Mar 202013

Oh, snap! We have a some spots available for tomorrow’s awesome Batman 66 party going down at NerdMelt. Yup, we’ve managed to score some spots for people and we want to give them to you! You just gotta RSVP before it’s too late. To RSVP, send an email to MO [at] NERDIST [dot] COM. You NEED to RSVP if you wanna attend…and trust us, you want to attend!

Batman 66 invite MM[1]

There will be episodes of the original 1966 TV series, exclusive Junk Food x Batman Classic TV Series Collection merch, free food & drinks, the original Batmobile, a recreation of the Batcave & Bat Signal, oh yeah, also, a special appearance by Adam West!!!

Space is limited so RSVP ASAP. Again you need to RSVP if you want to attend. What are you waiting for? Email MO [at] NERDIST [dot] COM to RSVP now.

Also, you’re welcome πŸ™‚

Feb 122013

Meltdown Vault: Disruptive Live TV and community production space

The Vault is public access TV for this generation: an open community production space for first-time producers and big name talent to develop experimental new shows and stream LIVE video.

Meltdown Comics has annexed additional space on SUNSET BLVD in Hollywood as a platform for artists from the art and video worlds to be openly creative. This is outside the retail environment: a private vault for the best in the industry to hone their craft and become even better. Throughout the last year the space evolved into a destination for independent filmmakers and creative artists to develop and showcase new work to a large online audience. The Vault has already produced over 1,000 hours of cool shows and currently broadcasts 10 hours of weekly programming to an audience of over 100,000 each week.

We are on to something big here. Some of the new series and shows incubated here at The Vault, free of corporate sponsor financing:

VICTORIOUS’ Matt Bennett
BIG TIME RUSH’s Stephen Glickman
Satine Phoenix
Die Antwoord
Hollywood Undead
Escape The Fate
Meltdown University with Jim Higgins
BubblePunch Super*Market!
Nerdist NerdTerns

Stickam, the original and best streaming video service, was our key VAULT video partner but unfortunately market forces have affected our master plan to take over the broadcast world. While we explore options, the Meltdown Vault lives on at & and

All equipment has been donated by the community. Alliances have been forged with many companies including Peavey audio, TechZulu, Slave Boy Films, NERDIST and others. Our social media footprint is over 9,000,000 strong with over 37,000,000 views. Everyone has donated time, materials and equipment to build a great space to unleash creativity. Meltdown is personally invested for over $100,000 in hard costs (rent, utilities & maintenance). But there is still more to be done.

We need your help to continue growing this vision. Look at the artists and brands supporting us already. This has huge potential to usher in the new digital landscape of indie content from successful people. We want to keep this going!

To keep this community space open for another 12 months and continue growing to it’s potential, we need $50,000. How it breaks down:

Rent in Hollywood: $40k
Utilities: $9k
Faster Broadband: $6k

As you may notice, all core funds are going to overhead and technology. People are still donating their valuable time to keep things running. The community keeps it running.

Hitting $60k will allow us to upgrade the studio to a TODAY Show-style window performance area on SUNSET BLVD.
At $75k we can bring on extra part-time staff for open public access times on weekends. The more we raise the more open times we can provide.

We will constantly be adding new updates and rewards to keep things fresh and fun. Please spread the word to your networks and let’s knock this fundraiser out of the park!

We’ve thrown many parties (all live streamed) in support of many films, shows and series – all of them open to the public. If we hit our goal, get ready for an exciting year of shows and events!

Remember, the Meltdown VAULT is for you!


We Want To Do Even More Cool Stuff
We have 2100 square feet of space on SUNSET BLVD that needs to be filled with equipment, tools, and supplies to bring our producers’ ideas to life. We need HD cameras, more mics, live editing workstations, set materials, animated motion graphic templates, longer HDMI cables, and so much more!

Not in LA?
Our production space is located in Los Angeles, but we know many of you that don’t live here like this project and want to support it. We thought long and hard about how to include you in the community from afar and hope that the rewards, as well as the quality content being broadcast, will bring you personal enjoyment. Don’t forget, if you plan to be in LA anytime in 2013, you can use the space to work on a project!

