Jun 252014

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Meltdown Comics & Nerdist Writer’s Panel: Comic Edition presents Comics Legend Neal Adams for Lecture, Signing, Video Presentation and Chocolate!

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 starting at 2pm, come join Neal for a spectacular showing of what his studio does in New York as well as hearing great stories of Comics History told to you by the legendary man himself Neal Adams!

Heath Corson from Nerdist Writer’s Panel: Comic Edition will host a talk with Mr. Adams. Neal will present “Blood” the Motion Comic in it’s early stages for the graphic novelDark Horse Presents” “Blood due February 2015 as book one of the graphic novel. Directed by Neal and animated by his Production Studio who worked on the “Astonishing Xmen Motion Comic for Marvel. Neal will be doing “Blood” as a Motion Comic and then as a fully animated movie. He’ll also discuss “How Comics Happened and the Dirty Silver age” and then Q&A as well.

2pm – 4pm: Meltdown Comics & Nerdist Writer’s Panel: Comic Edition presents Comics Legend Neal Adams for Lecture, Signing, Video Presentation ($5 TICKETS HERE)

5pm: In-store signing

Chocolate provided by Sweet Hollywood, Sweet Candy Shop, LLC

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Heath Corson is a proud co-host of the Nerdist Writer’s Panel: Comics Edition as well as an award-winning writer. He wrote the animated DCU movies JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR and the upcoming BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM, due out this summer. After adapting Jill Thompson’s SCARY GODMOTHER comic to the stage, he was approached to write the adaptation for television. Then he moved here from Chicago where the movers stole all of his stuff. It’s a good story. Ask him to tell you it. He has since bought new stuff.

Nerdist Writer’s Panel: Comic Edition this podcast stumbled out of the radioactive sludge of the Nerdist Writer’s Panel and grew into a powerful four-headed beast. Mightily co-hosted by Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour), Heath Corson (Batman: Assault on Arkham), Adam Beechen (Batman Beyond) and the ever lovin’ comics legend Len Wein (Wolverine, Swamp Thing, etc) this fantastic four probe the secret inner thoughts, techniques and processes of the some of the most creative minds in comic books.

Meet Comics Legend Neal Adams Saturday June 28th.
First autograph is FREE! (Additional autographs are $10 each) Portfolios, Art Prints, Books and Sketches will be available for purchase! We are also taking on commissions so now is the time to get a piece of art drawn up by Neal Adams. Email Jason at adams@nealadams.com
And Jason will work out characters and prices with you. Maybe get a Batman Black & White Variant blank with a Batman head sketch drawn on it. You can also call Jason at 212-869-4170 or email adams@nealadams.com

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Jun 032014


Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Los Angeles Film Festival returns June 11–19 to L.A. LIVE. Don’t miss out on red carpet premieres, conversations, live music, free outdoor screenings and films from around the world. Meltdown Comics is proud to host the screenings of Jossy’s and Harmontown. In Jossy’s, five young women reluctantly agree to join a secret team of super heroes and battle intergalactic evils in the broad parody of Japanese sentai shows like Kamen Rider and the Power Rangers. Harmontown follows NBC’s Community writer/producer Dan Harmon as he hits the road with his popular podcast, accompanied by his co-hosts, his girlfriend and a whole lot of baggage. For more info and tickets visit lafilmfest.com

Joshi Zu
plays with Kekasih
The Beyond
(Japan, 2014, 97 mins)
In Japanese with English subtitles
International Premiere
Directed By: Yuichi Fukuda
Screenwriter: Yuichi Fukuda
Cast: Mirei Kiritani, Mina Fujii, Mitsuki Takahata, Kasumi Arimura, Mizuki Yamamoto, Jiro Sato, Ken Yasuda, Sarutoki Minagawa

Five reluctant young women are recruited to become Earth’s last line of defense in this broad parody of Japanese Super Sentai shows like Kamen Rider and the countless iterations of the Power Rangers. Wearing the prerequisite color-coded uniforms, the team must fight off intergalactic villains like StinkBug and Mutant Mucus despite an utter lack of training. Even more problematic, however, is discovering that alien invasions are terribly inconvenient when they arise during a first date or trip to the salon, forcing our heroes to choose between their personal lives and saving the planet. (Spoiler: The planet doesn’t always win.)

Yuichi Fukuda, director of last year’s one-two punch of Kid Police and HK: Forbidden Super Hero, packs his latest with affectionate jabs at a beloved genre, awesomely lo-fi monster suits and plenty of superhero silliness.


