Oct 242012

Hello everyone!  Thanks for tuning in, for this slightly late blog recap.

This Comics for Kids Lesson was all about focusing on visual storytelling– meaning, relying on pictures, sound effects, and picture bubbles to tell your story.  Words are vital to storytelling– but when it comes to comics, it’s actually a very important skill to be able to storytell, and have the pictures speak for themselves.  We learned about this fact, and also used the all-ages comic “Owly” as a teaching tool.


Please scroll down to see the lesson we had, as well as the great work that the kids did this week!

QUESTION:  Is a comic story still “written” if it does not have speaking with words?


ANSWER:  One definition of writing is, “that which is written;  characters or matter written with a pen or the like.”


Technically speaking, the definition does not require one to use words.  “Characters” can mean letters.  Yet, it can also refer to symbols—other languages, such as Chinese and Japanese, and old Native-American languages, use specific symbols or drawings that communicate an entire phrase.

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Sep 192012

Thanks for reading our latest blog recap, for Meltdown University’s Comics for Kids:  This week’s lesson (and this blog post) focuses on DIALOGUE, and WORD BALLOONS.

Dialogue can be a lot more complicated than just what a character says.  The same line of dialogue will be different depending on the facial expression of the character who says it– or how the dialogue box itself was actually drawn.  Some dialogue boxes are barely there, and others are very important to the entire LAYOUT of the comic.

Scroll down to read the lesson plan and what we learned on this front.  As usual, scroll down below that to see what the kids came up with.

Thanks for reading!



Using the SHAPE of Word Balloons to help your characters talk, and using DRAWINGS and DIALOGUES together to tell your story!


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Sep 132012

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the latest Comics for Kids MeltRecap!

This past week, we learned about creating animal characters– whether that means talking dogs, realistic cats who just meow (and beg for food– perhaps even hissing if you don’t give it to them), or ANTHROPOMORPHIC animals– those cool, cartoon characters with fur, and animal heads– but the ability to walk, talk, dress, and act like people.

Scroll below for the lesson itself.  As always, Below that, is the week’s great work of the students.

Thanks for checking out the blog, and enjoy  –!!


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Sep 042012

This week’s Comics for Kids Class here at Meltdown was a ton of fun!  We reviewed some character design principles, while learning a new thing that’s important when drawing comics, and characters that are going to look as if they are moving:  The Line of Action.

Read on, to see the lesson we went through.  And scroll beyond that to see everyone’s stellar work this week!    

                                                                                     CHARACTER DESIGN:

                                                                How to DRAW Characters  in Motion, and THE LINE OF ACTION! 

A character is who a story is about– and designing your character is very important when you want to make a comic.

Returning students, and those who have started their own stories outside of class—you have characters you have already created.  A little of this lesson will be “Character Design” review, but it mostly is full of new stuff!

This lesson can help you CONTINUE to work on the drawing and design of those characters—or, it can help you decide how to create NEW characters.

For those of you who have not yet created a character—or created characters, but not sure which ones you want to tell stories about— this will help! 

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Aug 302012

Welcome back,  readers of these recaps!                                                                                          

Our first lesson back was about Manga characters– how to draw them, and what makes them different from Western comics.  Students did a combination of exercises, either creating their own Manga characters, and/or practicing drawing Manga style versions of pre-existing cartoon characters that they enjoy.  As always, scroll down to read what the lesson was– and below that, scroll down to see the cool drawings the students came up with  –!!

                                                                                                             DRAWING MANGA CHARACTERS:

                                                                                                      A GENRE and STYLE Cartooning Lesson

Welcome back!  Hope everyone has had a great summer, with lots of adventures that gave you ideas for stories, characters, and fun comic related things.

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Jun 252012

It’s getting down to the wire — sign up for the new Creating Comics class, our flagship series where you can either learn how to write a comic book script (as well as how to find an artist, do your own comic, etc.) or write and draw a minicomic and get it sold out in the world.  It’s only $25 per session — about the same as a continuing education class.  Comics are like oranges — good and good for you!