SATINE PHOENIX is a creative force and professional muse to the biggest names in fine art, comics and animation. Creator of the first weekly Cosplay life drawing course, model/actress and talent behind MONSTER MAIDENS from Maker Studios, professional D&D player and comic book artist/animator/illustrator… an all around creative. Satine balances the nerd with the cool at the Meltdown Vault.

JUSTIN SEWELL is a producer, marketer and professional nerd having worked on all the big fanboy documentaries – Ringers, Starwoids, StarWait, LiningUpTV, Indyfans and People Vs George Lucas – as well as marketing campaigns for WB, Disney, Lucasfilm, EA, Activision, and Paramount. He has produced over 10,000 hours of live streaming video content and earned over 18 million hits on YouTube.

EFREN TOSCANO is the Founder/CEO of TechZulu. Based in Los Angeles, California, TechZulu is an independent news organization delivering an insightful story of the technology industry by showcasing the very people creating it. TechZulu is rapidly growing to be the hub for Southern California technology companies news source. Efren has been chosen as one of LA Weekly’s People of 2009 and selected as a Top 20 Most Public Individuals in Los Angeles in Tech and Biz by NowPublic. A pioneer in live Web television, TechZulu engages millions of viewers through real time reporting at conferences and its weekly news show, TechZulu Live.

GASTON DOMINGUEZ-LETELIER is the owner and proprietor of Meltdown Comics, a pop culture Mecca that was named “Best Comic Store” by Los Angeles Magazine and was honored with The Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award. Along with his wife Hisami Dominguez-Letelier, Gaston started Meltdown 2.0 Productions, which has produced countless podcasts (“MeltCast”, “The Mutant Season with Gil”), web series (“NerdTerns”), and live events (“An Evening with Daniel Clowes”, “Die Antwoord Live”) that have emanated from the world famous Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics and The Meltdown Vault. He is also the brains behind Meltdown-branded events such as DrawMelt, DnDMelt and Meltdown University. Before founding Meltdown Comics, Gaston worked as a product development specialist for Disney Parks & Resorts.

MELTDOWN COMICS is over 10,000 sq ft of geek heaven in the heart of Hollywood and home to both the NERDIST podcast and NERDIST THEATER. Meltdown has always supported artists new and established, and this experiment in new media has been creatively rewarding but resource intensive. We want to continue supporting artists with this unique community space, enabling the next generation of content creators to get their start and grow alongside the titans of the industry. The Kickstarter funds will provide the equipment and resources to help our community produce real shows, but in order for the projects to be truly successful, we need the community to share their skills and knowledge with each other.

Creative trendsetters who call Meltdown their geek home include Guillermo Del Toro, Don Murphy, Clive Barker, Chris Hardwick, Kumail Nanjiani, Robin Williams, Justin Willman, Matt Bennett, Dan Harmon…

“Meltdown Comics is my favorite place in L.A where top directors and producers go side-by-side with the fans. As good as it gets.” Guillermo Del Toro.

We’ve worked hard to anticipate organizational challenges so that we can *exceed* expectations, not just meet them! Here are some challenges β€” and our game plans for overcoming them.

REWARDS FULFILLMENT: We have amazing rewards and are doing all manufacturing and fulfillment in house! Kickstarter projects often encounter unexpected fulfillment costs β€” we have the e-commerce experience and know how to maximize resources.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLACE: Location, location β€” some cultural centers simply pick the wrong place… or haven’t picked yet! The Vault is ideally situated in the center of Hollywood for easy access by visitors, residents, and collaborators alike. The size will accommodate exhibitions, workshops, and large crowds for events.

SUSTAINABILITY: Will things continue long after the Kickstarter project period ends? We have a detailed plan. Meltdown Vault will sustain itself through production rentals, video rev shares, events (including conferences and charity concerts) and fundraising drives.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: For the challenges we *don’t* know about, our trump card is our incredible community of reward donors and supporters β€” including our established filmmakers, artists, network of consultants, and more. If problems arise, we are confident that we can quickly crowdsource solutions from this community β€” and we are asking you to be part of it!

We have a printing shop in-house to fulfill all tee-shirt printing listed.
We for the last 2 yrs. have done a silkscreen printed poster every week.
We have the equipment and the production team to produce all shows listed.
We have the art staff to generate all the listed title cards.
We have manufactured NEON signs for companies including MARVEL, STUSSY, DISNEY, NERDIST, NBC UNIVERSAL, BBC, ETC…