Feb 092016


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The Chase Conley Episode: F#*! your Podcast!

In this wide open episode we talk to Character Designer/Director Chase Conley , and we cover terrain like a turbocharged landspeeder. Some topics include Star Wars and white supremacy , passing Bruce Timm at the copy machine, The ludicrous premise of comicbook superheroes to begin with,  and his design work for the new comic/ animation property Trill League .

Oh and Chase goes in on the critics of Trill league in a way that is both thought provoking as well as entertaining. With no apologies, this beef is cooked medium rare. enjoy.

The Rundown

39:55 — the injustice that is the character Mace Windu

50:00 — we get into Trill league

58:00 — comics and southern bastards

1:01:00 — illegal cable and Ninja Scroll.

1:19:00 — coming to LA.

1:30:00 — we get into Thug Motivation 101 and other Jeezy topics.

1:39:00 — on some nerd shit we slander Batman and talk Dr. Doom

Shouts out to

Keron Grant

Lesean Thomas

Carl Jones

Petey Pablo

9th Wonder


Big Pooh

Little Brother

Being from North Carolina

King Mez

Lebanon Elementary School

The homie Big Pat

The hood as a real support system for talent.

History of the Batman Podcast

Juicy J

Project Pat


2014 Forest Hills Drive

Anthony Piper

“You can like it or you can not like it but you’re not going to take Hip Hop out of the equation because thats who I am.” — Chase Conley.

This ep is dedicated to the mighty Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire. A hero as a musician and a personal hero. Rest In Power.


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Jan 192016

A happy Tuesday to you Melters!  As you know I have started my weekly wrestling recap show “Kayfabe Korner” live every Monday, as a result these “Heads Up” postings will be occurring on Tuesdays from now on.  Lets get to the nitty gritty shall we?


Today DC Films uploaded some very interesting content to their Facebook page today.  As we all know Batman Vs. Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Aquaman movies are all setting up for a two part Justice League movie in the next few years.  While we know who will play each of the characters we still don’t have a good idea of the looks for Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash.  Today us fans got a peek at what the future holds for the DC film universe when the film studio uploaded concept art showing the initial lineup for the upcoming “The Dawn of The Justice League”.  While we still don’t know all that much about what the movie will be about (we are still a long ways away from it’s release date) its interesting to see what could be the final look for the League.  I personally do NOT have high hopes for the DC universe in terms of its cinema performances but time will tell as they say…


JJ Abrams dropped a teaser trailer for an upcoming film called “10 Cloverfield Lane” which is apparently supposed to be a follow up to his Found-Footage disaster movie “Cloverfield”.  I guess the original Cloverfield didn’t do as well as the studio would have hoped but I personally LOVED the movie and consider it one of my favorites.  I love me a good disaster flick especially if giant monsters are involved.  Throwing in the “found footage” motif only made it more intense and instilled a sense of panic in the audience.  From what I’ve seen from the trailer, the movie focuses on a family (lead by John Goodman which is AWESOME) that lives in an underground bomb shelter and their struggle to survive after an unnamed disaster happened above ground.  People are mostly assuming this movie will take place in the same universe as the original Cloverfield disaster but this time it focuses on one family and is not “found footage” style.  I love (almost) everything JJ Abrams puts out and this trailer has filled me with a lot of hope for this project.


So this is good news for all my fellow lazy comic enthusiasts.  While digital comics are available on most handheld devices, there isn’t anything quite like the feeling of owning a physical copy of your favorite book.  Too lazy to come to Meltdown?  Well have no fear because WE ARE COMING TO YOU!  Starting tomorrow, every Wednesday, Meltdown Comics will start delivering your favorite comics to your door!  For just a small 5$ delivery fee you can pick as many items in the store as you want and we will bring them right to your door!  Call into Meltdown tomorrow for details.  We will be delivering in the areas from Beverly Hills to Echo Park, plus the Hollywood Hills to Mid City LA.   The things we do for you people…


The Resident Evil: 0 HD remaster came out today available for download.  This is one of the better Resident Evil games before Capcom forgot the “horror” part of “survival horror” in their video games.  While the original Resident Evil HD Remake is far superior in my opinion this is another fun game to pick up if you feel nostalgic about being scared by zombie dogs jumping through windows.  Pick this up if you are feeling bored on a lazy rainy day (like today) but if you do make sure you get the original Resident Evil HD as well.


Today, arguably one of the best films of 2015, Straight Outta Compton finally drops on DVD and Blu ray as well as most online streaming sites.  While the Academy felt this movie wasn’t worth their time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have this incredible movie in your library.  The movie follows the rise and eventual fall of one of the most iconic music groups in history, N.W.A.  If you haven’t already seen this movie (a lot of people already did) then you should not miss this classic.  Its the highest grossing music biopic of all time, you do the math.