Harmontown 2Harmontown
Summer Showcase
(USA, 2014, 101 mins, DCP)
Directed By: Neil Berkeley

Screenwriter: Neil Berkeley
Producer: David Heiman
Cinematographer: Ryan Carmody
Editor: James Andre Leche
Music: Ryan Elder
Featuring: Dan Harmon, Jeff B. Davis, Erin McGathy, Spencer Crittenden

On the surface, Harmontown is a road movie about the boozy live shows of the popular podcast of the same name. Capturing backstage shenanigans and philosophical musings along the way, the film follows a band of misfits that include TV writer/producer Dan Harmon, actor/comic Jeff B. Davis, Dungeon Master Spencer Crittenden and Harmon’s girlfriend, writer/comic Erin McGathy, as they tour the country.

Ultimately, however, it’s a portrait of the talented Harmon–a riveting blend of righteous arrogance and destructive self-loathing–whose seemingly flippant disregard for the TV industry is matched only by his desire to be deified within it. Director Neil Berkeley is as unrelenting as Harmon is willing to pursue candor at all costs as he battles with demons and deadlines. The resulting fireworks make it easy to understand the passionate and heartfelt following Harmon has amassed.

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Dec 282013


via: Nerdist.com: Nerdist Industries is proud to present the grand opening of THE NERDIST SCHOOL, L.A.’s brand new multi-level Improv and Sketch Comedy Training Program!

THE NERDIST SCHOOL [7518 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046] is committed to become a fertile breeding ground for future writers and performers by offering a variety of classes in improv, sketch, TV writing, storytelling, animation, and more – all taught by dedicated and experienced instructors. Students of THE NERDIST SCHOOL will also have the opportunity to perform next door at The Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics, L.A.’s hottest comic book store and alt comedy venue.



Improvisational comedy is based on the fundamental concept of living in the moment, listening and adapting to the world around you, and supporting one another in creating comedic moments and rich environments.

THE NERDIST SCHOOL will offer 4 levels of improvisational comedy classes. Each class will run for 8 weeks, culminating in a graduation performance at The Nerdist Showroom at Meldtown Comics. The normal tuition for any class (improv, sketch, etc.) will be priced at $350 but if you sign up for a class between now and December 31, 2013, you will only pay $300 per class!

SUNDAYS 3pm-6pm
Starting January 5th, 2014

[JAN 5 – FEB 23]


Rebekka Johnson is a multifaceted comedian living in Los Angeles. She has been teaching improv for over ten years at various schools around the country including The PIT in NYC, UCLA and Columbia University. Rebekka currently serves as writer and producer of Speakeasy, a talk show hosted by Paul F. Tompkins for Mademan.com. She has also directed episodes of Speakeasy featuring Michele Rodriguez, Steven Yeun, Judy Greer and Jake Johnson. Rebekka is a co-creator of The Apple Sisters, an award winning musical comedy trio. With The Apple Sisters she has produced countless live shows, two albums and many videos, including Shit 40’s Girls Say. Rebekka has written content for Slate V, Chow and Atomic Wedgie. She has directed several stage shows including, The New York Smiths (featuring Chris Smith and Rebecca Delgado Smith), Rachel Bloom is a Triple Threat and The Irish Peddlers. She continues to write and produce her own material across all platforms.


Starting January 16th, 2014

[JAN 16 – MAR 5]


Tara Copeland made her way into comedy after 18 years in Arkansas via Bryn Mawr College, where she discovered her love for sketch and improv while performing with The Lighted Fools. Tara is a member of the group Mother (2001 Cage Match Tournament Champions), who invented the forms The SleepOver and The Soundtrack and the group Ms. Jackson (2004 ECNY Best Improv Group)! She has also appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Best Week Ever, College Road Trip, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the latest season of Arrested Development. She performs regularly with Baby Wants Candy and The Made Up Musical. Visit www.taracopeland.net for information on upcoming shows, resume and reel.


Sketch comedy thrives on the organic dialogue developed in improv, but with the ability to hone and refine a scene the possibilities become extra endless. Keep audiences at the edge of their folding chairs and learn to harness your comedic perspective, write beats for a scene, and create characters with elastic statuses.

