magica on Indiegogo and check out all their stuff here on their website:

As always, thank you guys so much for checking out our little show!!

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Aug 192015

Meltdown Presents: The Disney Click #003 – D23 Wrap Up – To Marvel Land or Not


In this episode Rick and Briers recap the D23 2015 Expo, including their Top 5 Announcements made at the expo, disappointments, and attendee interviews. Briers also shares her recaps of the two D23 panels she attended – WELCOME TO ZOOTOPIA and TOY STORY : 20 YEARS LATER, THE ORIGINAL CREW LOOKS BACK.
This is a fun episode! Lots of banter!

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Aug 192015

Meltdown Presents: History of The Batman with Londyn! #014 – Batman 101


Do you want read great Batman stories, but don’t know where to begin? Is it all too overwhelming to know which books to invest in? What are the essential stories? In this episode, Londyn breaks down the story arcs you need to be reading. After listening to this episode and reading Londyn’s picks, you will be ready to have a well informed discussion about Batman with the most passionate fans….plus you will have a great time reading great stories!

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Aug 172015

And also Madi Brunoehler from @Madi2TheMax! Plus it’s that time of month again where we filmed at the Meltdown Comics mother-ship in LA.

Today on the good ol’ ComicsFix App we followed Madi’s fine example and picked movie/tv themed comics. Dan picked Army of Darkness, Gabe picked Twilight Zone, and Madi picked Zorro. All rad, all on the amazing ComicsFix App.

Our guest today was Nicole Campos- one of the people making things happen over at Loot Crate, the worlds biggest and baddest nerd culture subscription goodie-box. Pretty dang awesome.

As always, thank you guys so much for checking out our little show!!

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