Jul 222015


In 21 years of business, Meltdown Comics and Collectibles has done and seen a lot of things. We’ve hosted thousands of events, introduced pop culture firsts from foreign countries, and we’ve hosted a menagerie of talented artists needing a safe forum to create and share their love of art.

Meltdown’s mission has always been inclusive. We welcome any size, shape, gender, race, religion, sexuality, and nationality. We want to push comics forward and welcome diverse voices who are aligned with our mission. To this end, Meltdown proudly presents The History of the Batman with Londyn! as one of our newest podcasts. After only the first two months, this podcast has already broken into iTunes top 50 podcasts and boasts over 55,000 downloads.

Unfortunately, with success often comes criticism. You may be surprised, but Meltdown is always open to constructive criticism about how to make our podcasts better. We do these podcasts for the fans and only want to deliver the best content, information and entertainment possible.

However, it has recently come to our attention that Londyn has become the victim of several vicious posts propagating outright lies regarding her character, ethnicity and veracity. These malicious posters use highly offensive language to describe Londyn that is that is racist, misogynistic, and cruel, not to mention outright false.

The haters accused Londyn of plagiarism on her Instagram account in August 2014 and again in January 2015. As a writer and artist, Londyn understands the importance of credit and would never intentionally mislead anyone, so when she first heard these accusations in August 2014, Londyn reached out to her research sources, learned that she was in fact not in compliance, and then worked with them diligently to ensure that all her posts were correctly cited. Any posts incorrectly cited or missing citations were immediately amended or removed. In an effort to further insure that she was in compliance, Londyn then asked her sources to review her posts so they could confirm that her current citations were proper, to which they replied that they were.

But this group of haters propagates the idea that Londyn continues to plagiarize her work on our podcast posts and on her Instagram account. Because we are a business that takes such accusations seriously, we actively investigated the claims, which were as recent as June 2015. We contacted Jamie Hari, Founder of the DC Database to determine whether Londyn was in compliance with digital copyright rules on Instagram and on her podcasts. After an in-depth discussion and review of Londyn’s Instagram account and podcasts, Mr. Hari issued the following statement on June 16, 2015:

“Wikia’s DC Database publishes its content under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (CC-BY-SA). Londyn and I have spoken about complying with the terms and conditions of this license for derivative use of our work in her History of the Batman Instagram blog and Meltdown Comics podcast. Having personally reviewed some of her recent content, I have no concerns about violation of our license at this time.”
– Jamie Hari, Founder of the DC Database

So, as it turns out, Londyn is in fact correctly citing all her sources. She is following the rules. She is NOT plagiarizing. And she is too kind to rise to the awful threats and attacks levied against her. We’re not.

To characterize a woman Meltdown only knows as a consummate professional, kind human being and beautiful woman of color in the way that these haters characterize her can only be described as cyber-bullying. It’s racist, misogynistic and slanderous. The haters have gone so far as delivering death threats. We do not condone or support this behavior whatsoever.

As a store that was founded by a 4th generation Jewish black woman from California and a Chilean male who is now an American citizen, we speak out in one voice loud and clear: we stand for diversity… we stand for inclusion… we stand for truth… and we stand with Londyn and her podcast The History of the Batman with Londyn!

Jul 212015

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.43.17 PMStep and Repeat is MOCA’s annual celebration of live performance. Now in its second year, it returned to The Geffen for a three-day program of music, performance art, comedy, poetry and dance, along with sets from DJs, food trucks, and special installations in the MOCA Store. Step and Repeat presented work from some of today’s most genre-defying and exuberantly experimental artists, with a special focus on the burgeoning performance communities in Los Angeles.

tumblr_npoyehmiAn1tjyv7fo1_500 (1)

James Fauntleroy is a Grammy Award-winning musician based in Los Angeles. Originally from Inglewood, he has been a fixture of global pop and urban charts since the release of “No Air”—an R&B duet co-written by Fauntleroy and performed by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown—in 2007. For Step and Repeat James Fauntleroy will premiere a new, live musical score to the 1991 animated film Felix the Cat: The Movie, performed with an all-star backing band. Critically panned at the time of its release, the film signaled a huge departure from the original world of Felix, taking viewers to an alternate dimension as Felix relied on his iconic Magic Bag of Tricks to save a beautiful princess. Fauntleroy recently revisited the film and was inspired to reimagine and retell Felix the Cat’s story through a unique musical experience across multiple genres including R&B, hip hop, alt rock and adult contemporary.

via: http://infinite-lives.co

Jun 282015


It’s Canada vs. the U.S.A. in an international signing tour to promote the release of WE STAND ON GUARD #1, writer Brian K. Vaughan’s first new book since SAGA, and a return to comics for legendary Hollywood storyboard artist (and proud Canadian) Steve Skroce.

WE STAND ON GUARD is an action-packed military thriller about a futuristic conflict between Canada and the United States, so in honor of their story, the creators will be appearing together at two different signings, one in each of their home countries.

Both events are free to the public, and the oversized 40-page first issue of WE STAND ON GUARD is only $2.99! Brian and Steve will be happy to sign whatever readers bring, time and lines permitting. You must purchase We Stand Guard from Meltdown Comics or other merchandise to get stuff signed.



Celebrate the release of the all-new Nickelodeon Magazine with the awesome creators of Sanjay and Craig – Jay Howell and Jim Dirschberger plus Eric Esquivel (comic author), Sam Spina (comic artist) of Papercutz’s Sanjay and Craig comics!

All goes down, Wednesday, July 1st at 7pm
Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Bl. LA, CALIF. 90046 (map)

Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd.

Jun 212015

IN THE YEAR 199X: A 90’S ANIME TRIBUTE SHOW 90+ Artists Celebrating a Decade of Anime


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Calling all Anime fans! IN THE YEAR 199X is a celebration of Japanese animation in the 1990’s. The gallery event takes place at Meltdown Comics the weekend of Anime Expo® as more than 90 artists unveil works in celebration of their all-time favorite anime influences.

When: July 3rd from 7 to 11 PM

Where: Meltdown Comics 7522 Sunset Blvd. LA, Calif. 90046

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/103373916665573/

“Kids who grew up in the 90’s know it as the decade where anime found its crossover appeal in the West,” explains curators Zoë Moss & Jacob Strick. “It might have been on Toonami or on a bootleg VHS, but you were watching shows like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Cowboy Bebop — not to mention some classic cinema like Ghost in the Shell, Perfect Blue and Princess Mononoke.”

IN THE YEAR 199X was created as a way for artists to pay tribute to the movies and shows that had a seminal impact on their own artistic growth. At the free art opening there will be a live DJ set by Tita Mosura, free food and drinks and an interactive photobooth.

“Whether you prefer dubs or subs – or Digimon to Pokémon – prepare yourself for the most animetastic tribute to 90’s Japanese cartoons!”

ABOUT THE CURATORS: Artists Zoë Moss & Jacob Strick have been collaborating for more than 10 years on everything from graphic novels to animated shorts. Their comedy gag webcomic Pizza Day Comics updates weekly (http://www.pizzadaycomics.com).

 At Anime Expo® Los Angeles? Need Directions?