Mar 192018


A majority of guys say they want to be with a smart, independent woman, but studies have proven guys don’t choose these ladies! Wtf is up with that?! Journalist and author Jenna Birch calls it “The Love Gap” (also the name of her new book). She shares with Natasha the data and psychology behind why men flee from the “full package woman” and how smart women can effectively date to find the real deal man. Is he just not that into you? Or is it something deeper? The ladies drop info that’s gonna make both guys and girls’ heads explode in this new episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics.

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This Week’s Guest:

Jenna Birch

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Mar 132018

Zara Lisbon is a sober novelist and writer for Hellogiggles. We talk falling in love with alcohol, having body image issues at 12, the mixed messages about women that don’t allow us to win, her Young Adult thriller series, fiction’s value, being a channel for God in our writing, Lana Del Rey and trusting yourself. Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This Week’s Guest:

Zara Lisbon

IG: @z_list_celeb

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Mar 122018

Todd Bartoo (Director/Writer of the upcoming film KILLING JOAN) joins Eric in the studio to discuss the cinematic question mark that is Superman 3.

Topics include: studio notes, shady Hollywood dealings, and what the Heck a “producer” actually is.

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This Week’s Guest: Todd Bartoo





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