Jun 232016

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The Cosplay Train Express, the world’s first all immersive pop culture rail experience, aimed at fans looking for that ultimate adventure. As part of an annual trek from Los Angeles to San Diego to celebrate the iconic Grandaddy of comic book conventions, this first-of-its-kind annual rail adventure will offer a limited number of fans the unique opportunity to engage with global celebrities, past and present, while creating the ultimate cosplay future universe along the way. William Kircher, who portrayed the iconic dwarf “Bifur” in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, will be on board to socialize with fans and lead the 4-day celebration as event emcee. Those fortunate to procure these “Golden Rail Passes” are encouraged to brush up on the ancient Dwarvish language before departing on this adventure. Golden Rail Passes are on sale NOW!

“I am excited to be the host of the Cosplay Train Express,” says William Kircher. “When I was told that this was the first annual adventure, I just knew that my participation would be something that cosplay and pop culture fans would enjoy. It should be a lot of fun.” Fan favorites from other movie and TV franchises will also join the rail experience, including Adam West, Julie Newmar, and Burt Ward, with more names from the guest list to be released in the coming weeks.

The Cosplay Train Express includes* roundtrip rail fare, one day in San Diego during Comic-Con International, all-inclusive food and beverage, and a 21+ environment throughout the train, with specialty cocktails and innovative party programming that brings stars and fans together in smaller, more extraordinary settings. The Cosplay Train Express departs daily from Los Angeles, July 21-24, 2016. Quintessential themes will be recreated on board while additional events will be built around each railcar and their defining traits. Fans can choose their adventure from four immersive experiences: The Wizard Express The Sci-fi Universe Lounge TRAXX Celebrity Lounge Heroes vs Villains Lounge

The Cosplay Train Express will give “railers” the chance to become part of the Cosplay Universe throughout their adventure. Staffed by a passionate crew and professional cosplayers dressed in distinctive costumes, each railcar on the private carriages will pay homage to a favorite universe with parties and trivia competitions inspired by pivotal moments in pop culture history. Angry Goat Productions is a Los Angeles based multi-platform world leader in live entertainment innovation. With three interconnecting divisions that engage global consumers through live events, streaming media, and digital platforms, while inspiring and entertaining a world community of die-hard fans in a unique and meaningful way: with adventures that last a lifetime.

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Jun 212016



Science RULES, but isn’t fully understood, on all-new episode of Two Packs a Week, the trading card comedy show! Host Geoffrey Golden and special guest Matt Kirshen (Probably Science) open packs of Bill Nye the Science Guy and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trading cards. While opening the packs, they discuss how sleeping makes no evolutionary sense whatsoever, why Bill Nye encourages children to stick their hands into random moist places, and Matt does a very funny impression of his mom. All on this towel-wearing episode of Two Packs a Week presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Two Packs a Week

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Jun 212016

It's Pronounced Zine

We’re super proud and excited to announce the newest show on the Meldown Network, It’s Pronounced Zine!

It’s Pronounced Zine is a zine, is a diy, and self-publishing podcast hosted by Dave Baker. The show centers on local zinesters and their creative processes, the zine scene here in Los Angeles, and tips and tricks for tabling at conventions. If you have a do-it-yourself approach to life  and a maniacal desire to create things, or if you just like listening to nerds split hairs about which is the best Drake album, this is the podcast for you.

In the premiere episode of Its Pronounced Zine presented by Meltdown Comics, host Dave Baker is joined by the creator of Hollow Mountain, Austin James! Check it oooouuuttt!!!!


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Jun 192016

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Art is big business, and the last three decades have seen record breaking prices climb exponentially from $39 million and change for a Vincent Van Gogh painting in 1987 (tripling its previous sales price a mere two years earlier) to $300 million for a Willem de Kooning painting in 2015. Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to collect art that may some day command such prices? Are you an artist looking to get your work collected?

Matt outlines the protocol for each, and you may be surprised to hear how easy it can be. Listen to it all on this special Art Market speculation episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy presented by La Luz de Jesus Gallery & Meltdown Comics!

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Jun 132016

NEW HOTB Custom 046

This week Londyn and guest host / producer and engineer Mason Booker are joined by a VERY special guest, the ultra amazing Paul Levitz who definitively schools Mason in why Catwoman really is a better match for Batman than Talia.

Levitz has been part of DC Comics for 40+ years and has worn many hats within the publication company. From editor assistant for Batman publications during the ‘Dark Detective’ era in the 1970s to holding the position of President and publisher of DC Comics in the early 2000s to writing the ultimate DC Comics’ history in “75 Years Of DC Comics: The Art Of Modern Mythmaking”!

Levitz is a legend within the company, working with and writing for seemingly every creative talent and DC character. If we celebrate Batman’s 77 year history with every episode, Paul Levitz is the perfect guest to talk to about the ins and outs of DC Comics right here on History of the Batman with Londyn! Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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