Sep 252016

NerdOut app (a social networking app for nerds) founder Michelle Jensen joins Natasha to discuss all things online dating, including their own horror stories! How important is it to look like your picture? What does your profile say about you? The best ways to approach a girl. And dick pics. Yup. The girls break it all down in this fun episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This week’s guest:

Michelle Jensen, Founder of the NerdOut App
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Sep 252016


You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin, but what exactly is Crypto Currency, and why is it valuable? Is it better than cash? How and where can you use it, and what is the benefit of an anonymous transaction? Find out on this episode! It could make you a millionaire over night! So listen up to this cryptastic episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy presented by Meltdown Comics!


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Sep 202016


Guest Jesse Snider (Evil Ernie) joins host Geoffrey Golden for a turtle powered episode of Two Packs a Week, the trading card comedy show! This week, they open packs of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie (1990) and animated series (1989) trading cards. While opening the packs, they discuss the etiquette for relieving yourself in a sewer lair, whether Shredder would actually eat turtle soup if given the opportunity, and the Secret of the Original Theme Song. All on this nunchuck-wielding episode of Two Packs a Week presented by Meltdown Comics!



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Two Packs a Week

Jesse Snider

Geoffrey Golden

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Blacklight District

Dream It! Screw It!


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Sep 202016


Welcome friend of the show and coffee connoisseur and generally responsible adult, Elijah Elliot!

He’s sitting in for ol’ new-job-James this week as Brad Pitt’s fast talking pikey from Snatch, Mickey O’Niell. Andy loves winning so he picked a character he was positive he’d win with. The best part of the last two X-Men movies, Quicksilver. Let’s take these fellers deep under the sea to a lab. Sealab. 2021.



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But oh I ain’t evah seen a Battlecast fly.

Warning: Real Talk as fugh.

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Sep 202016


Is “Remarkability” programmable? Once there’s an app for everything, will we even need Remarkables? Our guest today thinks he has a software solution to what engineers have for years said is a hardware problem. Check it out on this exciting episode of the Remarkkables presented by Meltdown comics!


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