MONDAYS 7pm-10pm
Starting January 6th, 2014

[JAN 6 – FEB 24]

Instructor: DAN TELFER


Dan Telfer has been writing and performing comedy for over 15 years. As a writer for The Onion he wrote both editorial content and the web series The Onion’s Extremely Accurate History of the Internet.  In addition to The Onion his writing has appeared in Paste Magazine and The A.V. Club. In Chicago he started with ImprovOlympic in the late 90′s and ran with the sketch groups Blewt! and Rogue . Starting with Chicago and continuing in LA, he has had the distinct pleasure of teaching at Second City. But he is perhaps known best for his stand-up chunk “The Best Dinosaur,” which became a runaway viral video hit and earned him an internet following.

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Jun 042013

Hi, listen to this nice little deal…ready…here we go. Everyone with a ticket or handstamp to a show will receive 10% off all merch that night at Meltdown Comics. Sa-weeeet!


So for instance, buy a ticket to the Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (pictured above) and when you come to the show, you can get 10% off merch at Meltdown Comics. Or maybe you wanna come to Harmontown (pictured below)…same deal!

Eric Idle Harmontown 3

Come to a show, save some money at Meltdown. Tell your friends. Spread the word. Save some coin. Party. On.

For a full listing of shows you can check our show calendar RIGHT HERE.

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May 292013

wolverines1Ben Acker & Ben Blacker are so excited that their first foray into comic book writing Wolverine: Season One is being release next week, that they want you to come and celebrate with them! And they are bringing along Wolverine creator Len Wien!

Meltdown Comics (map)

Thursday, June 6th 7-9:30pm

Signing at 7pm with Ben, Ben & Len, followed by a Nerdist Writers Panel: Comics Edition at 8pm. Hosted by Adam Beechen (Batman Beyond) and Heath Corson (Aim High)! Plus: you never know which WJ Players will show!



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May 132013

In this preview clip, John Barrowman (Torchwood, Doctor Who, & Arrow) gets a tour of Matt Mira’s favorite L.A. comic shop / comedy theater, Meltdown Comics!

Watch more comedy on The Nerdist, Saturday May 18 at 10pm/9c on BBC America, after Doctor Who and Orphan Black on Supernatural Saturday.

Check out Supernatural Saturday: http://goo.gl/8Vu5p

Tune into BBC America:

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Jan 072013

January 7, 2013 8:00 pm
Harmontown 8pm
NerdMelt Showroom
Price: 10.00

January 8, 2013 8:00 pm
Sleight of Mouth with Justin Willman 8pm
NerdMelt Showroom
Price: 8.00

January 9, 2013 8:30 pm
The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail 8:30pm
NerdMelt Showroom
Price: 8.00

January 10, 2013 8:00 pm
This Show Is Your Show with Matt Bennett 8pm
NerdMelt Showroom
Price: 8.00

January 11, 2013 9:00 pm
Double Jump 9pm
NerdMelt Showroom
Price: 8.00

January 12, 2013 7:00 pm
Adult Swim’s Newsreaders Night 7pm
NerdMelt Showroom
Price: FREE

January 12, 2013 9:00 pm
WOMEN: Live! 9pm
NerdMelt Showroom
Price: 8.00

January 13, 2013 7:00 pm
Nerdist Open Mic 7pm
NerdMelt Showroom
Price: FREE


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Jan 032013


Mutant Season


TOM WILSON joins young Gil for a special live recording of THE MUTANT SEASON Saturday, January 5th at 6pm — only at The Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics!


“That’s right, McFly. I’m a nice guy.”

That’s right — THE TOM WILSON! From The “Back to the Future” Series, “Batman: The Animated Series” and “Freaks and Geeks”.

He bullied kids as a teacher as well!

He bullied kids as a teacher as well!

Now, if you’re a big fan of Nerdist, not only will you recognize Tom Wilson from his insanely popular podcast BIG POP FUN, you’ll also recognize him as a hilariously funny stand up comedian who just recently killed it during the last THE MELTDOWN WITH JONAH AND KUMAIL show of 2012.

Speaking of Kumail — Mr. Nanjiani will also be joining young Gil on January 5th, sharing his love of comedy and video games with the host and his crowd.

A very handsome devil.

A very handsome devil.

And rounding out the murderer’s row of entertainers will be Matt Bennett of Nickelodeon fame!

He's The 'Thumbs Up' King!

He’s The ‘Thumbs Up’ King!

This is going to be one heck of a show!

So, make like a tree and roll on down to The Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics SATURDAY, JANUARY 5TH AT 6PM! Tickets are only $5!


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