Mar 272013



Intro by Marco Beltran

Meltdown Comics, to put it bluntly, is fucking awesome. I’m sorry for using the f-word in the description to this place, because it doesn’t lend itself much to the imagination but I felt that any set of words that my 25-year-old brain came up with did not do the place justice. I tried. Honestly, I did. I had this whole thing about how walking into the store was like walking into a dreamscape, and that it was like how the child version of me imagined my room would look like when I grew up, but how would this help someone who’d never been there or never heard of this place? The store also changes a lot. I could tell you about the big “Big Boy” statues or the area dedicated Star Wars stuff, but then I’d sound like a liar and jerk if you, dear reader, read this and decided to make a trip and these things were not there!

The truth about Meltdown Comics, as you’ll hear straight from the owner/co-founder Gaston Dominguez-Letelier, is that it’s the closest thing a building can come to being alive. It has a soul. It’s changing, adapting to the tastes of the staff and clientele, and serving as the epicenter for the LA comedic and creative scene. Several podcasts are recorded here: HarmontownMutant SeasonIndoor KidsYou Made it Weird, to name a few. You can take comic book writing, illustrating, formatting, classes taught by industry professionals. It’s a hub for nerdom, nerd culture, and nerd-centric programming. It should be the first place you visit when you make trip out to Hollywood.

Hopefully by the end of this feature you’re as inspired as we were, or at least feel validated in your pursuit of doing what makes you happy. That’s why we’re all here, right? To find happiness?

Apr 112012

After a long day of catching up with pals, several interviews, a talk with BoingBoing plus a 3hr. long signing at his One Night Only event at Meltdown, Daniel Clowes takes time to catch up with Ryan Moran and Josh Karp, the Meltcast2.0 crew. Check it, and subscribe if you dig it.


Apr 102012

Apr 052012

FIRST UP: Is there anyone more badass than Enid Coleslaw in Ghost World? 

On April 5th at 6pm, just before An Evening with Dan Clowes, you can participate in our first annual Enid Meet Up! Wear your glasses, your favorite Enid looks, and your best bored expression and come to NerdMelt! Or just come to see the spectacle of so many Enids in one place! 

We’ll have a fun hangout, a few photo ops, and a screening of a Ghost World going on to get everyone in the mood for the Dan Clowes event at 8pm! So come on down for the fun! FREE!



A one night only event honoring the release of the First Monograph of Clowes’s work. Hosted by Blair Butler (of G4’s Fresh Ink), this night will include a discussion with Clowes and Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing, and Q&A followed by a short signing with the man of the hour! Buy the Book here and get 2 tickets to the event. Or if you’re not in LA, you can just buy a SIGNED copy of the The Art of Daniel Clowes.
Signing FREE for all to attend
CLOSER to 10:00PM: The evenings goal is to celebrate Clowes new book by selling a bunch. No shame in that plus the book  is gorgeous to boot! Bring one (1) outside item only, we have all his books in stock plus other neat, event specific products.