Jul 262016


Guests Joan Ford (Nerdist), Mike Levine (The Onion), Erika Iishi (Geek & Sundry), and Roger Barr (i-Mockery) join host Geoffrey Golden in a special episode recorded live at a lovely library several blocks away from San Diego Comic-Con 2016! The FOUR guests open THREE all-star packs – Dinosaurs Attack, Rad Dudes, and Skeleton Warriors – and the show was recorded with TWO different audio devices for ONE audience member. As they open the cards, they guess how much Tim Burton paid for the Dinosaurs Attacks license, the horrifying anatomy of the Rad Dudes, and a tricky hypothetical question involving a future-predicting magical floating skull. All on this oddly recorded episode of Two Packs a Week presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Two Packs a Week

Joan Ford

Mike Levine

Erika Iishi

Roger Barr

Geoffrey Golden

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Killing It
All the Feelings
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Jul 242016


Please welcome and then IMMEDIATELY check out the most REMARKABLE NEW PODCAST to hit the Meltdown Network!!!

A podcast set In an alternate dimension, Hosts Ezra and Tita interview people who live and work alongside The Remarkables, the growing number of super-powered people who live among us… So much has been written about them. From studio films of their adventures, to fan fiction devoted to uncovering their secret identities and the secret lives of Remarkables such as The Patriot and Maverick. But no one has talked to the people who work with them. The henchman, the sidekicks, the lawyers that represent them, the cops who have to work alongside them. All doing the unremarkable work that stays off the radar. That’s what The Remarkables podcast presented by Meltdown Comics is here to fix.

This episode of the newest season starts with a huge get for Tita and Ezra. A face to face interview with an actual Henchman! Learn what they liked to be called (hint: it’s not Henchman) and find out more of the unfolding mystery surrounding the strange phenomenon of shedding, the controversial theory that in some circumstances, a Remarkables’ powers can rub off on someone who is in their physical proximity for an extended period of time. Listen to it all right here on The Remarkables presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Jul 122016

Welcome our FABULOUS new Musical Podcast Pistol and Dagger Society!!!

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The Pistol & Dagger Society Podcast is hosted by Sadie “Dagger” May, Ken “Pistol” Goldstein and Adam Silverstein and features interviews and live performances with legendary musicians, globally renown artists, producers and directors, emerging talent and passionate leaders and tastemakers in fascinating and inspiring businesses. The show focuses on its guests careers, past and current projects; and what makes them nerdy. It is taped live at Jack Dempsey’s place in Hollywood California. With surprise guests, contests and a podcast sponsored by “beer”, each episode is a “don’t miss” experience! In this pilot episode, we are introduced to Pistol & Dagger through an interview with co-host Adam Silverstein. The duo share their origin story (which began with an investigation into the Mole People who live under the streets of Los Angeles after crashing a kids magic themed birthday party) and perform a few of their songs live. They also explain the concept for this series and give a glimpse into their songwriting and creative process. All on this Fantastic brand spanking new episode of the Pistol & Dagger Show presented by Meltdown Comics! Check it out!!!

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#01 Revolutionary Girl Utena!

 Posted by on January 28, 2016
Jan 282016

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Check out the most amazing NEW podcast about OLD SCHOOL ANIME to hit the internet!

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Meltdown Presents: Anime Attic: #01 Revolutionary Girl Utena!

Twitter: @animeatticlove Instagram: animeatticlove

Welcome to Anime Attic! Blowing the dust off of old and forgotten anime since before you were born (probably)! In our premiere episode we take a seriously in depth look at one of the most beloved, classic anime series of all time, Revolutionary Girl Utena! Join Producer Mason Booker, Japanese Theater Scholar Zehra Fazal, and supreme Cosplayer Raven Night as we talk about, analyze and deconstruct it into its purest form of awesomeness!

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#01 – Celebrity Moms Are Just Like Us.

 Posted by on January 22, 2016
Jan 222016

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Hey Everyone! Check out the coolest Moms in Hollywood and welcome their NEW (EXPLICIT) show about the trials and triumphs of parenting to our network!

April Peveteaux of the highly acclaimed Gluten Is My Bitch (http://www.aprilpeveteaux.com/) and Meredith Gordon of the hilarious humor blog Bad Sandy (BadSandy.com ), invite you to be a fly on the wall for the most hilarious, irreverent and sometimes bawdy conversations that happen when two Hollywood moms ditch their kids and get on the mic.  Proving there’s more to motherhood than nap schedules and homework, Meredith and April hilariously tackle the nuances of marriage and motherhood with Hollywood’s most glamorous guest stars. So put the kids to bed and tune in for the real deal from two Hollywood moms on Meltdown Moms, where every mom is a celebrity.

Meltdown Presents: Meltdown Moms: #01 – Celebrity Moms Are Just Like Us.

Sitting in Meredith’s living room drinking margaritas and wine, Meredith and April prove celebrity moms are just like us by chatting with a real celebrity mom “X-Files” star, Annabeth Gish.

In a no holds barred conversation, April and Meredith ask Annabeth what real moms really want to know about raising kids in the spotlight.. The ladies will chat about everything from overpriced footwear to celebrity playdates. And yeah, there’s some “X-Files” spoilers you won’t want to miss.

So tune in for the real deal on Hollywood diets, how celebrity moms do it all and what it’s really like to get ready for an award show when your kids just want to hug you with filthy hands.

Don’t miss this behind the scenes conversation with a real celebrity mom.

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