For more information and to sign up, go here:


Jun 152012

Ed Brubaker says: brubaker ‏@brubaker

My FATALE book 1 release party will be @MeltdownComics on June 26th. Midnight release! Event starts 8ish. Lots of fun to be had.


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Jun 152012

It’s a crazy world, and crazy times, and YOU need to express how you feel!  That’s why you should be learning how to do your own comics.  In the Creating Comics class, former DC Comics editor and long-time comics teacher Jim Higgins gives you all the key information you need to make comics a career or to become an independent self-publisher whose comics get out into the world.  Jim taught at The School of Visual Arts Cartooning program in NYC, and presently teaches in CalArts’ prestigious Character Animation program and at the rigorous Otis College of Art and Design.

The class is open to writers, who learn story structure and how to write a comic book script, and to writer/artists, who learn about story and how to tell it visually in comics form.  The writers benefit from seeing the artists create a comic step by step in front of them and the artists benefit from having very story-focused feedback from the writers.

The writers will complete a script for a short comics story and artists will write and draw their own 10-page minicomic.  And then they will go forth and make comics at will!

WHAT TO KNOW: The class is $25 a session and will be meeting for 14 Wednesdays, like a semester of college but much cheaper and way more fun.  It starts on June 27th at 7pm.

WHAT TO DO:  For more information and to sign up, go to the link below.  And that’s it!  What are you waiting for?



Jun 022012

Meltdown University DrawMelt Life Drawing Class: COSPLAY. Come to Meltdown and take a Life Drawing Class 7-10 every Monday. All levels & experience welcome.

All Mediums welcome. $20/person

TONIGHT: COSPLAY Special Guest MODEL/ Galactic Superheroine/Fashion Designer: Roxy Contin

http://roxycontinstyle.com/  http://www.roxycontin.com/

“The “Roxy Contin” Lifestyle Identity Brand has rocketed forward since 2007 with unprecedented speed. The smashing success of the Spring 2008 Zanthrax Fashion show led to the cover of California Apparel News, and cover of Inked Magazine, 944, editorials in Imago Magazine. Pieces from the clothing line are currently available at the prestigious ‘Congregation of Forgotten Saints’ on Melrose, ‘A.D. 2013’ in Venice, “Five & Diamond” in the San Francisco Mission, and Ceiba on Haight Ashbury, or by private appointment at her downtown showroom; where she caters to a slew of celebrity clientele and infamous fashionistas. Credits include the Oakenfold “Perfecto” campaign, Interscope’s Project Revolution Street Drum Core, and clients such as American Idol Adam Lambert, Liz McGrath, Christina Aguilera, London After Midnight, Kerli, LOlene and many others.”


Join our DrawMelt Community for free for Class Updates:http://meetup.com/DrawMelt



Light snack and water will be provided.

For those who need instruction *Satine Phoenix will be moderating the evening. Let her know ahead of time what you need and she will accommodate you.

*Satine Phoenix runs DrawMelt’s Weekly Life Drawing Classes every Monday. Monday: Cosplay. 7-10 $20/person. To RSVP http://meetup.com/DrawMelt. No RSVP required although it helps in case the class gets full.

May 312012


Join Devastator and DnDMelt for an evening premiering “Wizards of C*ockBlock Forest” Role Playing Game.

Friendships will be broken, wingmen will betray those for whom they wanged, and many fligglenaxes will be slain in C***block Forest! Presented by The Devastator magazine, WoCF is a parody of D20 tabletop RPGs. In order to become this world’s most powerful Wizard, you need to convince ambisexual Faeries to have sex with you and shut down your fellow sorcerers’ game — by any means necessary!

Where: MELTDOWN COMICS Gaming area  Time: 5-9:30

Show up and Play! We have everything you need… although, your own erasable writing tool is smart to bring.

http://www.devastatorquarterly.com/cockblock/   http://meetup.com/DnDMelt

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