#03 The Jim Mahfood Episode

 Posted by on January 5, 2016
Jan 052016


Meltdown Presents: On Some Hip Hop Sh!t” #03 The Jim Mahfood Episode

You’ve been good all year long and this is the episode of On Some Hip Hop Shit you’ve been waiting for. Artist and writer Jim Mahfood (GRRRL Scouts,  Tank Girl) sets off 2016 with stories from making his own short zine to drawing the “Clerks” comic for Kevin Smith and ballin out of control like the 40 oz comics bawse that he is. To check out Jim’s work, hop on over to www.jimmahfood.com

Self Uno jumps in the booth with @BSchultz808 and @Wedsfinest to talk with Jim about the crossover of Graff and comics and we delve into paying respect in his books Hip Hop and his music influences.  Its a sprawling ep where we go way too long again.

We get a chance to swan dive into Scott Morse and Mahfood’s legendary Comic-Con parties and the con  scene before geek culture was truly popular.  Most importantly we talk Jim’s top five 40oz beers,  the Beasties,  Questlove’s NYU class, and working with the Marley family.

Download this shit.  You wont regret it.
@somehiphopshit on twitter
@onsomehiphopshit on the gram.

#02! The Blokhedz Episode

 Posted by on December 22, 2015
Dec 222015



salty language in abundance

Meltdown Presents: On Some Hip Hop Sh!t: #02! The Blokhedz Episode

In a sprawling conversation that is definitely not for fragile ears, the Street Legends Ink crew recounts grifting textbooks in Atlanta, Lisa Left Eye Lopes, Ninja Scroll and work for the Killaarmy of the Wu tang.

We swing this ep with the Madtwiinz and Self Uno where we accidentally launch into Lando Calrisian and his importance as a figure in Star Wars Cannon. B Schultz officially gets renamed “Brando Calrissian” after his action figure story. Cloud City stand up!

In the same breath we talk we discuss Nas and Hennesy concoctions in the the “Sippin On” segment. We talk the relevance of Alize in 2013 and Adam pops his Henessy cherry.

We shout out Morris Brown, Morehouse the Atlanta University Center and Mad Dog 20/20.

We talk Sean Price R.I.P and we pitch the “on some hip hop shit” album of the month club.

Mark takes 10% of all ideas, especially the hypothetical ‘album of the month club’ which spans eras and regions of classic hip hop — must listen for any true school hip hop heads.

Parents threw away our N.W.A tapes and the rest is history.

Oh yeah, and we also talk Blokhedz the comic , the animation, the toys influences and

Harvard Hip Hop Archive

Finally we CONNECT with the Marvel Hip Hop Cover homage to “Illmatic” and Miles Morales.

produced by B. Schultz of Street Legends Ink and Adam Silverstein

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Dec 122015



salty language in abundance

Meltdown Presents: On Some Hip Hop Sh!t: #01! The Felipe Smith episode.


B. Schultz and Adam are joined by artist Mark Davis.

as we sit down and sip sake with our comrade Felipe Smith writer and artist extraordinaire.

On an extra long JUMBO episode, We cover his journey Argentina to South Side Chicago to Culver City, CA all the way to living in Japan.

We dive into his earth-shattering Peepo-Chu which he published in Japan as a manga series.

His work on the revamped Ghost Rider series for Marvel and His work as a character designer in animation.

Westside Connection and Method man get name checked and the stories get funnier as the Sake pours.. at least according to Felipe’s infectious laugh. Good times.

produced by B. Schultz of Street Legends Ink and Adam Silverstein

Presented by Meltdown Comics

Engineered by Mason Booker

and recorded at The Meltcast studios, 7522 Sunset blvd in Hollywood, CA

Our theme is Produced by King SMO of the Animal Crackers

Artwork by Self Uno.

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Special thanks to Mark Davis, Madtwiinz, Planet Asia, Big Krit, the Lady of Rage, Young Jeezy, Nas, Francisco and Gaston.


Aug 312015

DC Custom Thumb 05

Meltdown Presents: The Disney Click Episode 5: Grim Singing Ghosts: The Best Music from the Disney Parks Featuring DLOD

Music plays a large part of the immersive themed environment experience.  Join Rick and Briers and their guests Gabriel Valentin and Dan Brozo from the Digital Lizards of Doom Live at Meltdown podcast as they reminisce about their favorite songs from Disney Parks (with clips from the great new album, Walt Disney Records the Legacy Collection: Disneyland) in the Disney List.  We also get to hear about their personal connections to Disney.  Plus, Briers talks about Run Disney and its upcoming events.  Put those earphones on and go for a jog around the park with our first music episode.
Join the discussion on:
Twitter // @thedisneyclick  Instagram // #thedisneyclick
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Read more at http://disneyclick.libsyn.com/05-grim-singing-ghosts-the-best-music-from-the-disney-parks-featuring-dlod#uoOw357uTPbFfbFc.99